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Failed liberal policies have ‘encouraged’ the homeless crisis in California: Zeiter

Failed liberal policies have ‘encouraged’ the homeless crisis in California: Zeiter

100 comments on “Failed liberal policies have ‘encouraged’ the homeless crisis in California: Zeiter

  1. GOP caused Economic Crash of 2008 caused it…….and Red State America drug and mentally ill refugees came to the western big cities. BTW Las Vegas, Nashville, Houston, San Diego, Phoenix, Orange County California, Dallas, Tucson all NON LIBERAL TOWNS AND ALSO HAVE A BIG HOMELESS CRISIS. SINCE I'M WAY SMARTER THAN A FOX NEWS FAN I'll point out why ( it's easier to weather a very hot summer day in these cities than a brutal freezing cold winter night in Cleveland or Chicago )……….THERE'S NO POLITICAL BENEFIT TO HAVING THESE PEOPLE IN THESE CITIES ( No money, can't work because their mentally ill and on drugs, and can't and don't vote…..SHAME ON YOU GOP AND FOX NEWS TO USE THESE PEOPLE AS POLITICAL WEAPONS. BUT NOT SURPRISED…..THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!!!!

  2. First time in my life I’m embarrassed to be from NJ. My town is very patriotic…’s North Jersey that’s super liberal.

  3. The stupid fucks that run California are more worried about vape than they are the heroin homeless problem….w.t.f

  4. If I remember right, San Francisco was originally supposed to receive the retired battleship USS Iowa, but people here didn't want it because it was a "symbol of war", so some other (more patriotic?) state (can't remember which one) got the USS Iowa instead of us (I live near SF). Oh well!

  5. Well the Democrats brought in people to do the jobs Americans won't do now there's no jobs for Americans.

  6. This is ALL on the Leftist progressive socialist Democrats policies. All of it. NO Federal Aid to these blue cities and states, NONE. Get Hollywood leftist Actor millionaire elites to bail them out.

  7. I like that false statement from Gavin Newsom where he says that California will provide shelter for all those who need it. Really Mr Newsom, then why are there almost 100,000 homeless in Los Angeles and almost 40,000 homeless in Silicon Valley? Is it because they are US citizens and not illegal immigrants?

  8. Ya California – give me a house, give me money food and health benefits I don't deserve or want to work for. I'll give you my vote !!

  9. Realtors are to blame for homelessness. They should have to have degrees with ethics laws. They should not be able to sell homes to investors instead of home buyers and should not be able to set rents or home values.

  10. Failed? That is the Liberal plan; a glorious tent metropolis full of needy Liberal voters, waiting for their next handout.

  11. Already in New York City you were seeing trailers are RVs parked in certain parts of Brooklyn people living in it already haven't you noticed

  12. If you don't like our government stepping on your rights wait until NWO is here because you won't be here. Population control is they're main agenda and millions will die. United Nations agenda 21. Check it out.


  14. Scripture: Homeless went to their families, then friends, and finally their OWN church. The early church gave to Christians who lost their inheritance, because the were disowned because of becoming Christians. Only Christian widows who could prove they were worthy, by way of washing the saints feet got church social security. No one when around randomly giving alms to poor they didn't know, unless you can find some different church history.

  15. Maybe California government thinks the people sleeping in tents are just preppers since they won’t take care of their own people and put illegals above Americans

  16. Uuuuuh, neither one of you mentioned the countless needles all over the place. Could there be a drug problem maybe?

  17. Ironically they move to Republican states n try to mess those up too. If it continues that way in a few years Texas would be democratic with the same problems

  18. We have so many homeless in America and yet you care more about ILLIGALS who break national laws. Yeah. That makes sence

  19. Why are homeless people moving to California? Because they are welcoming with open arms by giving them cash, not arresting them for crimes, and enacting laws(public pooping) to accommodate them. WTH!

  20. Even worse, they are pouring more and more money into the "homeless crisis" ($400M in SF this year and $450M in LA). And it keeps getting worse. Clearly the more they spend the more it encourages homelessness!

  21. Hmm. I just realized Cali and Ny is the most expensive states to Live in America. Maybe rent control might help?

  22. I honest don’t know a democratic candidate that can even be in the same playing field as Donald Trump. Like what would they do to make them better than president trump.

  23. liberal progressive Democrats want to bring the same thing to the rest of the nation. coming soon to a city near u.

  24. Millions of acres of Public Land……they could solve the homeless problem in California and elsewhere in the Country anytime the choose to…instead of letting oil companies fleece our lands and we receive nothing

  25. Democratic party ideas are going well. What have they been doing with these people's money? Giving it to their illegal migrant voters?

  26. And in 8 years LA hosts the Olympics…that should be fun 🙄

    Athletes aren’t allowed, unless you’re Gender Fluid and and denounce whatever country you are from.

    🥇🥈🥉 is facist male orthodoxy, in 8 years, everyone gets a medal
    …even the exponentially more homeless in 8 years time

  27. Don’t let this picture fool you … there are choice always many of this people choose to be homeless because they are lazy and don’t like to work .. they don’t want to make 8 or 10 dollars an hour they want 15 or 20 they don’t have the patience to wit to gain this salary they want all or nothing and this is nothing stop blaming the president?? Trump or any other … because then Obama and all presidents of USA are guilty as well hello??? Wake up America work hard 😓 sweat the money , don’t give up , I know it is hard I had been there and I choose to cry and work hard instead to sleep in a tent and blame others for my problems because then you will cry all your life and hello ??? There is only one life and if you wasted then maybe just maybe you deserved the situation you are in …. we all are the same we all should work honestly we all should happy and grateful to have the basic to live a life stop being hatter stop being ungrateful stop used to be homeless as an excuse to stay on the corner asking for money … because if I worked for 7 dollars you can do it ..


  29. We need "tough love" policies in this state and its cities for those who are homeless. Accept to be brought into the programs to help with your illness and to be in shelter and get help to bring you out from your situation or we will escort you out.

  30. California is a very expensive state, if you're a homeless there's always the option to move and star somewhere else.
    Anyway the basic problem of "homelessness" is the DRUGS. They can't keep a job or a schedule b/c they are always high. They can't get support from family members or friends to fight for their addictions so the cycle continues.

  31. Newsom doesn’t hesitate to spend on illegal immigrants while families here suffer, LA is getting the bubonic plague , families can’t afford rent, no one does anything about public schools raking in taxes and yet constantly charging parents for things that are supposed to be free- the entire state is a joke

  32. The best and most humane solution for California homeless crisis is that Californians carry pooper scooper all the time and shovel the human s…from the streets.

  33. 🔥🔥🔥🔥Fire the city and county officials! They steal 🏡 homes 🏠 !! 🔥🔥🔥🙀🙀🙀🙀they are responsible for this mess!🔥🔥

  34. They create the homeless problem with their greed,aiding and abetting parasite thieves called landlords and corporate property companies.
    If they want to fight the homeless problem they need to cap rents at 100 dollars per bedroom stop landlords/parasites using people's income to charge rent.
    They should make landlords put rents invested into them into a high intrest account when the tennant/investor moves or is evicted the landlord/parasite should have to pay back 90% of the money the tennant/investor paid them,the parasite landlords keep 10% plus the intrest.
    They should cap property sales at the price it cost to build the house no more than that to sell it.

  35. The government needs to stop these parasite/landlords using credit scores to discriminate against renters/investors as well.

  36. A sanctuary state has to feed the hordes of illegals that illegally cross the borders. It’s California’s obligation to feed,clothe, shelter the 3rd world Soros funding illegals. It’s illegal to rob a bank, but not suck out taxpayers money for democrat future illegal votes.

  37. Bunch of BS. The problem stems from not enough funding for mental health, HUD and VA programs. A good portion of the homeless here are vets that can't get on track to live productive lives. Texas, Utah and Arizona (all GOP governed BTW) have big problems with the homeless also. California just has better weather year round so the homeless flock there and stay, and when California had Republican governors guess what, there was still a huge homeless issue. If you want to point a finger then place the blame where it is due, with the current Whitehouse administration which has cut funding on key programs for vets and affordable housing. This president is no friend to the low income population.

  38. Why are y'all so mad about your homeless in California do yourselves a favor take a huge city block and give it to your homeless and clean the sidewalks up put them all together in one huge inclouser there y'all go your problem is solved

  39. Coming to the point of a homeless reservations away from the cities provide them building material so they are forced to work at building their own houses… the rest woul be up to them!!!

  40. Every single rich man or woman living way beyond there needs who does not step up and as little as to start a buissness for unemployed homeless people to work at and get on there own two feet again is beyond my comprehension! Where's the harm in putting every willing and able homeless man and woman to work while you make money in return?

  41. You hear Conservatives put a lot of blame on the Liberals. Yet what have they done. Except help create this situation. This is a class war going on. You have those seeking power over the rest of us. Using the power we gave them through our contribution of hard work, our consumerism to the community. To help their private businesses. Now they use politics and they made off of us to control our lives. And we are willing to go along with it. Which is foolish of us.

  42. I think helping the homeless, is just a scam Ca. Politicians are using to pocket taxpayer money. I read somewhere that L.A. just spent 74 billion to help homeless and that it came up to 86,000 per homeless! Someone is pocketing a whole lot of money!

  43. 'White Flight' has been occuring in California for decades.
    Soon, all that will be left is a shade of brown and a few snowflakes !!

  44. I haye to break it to all you trumpets, but california has had a homless problem for decades. Which has mostly had republicans in office

  45. Failing to respond to trespass and health violations of the homeless is a secret strategy by the Left to artificially crash California's Real Estate market.
    The only real solution is to create tent cities to house laborers.

  46. The word "ACCORDING" was used often? In HS that meant something? Mmmmh? That mixture of names & ideas without organization follows! Whoa! Any of this would have flunked me out in HS!

  47. Exactly right. I have been arguing for years that the easier you make it to be homeless the more homeless you will have (and the less incentive the few homeless who might be inclined to get off the streets would actually do so).

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