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Fiji travel advice –

Fiji travel advice –

Welcome to Fiji. My name is Anna and I’m the
Vice-Consul at the Australian High Commission in Suva. Whether you’re looking for that winter
escape, the next overseas family adventure or a romantic getaway, Fiji has something
for everyone. While the majority of people have an incident-free holiday there are times
when not everything goes according to plan, so I’d like to give you a few tips to help
you have a safe and more enjoyable time in Fiji. When doing outdoor activities, beware of the
conditions. Know your limits. If you wouldn’t do the activity in Australia then think twice
about doing it overseas. The Australian Government will not pay for your medical expenses overseas
or medical evacuation costs. If you’re touring outside the resorts don’t forget that dress
in Fiji is conservative. It’s handy to travel with a sarong in your bag. Crime is usually
opportunistic, so pay close attention to your personal security. Stay well clear of any
demonstrations, political events, rallies and processions, and large scale public gatherings
as they may turn violent. At the Australian High Commission in Suva we are often required
to issue emergency passports to people who have had lost, stolen or damaged passports.
This can be a real inconvenience and put a dampener on your holiday. Should you happen
to be in Fiji during a cyclone please remember to follow the instructions of the local authorities
or the management of your hotel. Take care if you are driving, particularly at night
outside the urban areas. There are often insufficient street lighting, pot holes and stray animals
on the road. Be aware that the local laws and penalties do apply to you. If you are
arrested or jailed the Australian Government will do what it can to help you but we cannot
get you out of trouble, out of jail or pay your legal or bail fees for you. Register
your contact information on the Smartraveller website so we can contact you should a situation
require it. Most of all enjoy your time in beautiful Fiji.

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