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Foreign Policy Analysis

First Lady Kim Jung-sook’s soft diplomacy and fashion draws international attention

Meanwhile, first lady Kim Jung-sook also drew
international attention with her soft diplomacy. She put merticulous thought into how she carried
herself, choosing colors and designs to promote Korean culture as well as solid Seoul-Washington
alliance. Park Ji-won tells us more
First Lady Kim Jung-sook chose blue as the main theme of her wardrobe for her time in
the U.S. It’s a color said to symbolize trust, hope,
and success,… and apparently meant to emphasize the nature of the ties between South Korea
and the U.S. This white jacket she wore when she arrived
in Washington features a blue tree pattern,… which came from a painting by a South Korean
artist. At the official White House dinner, the First
Lady wore a blue traditional Korean outer garment,… called a durumagi. It was made from fabric given to her by her
mother,… who ran a drapery shop for decades,… on the occasion of her wedding. She also carried a clutch bag in mother-of-pearl,…
one of Korea’s important traditional furniture materials. Her shoes were inspired by traditional Korean
socks called boseon,… another display of the nation’s traditional beauty. As for President Moon,… near the end of
the official dinner,… President Trump invited him on tour of the
third floor of the White House,… which is the U.S. President’s private living space,…
including a tour of the Lincoln Bedroom. The Korean presidential office quoted U.S.
State Department officials as saying it’s not common for the U.S. President to invite
foreign leaders to his private quarters. It was President Trump’s first time to invite
a foreign leader and spouse to an official dinner at the White House. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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