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FM calls Israel’s entry ban on Koreans over new coronavirus ‘excessive’

FM calls Israel’s entry ban on Koreans over new coronavirus ‘excessive’

South Korea’s foreign minister says
Israel’s entry ban on South Koreans over the coronavirus concerns his quote
excessive speaking with the honor news agency in Geneva on Monday Kang jung-ho
said repatriating people who already entered the country is different from
just imposing entry restrictions she added solace monitoring measures on a
country-by-country basis and its diplomatic missions are working to
prevent countries taking overly excessive steps Israel’s entry ban led
to the suspension of flights to South Korea
stranding South Korean tourists in Israel the Israeli government laid on to
charter flights in cooperation with Seoul to send about 400 South Koreans

10 comments on “FM calls Israel’s entry ban on Koreans over new coronavirus ‘excessive’

  1. You can't blame them. Israel is a small densely populated country and is facing an active arms conflict with their neighbors.
    A virulent disease would pretty much makes them very vulnerable. They need to be excessive since their predicament can readily go on to the extreme

  2. National sovereignty is a nation acting in it's own best interests….that is what a nation is supposed to do…..WTH!?!?!?!

  3. Taking every possible protection to the very highest leve is not excessive. It’s exactly what the rest of the world will wish they had done.

  4. Given how incompetently the current administration is dealing with the crisis, it would only make sense for other countries to take the same measures as Israel has.

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