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Europe’s Most Expensive Countries | MojoTravels

Europe’s Most Expensive Countries | MojoTravels

Planning your dream move or visit on a budget you’d be wise to avoid these expensive locations Welcome to MojoTravels. And today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Most expensive European countries for 2019. Are you a fan of our videos? Be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos For this list we’re using 2019 data from Eurostat based on typical household consumption expenditure while the cost of living may vary considerably From region to region across these nations these figures tell a pricey overall story Number 10 the Netherlands famous for its fusion of cultures and rich artistic heritage the Netherlands draws people from around the world thanks to its excellent work opportunities and general safety in the first three quarters of 2018 the population grew by nearly 70,000 people as a result of net migration while average salaries are reasonably high those living in city centres should expect to spend around 42% of their wages on rent with an additional 7% on bills it costs to be fashionable as well with a branded pair of jeans typically costing a whopping eighty four euros or over 93 US dollars tourists beware Number 9: the United Kingdom there is significant wealth inequality across the UK with London contributing most heavily in skewing the figures the capital of England is estimated to be 54 percent more expensive than Manchester England’s unofficial second city British. People do love to eat out whether in restaurants or cafes That’s not to say the convenience comes cheap Even an inexpensive meal for one will set you back in the environs of 13 to 15 bucks not including tip But hey considering the attractions across the country it’s worth it As long as you have your eyes open about the costs number 8 Sweden known for its Alpine delights and beautiful people Sweden is a nation of clean living and scenic views Perhaps their healthy lifestyles are aided by the fact that a bottle of beer can cost anywhere from 6 to 10 US dollars Well, there’s no real culture of tipping in the Scandinavian nation. That’s one expensive round of drinks, though The nation boasts the third fastest internet speeds on the planet. This service comes at a reasonably modest cost of 287 Swedish Krona per month equivalent to around 30 US dollars business travelers a bigger hit to your wallet will be the cost of dry-cleaning which can come in at an extortion at 350 Crona it’s almost 50 bucks so much for clean Living! number 7 Finland Finland may hold ranked as the happiest country on the planet but a high quality of life definitely comes at a premium cost the Finns are world leaders when it comes to Environmentally progressive policies and actions a single leader of gas in Helsinki will cost you the equivalent of $1 78 us Placing it as the third most expensive country in the world for fuel the Finnish government has also imposed high taxes on tobacco and soft drinks pushing prices to around a 50% premium when compared to typical costs in the u.s. So a trip there may be a good time to stop smoking number six Luxembourg There is a premium price on space in this tiny landlocked nation average rental prices in the most popular cities in Luxembourg hover around 1400 euros for a one-bedroom apartment and Hotels ain’t cheap either if you’re skiing lift tickets are gonna cost you a very pretty penny For some very pretty mountain slopes mind you now there is an excellent public transport network across the nation But for those looking to travel in private taxi fares will come at a big hit to your wallet averaging around four dollars every one and a half miles Number five Ireland you’ll need to discover a pot of gold to live here comfortably at 57 percent above the European average Ireland is now the most expensive place in Europe to run a house with combined rental power and maintenance costs racking up to Gideon levels following a boom in the tech industry over the last decade rents in Dublin are estimated to have more than doubled since 2012 even a standard meal at McDonald’s will set you back around 10 bucks But again, if you’re just visiting rather than living here you can spend wisely and still have a good if pricey time Number 4 Denmark with a minimum wage equivalent to around 18 US dollars per hour The cost of living in Denmark is roughly equitable when set in line with Danish salaries strong labor unions balance out the high income taxes to ensure that the average worker can live within their means in any part of the Country but for tourists and visitors it might be sensible to budget before your trip Denmark takes the top spot in europe when it comes to the typical cost for consumer goods Additionally new cars bikes and motorcycles are more expensive than anywhere else on the continent So don’t come here looking for a harley number 3 norway another nordic nation there’s a clear correlation between Cost of living and the overall happiness of the nation as Norway is another consistent top performer of global happiness reports Groceries in Norway are around 63% higher than the EU average ranking as the most expensive nation for bread cereal fruit vegetables and dairy products Perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise given the nation’s strict controls and laws on food imports However, it’s not all bad Those high prices have clearly led to people shopping more carefully with Norwegians being proven to waste very little of their food following an active campaign to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030 number 2 Switzerland Regularly listed as one of the most expensive nations on the planet for tourists Living in Switzerland can be equally taxing on your bank account in fact the cost of living in switzerland is 94 percent higher than our 9th place entry on this list the United Kingdom if you move here Compulsory health insurance in Switzerland will set you back at least 335 US dollars per month with average transport costs adding on another 468 dollars according to The Economist’s Big Mac index Just the basic sandwich costs to the equivalent of six dollars and forty-five cents. Are you loving that? number one Iceland It’s not just the hot springs that will make you sweat in Iceland Average monthly bills for their three hundred and fifty five thousand citizens are higher than any other place in Europe with such a tiny population the country struggles to compete on economies of scale Meaning that everyone ends up paying a premium for even the most basic of imported goods a plain cheese Pizza and a glass of wine will cost the equivalent of $30 u.s But despite all this Iceland is still polled among the happiest places in the world the booming tourist sector Travelers deem it worth it. Do you agree with our picks? Check out this other recent clip for mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos You

35 comments on “Europe’s Most Expensive Countries | MojoTravels

  1. I'm from the UK. I'm not a Londoner (& with it being the Capital, you can expect higher prices) but as someone who is working I can't say I consider it expensive all over the country.

  2. I've been in almost all these countries and Switzerland is the most expensive but the salaries are aswell the best so no complains 😁

  3. Not too surprised that Denmark made the cut, I mean I live there and all I can say is, "Man do I save a lot when travelling internationally". It still kinda shocks me when I buy something abroad and convert the currency there back to Danish kroner and find out just how cheap it is. Then again many of those places don't exactly have the same things as Denmark like the tax paid health care or education or whatever.

  4. Hold on a minute – all the countries on this list are expensive because they work hard. They have remained stable not just for a hundred years but for nearly a thousand years,

  5. Now you tell me about Ireland. I was there earlier this year i was surely unprepared for my trip there.Doesn't mean i didn't enjoy it. Love the emerlad isle.

  6. Skiing in Luxembourg!! I think Mojo needs to get their facts right. I don't think a proper mountain can fit in this tiny country.

  7. Been to most of those places and Iceland is as magical as is expensive! Norway is by far my favourite though ❤️🇳🇴

  8. Finland ❤️ omg.. i love that place but expensive is just my 2nd problem next to the cold. Im not sure i would come back again on winter time. But at least i’ve seen the northern lights.

  9. Norwegians do waste a lot of food. A lot. In fact, it’s one of the country that wastes more food in average per capita. People literally throw one-day food.

  10. Fake news! No France or Belgium. The shots of the taxis in Finland are actually shots of London taxis parked by Kings Cross train station. Fake news! Who are Mojo?! Number 1 thing if your thinking of moving to a country. Make sure you learn the language quickly or you already speak the language. Nothing worse than being disconnected from what’s going on.

  11. I grew up in UK, Switzerland, Germany and visited every country in Europe several times. I agree with your list. My vote for best value for money would be Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia but they would be top of the most inexpensive countries in Europe. Maybe that is your next featured video.

  12. The cost of dry cleaning is 50 dollars? That sentence conveys no information. Dry cleaning what and how much? It’s like saying groceries cost fifty dollars in Sweden.

  13. In my opinion, All the Nordics are expensive. Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Apart from this, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, The Netherlands and Austria.

  14. The Tech Industry is ruining the cost of living all over the world. I just left the San Francisco Bay Area because it's unlivable due to the Tech Companies causing the cost of living to spiral out of control. It's sad to see it happening in other countries too.

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