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Ex-NYPD Commissioner: Adam Schiff Should Be Charged With ‘Conspiracy To Commit Treason’

Ex-NYPD Commissioner: Adam Schiff Should Be Charged With ‘Conspiracy To Commit Treason’

The Democrats and their Deep State allies
are engaged in is a coup to remove a duly elected president from office, according to
former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik who also said Rep. Adam Schiff should be charged
with “conspiracy to commit treason.” The former NYPD commissioner and author called
the Trump whistleblower a “covert operative” on “Fox & Friends” Monday, and said the
unidentified government worker is participating in an “attempted coup” against the current
administration in concert with some lawmakers. “I can’t wait for these so-called hearings,”
he said. “Because I think you’re going to find out there [were] communications between
the congressional staff and the alleged whistleblower. I don’t like calling him a whistleblower.
He’s a covert operative that was within the administration that put this stuff out
there.” “[He] had no personal knowledge,” Kerik
continued. “They changed that reporting requirement, basically, so this guy could
get this thing public. It’s nonsense.” He also accused Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.,
who serves as chairman the House Intelligence Committee, of lying to the American public
to score political points for his party. “Adam Schiff got up in [an] open public
hearing, denounced the president, lied about the conversation the president had with the
president of the Ukraine,” Kerik said earlier in the interview. “[Schiff] posed that to
the American people like the president did something wrong. ILoveMyFreedom report: Since Kerik’s Fox
& Friends appearance there have been significant developments that prove the bug-eyed Stalinist
Adam Schiff did exactly that by essentially planting evidence and falsifying information. In an unexpected bombshell considering the
source, the New York Times revealed that the “covert agent” who works for the CIA was
coordinating with Schiff and his staff well before the “whistleblower” fraud was launched
and triggered impeachment the coup. That Schiff was involved in setting up this
scam comes as no surprise and it is just the continuation of the Russian collusion hoax
that Democrats and the media milked for two years until a senile Robert Mueller showed
up before Schiff’s congressional tribunal and crapped the bed on national television. Following the NYT report, Kerik tweeted that
Schiff should be charged with conspiracy to commit treason. Despite Schiff and Nancy Pelosi’s speeding
up of their impeachment sham to railroad Trump, oust Joe Biden and create an opening for Hillary
Clinton to run again, the entire thing could very easily blow up on the dirty House Intel
Committee chairman who is involved up to his eyeballs in the Ukraine coup and subsequent
corruption. Trump not only needs to go on the attack against
Schiff but fire CIA Director Gina Haspel who had to certainly know about the “whistleblower”
who colluded with the Democrats.

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