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Fetal tissue bill heads to full Assembly after committee vote

Fetal tissue bill heads to full Assembly after committee vote

ERIC — THE FUTURE IS UNCLEAR FOR A CONTROVERSIAL BILL PASSED AT THE STATE CAPITOL… THAT RESEARCHERS HAVE SAID COULD DRASTICALLY IMPACT WORK BEING DONE AT THE U-W. POLITICAL REPORTER JESSICA ARP HAS THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS. a surprising vote in committee at the state capitol as some republicans say they have concerns over a ban on fetal tissue research :48 REP JOHN SPIROS/R-MARSHFIELD: i did talk to the author as far as the penalty :37 and thats somethign i do have a real issue with :38 TWO REPUBLICANS SAID THEY HAD RESERVATIONS ABOUT A POTENTIAL FELONY CHARGE. AND A 50 THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE FOR RESEARCHERS… AS PART OF A BILL BANNING FETAL TISSUE RESEARCH. SPIROS: if i could i’d support half of this but i cant support the entire amendment because of the penalty :54 REPRESENTATIVE JOHN SPIROS OF MARSHFIELD. AND REPRESENTATIVE TODD NOVAK OF DODGEVILLE SURPRISED REPUBLICAN COLLEAGUES BY VOTING NO ON AN AMENDMENT ALLOWING RESEARCH ON TISSUE DERIVED UP UNTIL JANUARY FIRST… BUT ADDING THE CRIMINAL PENALTIES… LEADING TO AT FIRST A TIE VOTE. AND THE COMMITTEE CHAIR WAITING FOR A G-O-P MEMBER TO RETURN TO COMMITTEE TO BREAK THE TIE. REP EVAN GOYKE/D-MILWAUKEE: and i would imagine that is evidence of some anxiety over the effects of what we just voted on :31 THE BILL. WHICH RESEARCHERS HAVE SAID COULD DRASTICALLY IMPACT WORK AT THE U-W… SAW HEATED DISCUSSION ABOUT THE POTENTIAL FALLOUT OF THE MEASURE. GOYKE: compromise with me, be bipartisan, thats my concern, is shutting down research and our biomedical industry in wisconsin, you know thats a concern :47 REP JOEL KLEEFISCH/R-OCONOMOWOC: you know who i think about? i think about the scientist who would have cured cancer but never had the chance to be born, thats who i think about :27 THE BILL PASSED THE COMMITTEE ON A 7 TO 4 VOTE. SPIROS SUPPORTING IT. SPIROS)))”i will tell you that being pro life i am voting for this bill BUT NOVAK REMAINING IN OPPOSITION. JESSICA ARP: i think i expressed those on the floor JESSbut is it about the penalty and research, can you say what specifically you’re NOVAK the bill is likely to be taken up on the floor of the state assembly later this month. at the capitol jessica arp wisc news three :55

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