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Etsy 2019 Free Shipping Policy Is Bull And Unfair

Etsy 2019 Free Shipping Policy Is Bull And Unfair

I got an email from the CEO of Etsy this
morning oh yeah did you get one too oh yeah yeah
I have some feelings hi everybody Clee here alright guys this is not gonna
be a typical Rafi and klee video in fact this is not even gonna be a typical Rafi
rant this is gonna be a bonafide clear and clear so I’ve been selling my
jewelry on Etsy for about eight years and in that time I have been a huge
advocate for and supporter of Etsy and everything they do for small business
I’ve recommended Etsy two hundredths no probably
thousands of fellow makers and I’ve only had the most positive things to say
about Etsy until today today an email was sent out introducing a new campaign
which is asking American Etsy sellers and international Etsy sellers that do
business with the United States to do something which frankly I simply cannot
get behind Etsy has asked us asked us to begin offering free shipping on any
orders of $35 or more shipping to a destination within the United States
they’re calling it the free shipping guarantee free shipping hearin bullcrap
sounds awesome right well here’s the thing there are numerous problems with
this in other words a lot of problems we’re gonna get through all the problems
that I’ve come up with so we’re gonna try to move quickly through this
problematic clusterf luck yeah thanks Etsy for the problematic cluster okay
let’s start with the obvious first of all $35 is a very low minimum to be
offering free shipping I have pretty low shipping costs compared to a lot of
sellers my stuff is small I typically spend about eight dollars to ship a
package I charge my customer four dollars and I absorb the other four
dollars I offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more you spend a hundred
dollars in my shop I got you covered on shipping we good
now if I sell an item for $35 with free shipping and I eat that $8 that
essentially means I’m giving a 23 percent discount on those items every
time forever in addition to paying the fees that I OSC so just how long can I
keep up this business model that business model my shipping is not even
close to that cheap yeah exactly I’m one of the lucky ones who has very
low very predictable shipping costs poor saps like Rafi who sells large works of
art and people trying to sell 200-pound armoires they’re really getting screwed
here no worry says I see you’re gonna benefit
long term from the increased number of sales yeah cool perhaps that’s the truth
if we managed to stay in business that long Rafi what’s your average shipping
cost for like 30 by 30 painting 30 by 30 painting well considering that our
country is rather large the average shipping cost for that could
be anywhere between 40 to $100 so you’re comfortable just eating that for
breakfast no no no you don’t want a big ol bowl of 40 to $100 loss Tio’s no no
no no didn’t think so okay let’s move on why don’t we just not participate
problem solved right wrong wrong here’s the kicker guys Etsy is strongly
encouraging participation in this new shipping campaign by implementing the
following policy which I’m going to read to you verbatim so there’s no mistake
starting on July 30th 2019 we’ll give priority placement and us search results
to items that ship free and to shops the guarantee free shipping to us buyers on
orders of 35 or more this means that shoppers in the US will
primarily see items that ship free and shops the guarantee free shipping on
orders of 35 or more in the top and most visible rows of search will also begin
to prioritize these items wherever Etsy advertises in
the US and email marketing social media and television ads you will be at the
bottom of the pile and those who comply will be raised and elevated Rafi yep
could you please define coercion for me coercion the practice of persuading
someone to do something by using force or threats oh yeah thanks sexy okay
let’s pause here I’m not saying Etsy is using coercion
tactics but I’m not saying that they’re not I’m saying they are it’s more like
they’ve made us an offer that we can’t refuse hey I make you an offer you can’t
refuse do you want a big old stallion head in your bed unless we want our shop
to swim with the fishes so at this point I went to the Etsy help
forums and Etsy had the following to say don’t worry we don’t expect you as the
seller to pay the extra shipping cost in the next week we’re releasing a tool
that will help you to simply roll the extra cost into your item prices to help
recoup the loss offer free shipping that’s not in fact free because now it’s
gonna be a hidden cost in our item prices that’s just downright dishonest I
do not it will not ever roll hidden costs into my item pricing that’s just
dastardly and downright deceptive yeah that is not that that’s not cool that
really is not cool no I really like the carefully chosen wording they used here
though roll the extra cost into your item pricing Etsy be like guys it’s not
morally corrupt okay we’re not asking you to slap extra cost or even tack it
on just roll it just just roll it into your just roll it it’s really more like
a gentle breeze just rolling that extra cost into your item pricing it’s more
like just tucking it neatly into your item part it’s really like you’re giving
the customer a gift that is funny they’re like we’re not asking you to do
anything wrong just tell them it’s free it’s not a moral
gray area just roll it in and give the illusion of free shipping you don’t even
have to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is not good
business practice let’s say hypothetically that I’m willing to roll
this extra $8 of cost into my item pricing so henceforth all my items are
$8 more expensive what about you Rafi what am I supposed to do it will am I
gonna go with the $40 where am I gonna go with 120 dollars of shipping if it
costs $40 for you to ship a painting to one location and it cost 120 dollars to
ship the same painting to a further away location what do you add to the painting
forty or a hundred and twenty in addition if I raise my prices on Etsy
that means I have to raise my prices across the board because I want my
prices to be consistent whether you buy it from my Etsy store or from me in
person or from one of the galleries where I show my work so if you come see
me at a local market and you buy a piece of jewelry from me you’re gonna pay me
an extra eight dollars just to hand it to you handling charge you’re welcome I
know what we’ll do let’s just skip to the end of this path of destruction and
make everything a million dollars 1 million u.s. dollars for everything from
here on with free shipping ok let’s talk about buyers outside of the US who
currently make up about 25% of my online business you guys you guys are really
getting screwed in this scenario not only do you have the higher item cost to
contend with but you don’t get the free shipping guarantee which essentially
means you’re paying higher item prices and the shipping so basically you’re
paying for shipping twice to get your item sounds like a really good deal
right not to mention international sellers who are doing business with the
United States who already have tremendously high shipping cost Etsy
went on to explain and I quote online shoppers expect free shipping everywhere
they go Etsy is no exception but apparently only American buyers because
you international buyers aren’t included in this so let’s edit that statement
American online shoppers expect free shipping everywhere they go
Etsy is no exception for these people that they’re talking about that expect
free shipping like right I am an American and I don’t ever expect free
shipping for the stuff that I order who are these mysterious American consumers
that expect everything they buy online to arrive safely at their homes
magically for free as far as I know Santa Claus is not a viable shipping
option 364 days out of the year people is there a secret postal service out
there delivering packages out of the goodness of their hearts SC went on to
say that 20% of shoppers don’t complete an online order because of shipping
costs well you want my jewelry but you don’t want to pay the shipping charge
for it to get it to your house I’ll send you a picture of it free of charge or we
will secretly actually charge you for the shipping I tell you that it’s free
right right because that’s the new regime and finally Etsy went on to say
that we need to embrace this new policy in order to stay competitive with
e-commerce and big-box markets I joined at sea because it was the antithesis of
the big-box market it was all about quality and the human element behind the
goods makers artists artisans jewelers uniqueness the little guys if I wanted
to throw all that out the window I would approach big-box stores with my designs
and buyers do you really want the lie of free shipping with a bunch of hidden
costs or do you want real pricing with real shipping cost with transparency and
decency and business practices I think what’s happening is that we’re battling
Amazon Prime and we shipping we do not talk about Amazon Prime Amazon handmade
though it shall not be named yeah but do they get free shipping
good question Rossi that was my next question
who are these online retailers that are offering free shipping
don’t say Amazon Prime don’t you dare say Amazon Amazon does not offer free
shipping I know because we have Amazon Prime we pay 100 plus dollars a year to
get our free shipping no time am i under the delusion that the shipping is free
we’re just paying for it all at once for the convenience of it so who is offering
free shipping on orders of $35 or more if not Amazon not Poshmark not Vitacost
not any of the art supply stores that we buy our art supplies from not Walmart
not Target not Best Buy the answer is no one I can think of
we are not big-box we don’t have our own personal fulfillment center to process
and ship orders on the cheap if you think that this is the way of the future
then perhaps you guys should cover the shipping costs yes I don’t want to end
this rant on a sour note of hopelessness and despair
what can we artists and makers and business owners do about this I decided
to do this rant so that you like me can process this information and make a
decision about what to do I’m a small business owner and I don’t want anyone
telling me how to run my business especially if it goes against my moral
compass if that means that I put my efforts into some other e-commerce
platform then so be it we makers are the blood running through
the veins of Etsy and they need us and we don’t need them very true you’re here
it’s like a train / going straight down the tracks of voicing our opinion so I
submit that we get the word out about this questionable decision so that
everyone makers and shoppers alike can take a moment and decide where we stand
perhaps I’ll move my upper outside of Etsy perhaps if we share our
honest opinions and concerns we might get Etsy to reconsider
perhaps if we all band together we can stop this from happening at all
perhaps I’ll try my absolute best to offer free and discounted shipping and
see how it works out but one thing that I will never ever do is roll hit and
cost into my pricing to try to recoup my losses and screw over my buyers one
thing I will never do is sacrifice my ethics and morals to try to make a few
extra bucks what are you gonna do about this just be honest and upfront with
people let them know this is how much it cost to ship I will give you free
shipping if it is this much but don’t try to do hidden costs so basically you
didn’t have all your eggs in the AXI basket one might even say you only had
one gleaming egg yeah in the etsy bath one gleaming egg so Etsy pulling this
deal this rug out from underneath me is not a big impact because most of my
business comes from my own site not through Etsy but for people that really
rely on that Etsy business this is this is really screwed up so I want to hear
your thoughts on this fellow artists makers online shoppers and any of you
that are on Etsy what do you make of this and what do you plan to do and
that’s it you guys obviously this is not the typical Rafi and CLE video but this
was something that was very important to us to talk about I don’t think we went
full-on pitchfork but thanks for sticking with us yeah ultimately I don’t
know what I’ll decide to do and I think whatever we choose as individuals is
fine but one thing that I could not do was sit quietly and take it let’s see
what did you become the man right when did this happen
at she’s back there with a cardboard mustache like so you guys please leave
your comments in the comment section below thank you so much you guys you
guys are absolutely awesome Rafi and I as always totally adore you and if you
liked this and you want to watch more like this click right over here to
subscribe and that’s it say goodbye Rafi ah good

100 comments on “Etsy 2019 Free Shipping Policy Is Bull And Unfair

  1. Etsy has lost their damn mind! I was already annoyed with the whole PayPal thing vs Etsy payments issue. This free shipping night nonsense has just got me seriously considering shutting the Etsy shop completely.

  2. Was looking for new additional place tp sell my stuff. Thank you for explaining and convince me not to sell on etsy. I will stay with the selling app I'm using now. They charge only 10% and provide you with the shipping label at no cost to sellers. Whoever interest get $10 to join with my code Here's my invitation link :
    Thank you

  3. I agree with every single word of this! Thank you for saying out loud the thoughts that are currently making my head ache!

  4. The writing WAS on the wall when etsy went public. With "money-making for stockholders" now being the bottom line (rather than being a unique website that provides genuinely handcrafted and OOAK items – that is, back when it was exclusively handmade) it was only a matter of time until etsy did everything possible to compete with ebay and amazon for shopper dollars. Never mind that you have to throw the people who are the lifeblood of etsy under the bus…the buyers and sellers.

  5. Just a thought, if say, a majority of sellers offer "free" shipping, wouldn't that cancel out any advantage, as far as placement in the Search engine?

  6. I have been with Etsy since 2012…and to slap those that won't comply with this "free" shipping notion is a grossly unfair business practice. The irony here is that, like the diversity of the makers…one size does not fit all. And to encourage the makers to lie to their customers goes against everything regarding the notion of customer service. What wil I do? First, I will not participate. Second, I will not rely on Etsy to drive business to my site..I do that via FaceBook, my website and Instagram. And third..will consider leaving Etsy in favor of a shopping cart on my own site.
    Sweet Tree Hill Farm

  7. None of my customers EVER complained about my flat free shipping price of $21. YES TWENTY ONE dollars flat fee to all continental US. Why? my customers are not looking for "Free this" "Free that", "I'm desperate, buy from me" that's not what my clients are looking for. I did do what Etsy asked and my sales are DOWN, down like a MF.

  8. Don't get me started! I've been a vintage Etsy seller for over five years now, and this "free shipping" wrinkle is absolute nonsense. Just as soon as Etsy went public, they started getting really stupid. Great common sense video – but is Etsy listening?? Very doubtful…

  9. I completely agree with you. I have been selling on Etsy since 2009. They have traded in the supportive "let's help the handmade artisan community grow" approach for the greed of more and more profits for themselves and less and less for the people who makes Etsy work. Do they really think people don't know that "free shipping" is not really free shipping? How about just saying "No additional shipping cost." Don't ask the seller's to lower their standards so that Etsy can practice corporate greed. Let's rethink this approach Etsy. You can do better.

  10. Just to add, I don't offer 'free shipping' in my Etsy store. I tried it earlier this year, but found no difference in sales between FS and non-FS items, so I've phased it out of the store (JamesRoadVintage). What really angers us sellers is, Etsy's passively demanding participation by manipulating search! How about Etsy simply adding the option to list with "Shipping Included"? At least, with that, we're not lying to customers.

  11. I have been a member of Etsy for 3 months. In that 3 months I created art for 700 products. Last week Etsy sent me an email informing me that a Chinese man had signed an electronic signature stating I was guilty of stealing and using his artwork. Etsy removed my products, flagged and removed my store. I contacted Etsy and asked if they were interested in seeing the proof the designs were mine…they declined stating they policy was very clear and I had to contact the individual who signed the complaint. First of all, every single one of my designs is a 16×20 oil painted canvas which are sitting in my studio. Second, this person in question? They do not have an Etsy account. Third, there are 67 people who go by this particular name and none of which claim to be an artist. I have never seen an American company allow a Chinese citizen to destroy their name and business as much as Etsy has done. I found out this is a common practice of Etsy.

  12. This has impacted my business negatively, immediately. Like, the same freaking day. Fearful of being hidden from searchers I felt I had no choice so I raised my prices….which had been raised prior to this because EVERYTHING has gone up in price. I haven’t had but one sale since. As for yous guys….I Love You I Love You I Love You !!!! My second Etsy store has the shipping guarantee as well. I sell jewelry supply. Small stuff. I sell the supply because…well….I’m not selling the finished items because my prices are too high. I have a garage full of supply that gathers dust. ( can you sell dust?) I get the highest discount from my wholesaler and cannot really stay competitive. Not really. I compete with sellers from overseas who sell 10 pieces for the same price I sell 2. The buyer has to pay international shipping (sometimes) but it just looks bad!!! I would gravitate towards their shop & not mine. If I price my items correctly, in line with good business practice, I’m out of the game. I can lower prices and make less. That’s what I do for the higher priced items. But I’m an Artist. I can make priceless beauties out of anything. So once I get rid of all this stuff…(eBay auction gigantic jewelry supply lot below wholesale prices?) I’m changing my game. As for my other store- where I sell pet portraits by way of miniatures/ in jewelry form, Im dumping the guarantee, moving to another platform and screw Etsy. You’re right they need us. We don’t need them! Thank-you for a little perspective here!!!! Yous guys ROCK!!!! 😀 <3

  13. I'm one of those international sellers, expected to ship from Australia to the US for free, and expected to charge Australian customers for the hidden US shipping. Unfortunately, Etsy's priority these days is its share prices. I don't think they care one hoot about sellers and ethics. I'm also sure we can expect a rise in fees in line with Ebay or maybe, horror, Amazon. In a recent survey I viewed the fist question was "Etsy's fees are much cheaper than its competitors. How much more would you be prepared to pay in fees?"

  14. I've gone back and forth with Etsy on this issue. They are only interested in their bottom line, not ours. My sales have plummeted with the free shipping program. It has yet to come back to where it use to be, let alone continue growing like it had been before this new policy took effect. The responses I received to my concerns where always some form of "don't worry about it", sent by 19 & 20 years, who no idea what is involved in running a profitable online business. The people we need to reach with our concerns have turned a deaf ear.

  15. Etsy is place where people copy each other. if items sells you will have too many copy's soon. I would not put my art on etsy. And the only people who are making any money there are people with exported feedback from EBAY probably.

  16. Who are these mysterious people? Amazon Prime shoppers. Amazon regularly "rolls" the shipping cost into their product prices. That's who Etsy is trying to be. It's really stupid.

  17. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! I’m an Etsy seller too & I’ve been sososooo not okay with the new Etsy “suggestion” (demand) to offer free shipping. It prioritizes people who are okay having higher merch costs, which largely sounds like promoting aggressively capitalistic larger companies. I really don’t like it & doubt people would buy things for the higher altogether cost regardless of shipping being free! Plus my items are CERAMIC so it costs quite a bit to ship them! My larger pieces (over $35) cost MORE TO SHIP. I also sell outside of Etsy and don’t want to have different prices for different platforms, and also hate that they don’t realize shipping COSTS DIFFERENT AMOUNTS TO GO TO DIFFERENT PLACES. What the heck Etsy staaaaaaaap. I’m emailing them & including this video with my own comments as well and I’m hoping they decide to stop being ridiculous, or I guess it’ll be time to find a new small business platform 😭

  18. I'm very fortunate in that it appears I'm one of those rare Etsy sellers where my all my products (cosplay armor pieces) all cost about the same to ship within the US because they all weigh about the same and ship in the same sized box, so I was able to easily increase the cost of all my items by that amount, making a note in each listing this increase was due to the Etsy free shipping policy. But I know my situation is VERY unusual.

  19. As a seller I find it absolutely ridiculous. Who can do this? Sure, if the weight is less than a pound yes, But, vintage dishes are heavy and cost a lot to ship. If Etsy doesn't think people are looking at the initial price first they are mistaken. Also, I have another page and I get marketing emails about the new free shipping campaign atleast one a day. I fully expect them to force us sellers to sell free at any time soon. We work hard to keep our shops full and attractive.

  20. I'm hoping a really solid rival platform establishes itself in the next couple of years, one with startlingly great design, ethics and support, that favours the small sellers and OOAK pieces. It's the only development, aside from a mass exodus, that may possibly give etsy the kick up the arse it's begging for.

  21. A lot of food for thought here. I don’t personally find that building in the cost of shipping into the product price is that big of a deal. Where I’m from the taxes are placed on the imports of the product. So the merchant pays that tax and therefore the price of the product reflects that. The customer doesn’t pay an additional tax on the product, but it’s well known that the high prices of the product is reflecting the merchants costs. As a customer on Etsy I wouldn’t feel cheated as if there was a hidden fee because I would know that’s my walk out the door price and I don’t have to wait and see what the shipping cost will be a few steps later. As the maker I just see the shipping cost as another overhead. Same as the cost of the product materials, my labor and time etc etc. I don’t think of it as unethical to charge more for additional accumulated overhead. I don’t mind having my prices different and I don’t think customers will find it hard to understand that if they buy it from you in person it’s a different price than on Etsy where there is a higher overhead for the artist. All the more reason for them to buy it from you when they see it. Could work out better for the artist in person to close a sale. Where it does get sketchy is just as you described. How do you figure out your built in shipping when it’s a changing variable.? You must have to find an average and expect to sometimes come out better and other times worse and overtime hopefully it works in your favor.
    As far as Etsy taking a percentage of the product cost…at first I thought this was bull. But now that I’m considering the shipping is just another overhead I can’t argue that they shouldn’t still take a percentage of the sale. All of the artist’s overhead and profit margin is reflected in the price without being itemized. If anyone is going to argue that they shouldn’t take a percentage when the artist is absorbing shipping costs one might as well argue that it’s unfair to take a percentage when one has to pay for the raw materials of the product- or the time and labor put in.
    This is what I think is going on. Etsy has figured out that they are losing customers on the very last steps of the customers online experience. They aren’t closing sales. This is bad for for both Etsy, the small business and the consumer isn’t leaving happy. No win for anyone 🙁 I believe their strategy is to get the finicky consumer to buy the product without the added shock of shipping at the last step. The customer is happy, the makers make a sale and Etsy takes their percentage.
    I hope this rebuttals is well received. If you all hadn’t made this video I wouldn’t have put myself through this little think exercise and come in to some clarity. If you made it through this novel- bless your heart.

  22. I too am saddened with this "free shipping", kids nothing is free! Look, ETSY needs to know their way of marketing is all wrong! Look at any other .com offering free shipping along with a promo code, the discount should never be applied to the cost of the shipping charges!! What are they thinking, I have been going in the hole every since this started. Never, never include % off to the cost of shipping charges. The charges are there, even if you don't see them!!

  23. the situation is even worse for sellers not located in the USA… I agree everyone should boycott this "strong recommendation" of Etsy

  24. well said and ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I'm such a small business and can't even find my own products on etsy as it is unless I really dial down the search terms. Now I'll be the very bottom – so…. EASY to find???

  25. "Rolling" shipping costs into the price of an item is worse than a crap shoot even if just to the United States. There are too many variables in how one can ship with a vast spectrum of pricing from using "ground" uninsured to fully insured, two-day delivery with a "following" number provided to the buyer. One must also consider size and weight factors; scary!

  26. I totally agree with you it is ridiculous how they want to manipulate our business. Telling us to do free shipping it's like a threat you do free shipping we'll Show your jewelry. It's freaking communism. Just like government is getting. I'm glad I won't be around 20 years of maybe less this country is heading for a very hard and awful life.

  27. I think a bunch of the sellers on Etsy should get together and start their own website and take all their customers with them! Etsy like Ebay has gotten to big for their pants lmao They make millions each year from ridiculous fees and don't have a dime invested in products.

    Wal-Mart does offer free shipping for orders over $35 and even offers Next Day shipping on $35 or more of select items. I'm sure they get a huge discount BUT Wal-Marts products are Wal-Marts and that is their option. Etsy does not own the products that are listed on their website and has no business sticking their noses into their sellers businesses.

    I don't sell on Etsy, but I think this is very dirty business practice and if it's not illegal it should be.

  28. Thanks for this reaction video, I agree with many of your points. I haven’t taken action because I don’t want to charge my craft show customers for shipping and I prefer free shipping to be a bonus that I can choose to offer to customers, not as something across the board.

    I do not make most of my income through Etsy but have spent years building up my inventory and building my shop based on their usually great advice or ideas. I am concerned that with this move and the added shop owner fees they are trying to whittle down their shop owner numbers to those who only make big and consistent sales each month. I could go on about that some more but this is already a long comment.

  29. Forcing us to do free shipping is like mob extortion in NYC for small business! You read my mind lol!! If we don't comply, we will be at the bottom.

  30. I have not been happy with this coercive change. I think you have convinced me to keep charging shipping. I will just try doing more of my own marketing. Glad you did this video.

  31. I just started selling on Etsy. I am not new to selling via internet. Etsy WILL NOT allow me to set my own shipping costs. I've tried over and over. So, I must, (in order to sell anything on Etsy), increase the prices on my items. For me this seems most unfair to my potential customers. I tried to reach a live body for Etsy, all I get are the "help" rooms. (which are not useful). I'm going to give Etsy until the end of December. If none of my items move by then, it's bye bye Etsy. I should be able to set my shipping standard. NOT ETSY.

  32. Etsy Ends up making more money off of us as well as the customer because they take a % for a transaction fee off each item sold .The higher the sale the higher the fee ,So in telling us to raise our prices to cover the shipping cost ends up giving them a raise as well …Right?

  33. I am a small Etsy shop and have been very upset about this new policy. I live in Kentucky and so this free shipping policy really screws me. All my items are one-offs and so it is impossible to "roll in" shipping costs. Plus, I am small and this just kills me. I would be very interested to know what solution you have come up with. Will you leave Etsy and if so, go where?

  34. I think all artists who sell on Etsy should get together and pull out of Etsy all at once! Then all Etsy sellers should gather together and form an online store Cooperative where you all have a say in how it is run, no big business or nitwits at the top dictating to you how you run the sales of your online sales. Pull out I say, as I know very well, because I am a customer of many Etsy stores, that all your customers just like me will support you all and go where ever you go.😁😉. It is pretty easy to set up an online store these days so a techy person could help you all start up a Non-Etsy store for an umbrella store for you all to show your artistic wares😁. Kick Etsy to the Kerb I say, they have been getting more and more annoying and more like a big ugly corporate business for quite a few years now. They do not deserve you all!

  35. Maybe Etsy should think about how integrous it would be to give their sellers 1/2 the cost of the shipping raise back, as kind of a retirement account boost, like contributing to your 401k. After all you're the worker bees that are paying their Salaries!

  36. Thanks for doing this! I totally agree with everything you stated !!! Honestly, tired of Etsy screwing with my business! Looking into having my own site to sell! I can not keep up with etsy drama.

  37. Scottish seller with 45% of my products going to USA. Well said! Brilliant. My sales went down in August but have picked back up again. Simply a bad business model to try and introduce this nonsense….. greedy, scare mongering by Etsy is just plain immoral.

  38. Hi, and thank you for doing these videos on Etsy. I found your channel as I was thinking of moving from Etsy to Shopify, which I did, but my sales are still mainly generated by Etsy. Today, in trying to reconcile a deposit, I found a $2.00 math error – by Etsy – in their favor of course – on just one of my recent sales. Now I'm on endless hold on the phone with them and pulling up all my prior statements to check their magic math. UGH!!! I'm so frustrated with them I put my shop on vacation – which is shooting myself in the foot I'm sure! – FaeFolkWorld

  39. I wish there was a way to like this each time we watch it. I've shared it with so many people that shop on Etsy. I don't want to support a company that treats its employees or artists this way. I'd much rather go right to their websites if at all possible & cut Etsy out all together for it's dishonesty & coercion tactics.

  40. I was so offended by Etsy's new "free" shipping policy that I posted a new thread in the forums, "Etsy's free shipping will cost my customers more." There have been many excellent threads by other vendors on the same subject. Most of us feel exactly the same way you feel about it…the whole thing is a fraud! You forgot to mention how Etsy now takes a bigger cut of the shipping costs now that they're part of the item cost. This inflates their profits, which is great for their shareholders. The whole thing stinks like a big steaming pile of poo!
    What shocked me, though, we're the many vendors who chimed in on the forums to support what Etsy is doing. I'd made it clear that I would not be participating and they were just full of helpful suggestions on how I could make it work for my shop. I strongly suspect most of them were on Etsy's payroll. Every one of their suggestions made extra work for me and still supported the unscrupulous components of the changes.
    Holly of foodforthesoul.

  41. I admit that I am doing the free shipping, but it is easier for me: The musical instruments I sell commonly sell for $500.00 or more, and I am adding on $50.00 to the cost to cover shipping and handling; but can get away with it because (1) I am retired and if they don't sell here, I will sell them to musicians I meet otherwise, and (2) If they do sell, the $ I receive will cover costs with enough left over to foster continued musical instrument's improvement that I can further sell; but concerned for those who are not selling vintage (mine are vintage that are modernized into working musical instruments FYI) but selling new and newly made items that are of much smaller overhead so they cannot afford adding further reduction of overhead for the sake of better listings for "free shipping". If I were them, I would be looking for more satisfactory venues of selling my wares.

  42. I've never seen your channel before, but I one million thousand percent with everything you said. I'm primarily an Ebay seller, but I have sold with Etsy before. I have always done better with Ebay sales but I still have to deal with people complaining about shopping costs. I explain I don't gouge like others and charge as close to actual cost as possible. Then this Etsy new, "free shipping" thing comes out and I'm like forget that. I love getting free shipping but I'm such a small seller I can't absorb that cost. I'll stick with Ebay.

  43. The very reason I won’t sell my jewelry on Etsy! I’ve heard of the crazy draconian antics Etsy is pulling and it bothers me! I even lost my Etsy favorite seller because Etsy kicked them off because (GET THIS!) THEY MADE TOO MUCH MONEY!!! They were selling their items lower than others and leading the sales with it! (Uh…doesn’t Etsy get a % of the sales? Did they not just shoot themselves in the foot???). Etsy has lost their original intention! They’re looking at Amazon Prime with jealousy and THIS is how they treat their sellers? I intend to write to Etsy about this dishonest policy to express just how I feel about it – I PREFER TO PAY MY SHIPPING HONESTLY! Stay calm and don’t let this anti-capitalistic America get you down!!!

  44. I completely Agree! As an Esty shop owner in Canada this free shipping I won't be apart of! I charge for shipping on every item, beside you can't have a sale and offer free shipping, that called double dipping! You can't do this in stores, so why would I offer this in mine.
    I have regular sale every month even on newly listed items, check it out Reminiscing Vintage can be found on Google.

  45. I've only just seen your video now on YouTube after clicking on an Etsy promo video on my sellers dashboard. All your comments are exactly what we British Etsy sellers have been saying. How can I justify increasing my prices to include international shipping when shipping within my own country is 1/5 of the cost, that is just ridiculous and makes my items look far more expensive and even less appealing than before, especially when customers can go to the high street stores and buy something that gives a similar effect or look to an outfit, although of a much poorer quality, for a fraction of the cost. I sell about half, or just over half of my items, to the US and the rest within my home of the UK. I can offer free shipping within my home country because its only about £4 (some items are more as they need to be insured) but my lowest shipping cost to the US is 4 times that price for the same item. If no one signs up to the "guarantee" then no one will be prioritised and we can all carry on as we were.

  46. Thumbs up for you and your video, which I agree with. And I applaud you for allowing comments on your video, unlike the videos of those crooked cowards at Etsy and the videos of those Stockholm Syndrome sellers that kiss Etsy's ass like good little slaves. Etsy keeps bitching about "free shipping" and their "data" (which Etsy fabricated), then let magnanimous ETSY pay for the "free shipping". Just another corrupt incompetent arrogant venue, just like eBay and Scamazon.

  47. If you don't like Etsy.. then don't do it. I dont understand people complaining like this. Open your own website, create better items that people want to buy more of, if you are sooo good at your craft then your following must be huge enough for you to not need a third party seller

  48. Thanks guys. You helped me with my contemplation. I was thinking about using the service. Now I won't even bother.

  49. Lame. I love buying on ETSY. Because I love handmade things and supporting artists. Guess num not going on Etsy anymore

  50. Wow. I just started a small shop selling crystal healing jewelry. I take a lot of time to cleanse and charge each item, including the free crystal I include with every order! I also include very detailed descriptions of the crystals, because this shop (along with my blog) is a labor of love to teach others about crystals and how they work and what they are used for. I try to be as fair as possible with my shipping costs, and the label usually ends up costing a little bit less than the generated shipping profile price that shows up on my listings, so that helps me with fees a bit. I did notice the "option" to "turn on" free shipping of $35 or more, and I did enable it because I felt it seemed fair at the time.. But that was literally before I had even listed my first item in my new shop. But I just got my first two orders over 35 dollars. One for 40 and one for 45… and It definitely did make a dent. A small one… but with all the time and materials that go into my orders (I do full branding with logo stickers, tissue paper, organza bags, and envelopes all color co-ordinated in my brand specific colors)… it does seem to be some serious f*ckery. You have A LOT of good points here. And I'm really glad you posted this video. Like you said.. we aren't big box stores… WE ARE ARTISTS. Everything people buy from us is going to be handcrafted with love and we make sure to add beautiful personal touches to each and every order. My goal with my packages is to let buyers feel like they are getting a special surprise, like a present to unwrap on Christmas morning, with each and every order.
    And I will NOT be compromising that loving energy any time soon. For anyone.

  51. Roll it in…since everybody knows that it is, indeed, a hidden cost, why don't Etsy presents the free as an included one? At least, it is the truth… What else could I say, in addition of EVERYTHING you just put up, here? Nothing, except I'm Canadian and Canada Post suck$$!

  52. Actually, I won't stop here. Vintage seller full time since 2017, I live in Quebec, Canada. Just this reality doesn't help. For exposing my shop or just being in the algorythm. So, after one full year, the multiple changes, the worse convivial website, the non-less frustrating Ipad application ever, I've decided to "let myself get helped" by the superior intelligensia of market places…So I got into this rolling in prices, BECAUSE I had no choice or die in Etsy. I feel like a prostitute, though. I had to higher prices, and I did it by distributing estimated shipping cost for all shop items into each product. For 650 items, I added ± 6$. That doesn't count on a Maxi Shearling coat, but on small items, it may make you lose the sale. you see the extra work it's taking for me, as I want to stay competitve… Finally, I am 30% up for visits, 20-25 % up in sales, but 40% less in revenue. ETSY will get my health, that is for sure.

  53. i totally agree. i have been running my business for about 2 years now and when i saw this i was really upset. when i was then told its fine just roll the cost into your product pricing, i just got angry. like yourself and many sellers on etsy we do this because we love doing it and like any other business we want to make money from it. i will never lie to my customers and i will certainly not do so by hidding the cost of shipping from them and then still charging it. very dissapointed etsy. an all though this may not be coercion. this is briebery. offering a benifit to people only if they do as you say.

  54. Ha! Try being in the UK, that’s my American market gone! Disgusting. Also we should all boycott the ads, why should I pay to have my items actually shown to people? Furthermore, if I don’t pay then everyone that pays (even more money to Etsy) will be shown and mine not 🤬 how unethical and corrupt!

  55. I dont even use this platform and I am not lovin this evil etsy move. Yikes to anyone who uses this platform. Loved this enlightenment video I am so sharin the hell outta this.

  56. I just started my jewelry business, and I took a lot of time deciding between Etsy and my own ecommerce site. I finally decided on my own site. I still tried out etsy for a bit, but even though it's basically "free" traffic, I have gotten NONE. I much prefer marketing my own site and having complete control over everything. With the crazy things they are trying to control now, I am glad I made the decision to have my own site.

  57. It is like that tax on the rich, ROFL the rich just roll it into the cost of manufacturing and still keep the same bottom line profit.

  58. I have a question for you. How do you deal with having visual disturbances as an artist and staying productive? For example, annoying floaters disrupting your vision, difficulty focusing eyes and thus seeing blurry and getting headaches just from looking at stuff, etc.

  59. I've sold about 200 orders in 4 days. 1st they took about 40% of my frickin profit!!!! 2nd, I had 2 cases filed against me..thinking since etsy has made thousands off me in less than 3 weeks they will help….nope…just automated! I'm working on my website on the side gonna offer half price on there at least ill only be charged my small monthly fee and normal credit card rate. Ridiculous! And they are taking a fee from me on postage I'm not making a penny for!

  60. What if we create a new platform….I am well aware this won't be easy, but hear me out. I'm an artist, but also learning graphic design and website building. I would absolutely promise to do what is in the best interest of the artist and the buyer. We (the new platform) would have to stay afloat, but not make millions at the expense of our artists. What do you all think?

  61. I agree…my business on Etsy has suffered since the change. I am wondering if their is a way to band all the Etsy sellers into a type of Union and get everyone to SHUT DOWN THEIR STORE FOR A DAY OR TO and send a message to the Etsy HOT SHOTS that made this change. Etsy is who they are because enough small businesses trusted them and they have forgotten who's back they are resting on. Can you imagine what they would do if 3 or 4 thousand shops closed all at one time!

  62. First time channel viewer here, I love you guys!

    That said, this Etsy thing is utter bullshit. There's no way I'm setting up a shop on that site. I wish I knew enough about programming and servers to build my own site that could deal with the volume of traffic Etsy has so we could all move over there. URGH it makes me so angry!!!! I'm guessing by all the comments that even though it's October now, they haven't rolled back that extortionist decision? Dicks.

  63. I agree totally. You didn't mention the option which would let direct sale customers know they are paying a different price than etsy buyers: list on etsy with "free shipping " (play the etsy game) but state that shipping charges are included (so direct sales will know why they are paying less. Wouldn't work with your artist friend, though. I don't sell
    on etsy but watch lots of youtube. loved your video – you're both so darling!!!

  64. I didn't know that shipping was now also charged in their commission. Now that it is Corporate and went live on Wallstreet, they want their stock to rise and screw the makers!
    I've got to find a better place to sell.

  65. i just joined Etsy and saw this free shipping add for USA and to be honest I was a bit offended that it was for the USA only, okay so a lot offended, and I absolutely agree with this video. As for Amazon Prime it is just not about paying for a subscription that pays for shipping fees, their prices maybe be lower, but if you actually look at the manufactures or importers Prime charge almost double what I could buy it for from the actual wholesaler. So all in all what a joke!.

  66. How many Etsy shops can they put on the top of the free shipping scam list ? I am not leaving Etsy because I do not depend on them for a living but one thing I know is if my sales drop off which they have Etsy will not make any money either . I think I am going to look into E bay on some of my items.

  67. It's a well known fact that free shipping attracts more buyers.Almost anyone with a business knows that,I just tell customers that shipping is included in the price(and it is and they do understand I'm charging them for it.),that way I'm not lying to them and if they ask what the shipping charges are I tell them.It's really not that big of a deal.Most customers if they are interested seriously in your product won't mind.

  68. I was considering switching to free shipping, but when thinking about how to do that, it didn't make sense to raise prices to my items, much less how to decide how much price to raise. Like you mentioned, shipping varies a lot depending upon what part of the US it's going to. I'm sticking with continuing shipping cost and reasonable prices for my Seajay Designs items. Thank you for this video to reinforce my decision!

  69. "Quality and the human elements behind the company" Gosh….. you said it!! I believed that too before. I feel so comforted watching your video. This Etsy Free Shipping drama has made me feel very sad and sick. Since it was implemented in the system, I hardly make any sale. Not to mention that super complicated fee calculation I have struggled to understand. It would be great if you could also do a video about their fee calculation.

  70. I watched this video while contemplating opening an etsy store for my photography. Nope, not going to happen. Thank you for the heads up. I'll find another way. Website!

  71. Ha spot on, ebay has also gone this way. Shipping is NEVER free. All of these site are trying to be Amazon. That free shipping? You, the dummy, are paying for it. I cant wait for the day this free shipping bs is over.

    As far as "free shipping" item placement. Tell me if this makes any sense. My listings are 100% professional with quality pictures, description and pricing but no "free shipping". I can list an item for $50 with $10 shipping, that's $60 yet this happens. A seller with the same item and same cost has placement above me. They are selling the same item for $60 with free shipping. Terrible pics, no description other than the title but they offer free shipping. That item is shown before mine and that's unacceptable. Free shipping is a gimmick for those who cant do basic first grade math.

    I charge exact cost and treat my customers with care and respect. Why do I charge shipping? Because shipping is and never has been free. Rolling that cost into the cost of the item as ebay and etsy advise seems shady and unethical. I'm not sure what's worse, the free shipping scam or penalizing a seller for doing a great job.

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