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Fernando Riaño, CSR Director at Ilunion, on a disability-inclusive Future of Work

Fernando Riaño, CSR Director at Ilunion, on a disability-inclusive Future of Work

As ONCE Social Group, we believe in
inclusion. We believe in inclusion into work and in the future of work. We are more than 70,000 employees in Spain currently and we have
in terms of the three executive areas ONCE, the ONCE Foundation and Ilunion, different initiatives that confirm that inclusion and inclusive work is more than
possible. Two examples in terms of Ilunion’s business activities that I want to
share is Ilunion Recycled, where we recover and transform different
components, electrical and electronic components,
waste components that we recover and transform into other components that will
be part of the circular economy. The majority of the employees
in this project are people with disabilities. We have this project in the
in the north of Spain in a rural zone and the majority are women. It is the
confirmation that this is possible, these kinds of initiatives are possible and the
link is the confirmation, too – in terms of sustainability and competitiveness. The
other example I would like to share is Ilunion Hotels. We have 26 hotels in
Spain fully accessible. Accessibility for all is our main claim in terms of
strategy, in terms of developing new projects and the majority of the people
in the work centers are people with disabilities, all kind of disabilities.
This is the main point for us in terms of strategy, in terms of challenge and in
terms of future. In terms of “Future of Work”, I think the public administration
and the public bodies, the government are very important in terms of collaboration, in terms of partnership – translated into Sustainable Development Goals language, it could be the Sustainable
Development Goal 17 on alliances. This is the perfect alliance, this is a perfect tandem in terms of work, in terms of future and in terms of inclusive work,
inclusive environments. This is positive for people with disabilities, this is
positive for the society, this is positive for the shareholders, stakeholders and positive for the community and, of course, for the public
administration. This is a very good example in terms of welfare state, a very
good example in terms of collaboration. Another practical example that I
would like to share is the recent alliance with the European Investment
Bank. It is the first time that the European Investment Bank has signed an agreement
with the social economy. We are proud that Ilunion is the vehicle, part of this initiative and will be part and will be the origin of new
opportunities in terms of employment – new opportunities for creating new
employment for people with disabilities. As the main idea – and in terms of summary – I would like to share that the future of work will be socially
responsible, the leadership will be socially responsible or will not be
leadership and the work and the economy will be inclusive or will not be.

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