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Example  Google Privacy Policy

Example Google Privacy Policy

Okay, so we talked about information
that we think is private, also something we thought
perhaps is not private. And then we talked about threats, how that information can potentially
be abused while letting out privacy. So one thing that companies do,
companies that we interact with in the online world,
is that they have privacy policies. So they say, if you’re going to track
what you do, or we’re going to keep it from collecting information that
we think you might see as private. Well, how exactly what we can do
with that, we’re going to define, that in a privacy policy. Most websites have
these privacy policies. How many of us actually
looked at them carefully? That’s a different question. So we going to look at one example. Who else to go but
Google that knows a lot about you. Has collects that information,
builds a profile for you. So let’s sort of look into what is
collected, why is it collected, how can be shared. This is all captured in this
policy that Google has. So let’s see some
details of that policy. So let’s start with what information
is collected about us by Google. Well, all kind of personal information. We agreed to give it to Google,
actually. Name, email address,
credit card number, telephone number, G-mail now does stronger authentication,
using your telephone number. This is information that we provide
to Google when we set up an account, when we create an account. This is our personal information
we’re giving it to Google. Essentially it’s private information,
so what can be done with it? Of course we want to address that. With visit certain websites or
use Google services, of course, Google will know about it,
and they can track and record it. And Google’s business model is
that they use it for advertising. So, we know why they’re doing that. They actually have information
about your device, from where are you’re coming, to Google. So what kind of hardware it is,
what operating system it’s running, its IP address,
network information, and so on. So they would have that. Interestingly, in the case of Google,
they would also know your search queries, what kind of things
you look for on the internet, what kind of information
you’re interested in. If you use Google Voice, they would
know who you call, how long you talk. And cookies are sort of more
general mechanism by which websites keep track of various
types of information, in particular when we register
them before and things like that. So cookies,
at some state they keep on our machine, about what we have done with respect
to these websites in the past. Google actually does set cookies that they’re going to use to track
your activities that you do. They also collect your
location information, what kind of applications you use. All this is what is collected, okay. So privacy policy should say this is
the information we collect about you. Well this is an example of
what Google collects about you

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