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‘Essential Moral Values’ Work Against Trump Policy Of Cruelty | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

‘Essential Moral Values’ Work Against Trump Policy Of Cruelty | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 comments on “‘Essential Moral Values’ Work Against Trump Policy Of Cruelty | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. The Democrats are importing illegal votes to turn the United States into a Socialist republic, over the objections of the American people. The Democrats have won their last Presidential election, and all these Illegal immigrants are on their way home.

  2. What do you have to say now Steven Miller! YOU are an immigrant!! Should we let you stat? NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT, BUT BECAUSE YOU PUSH DISGUSTING TREATMENT OF IMMIGRANTS!

  3. People remember what happened in Nazi Germany. Never Again means not in any country or against any minority.
    Maybe Dr. Glosser should have given Miller some good old fashion shock treatments.

  4. karin backstrom3 hours [email protected] Schultz How are the left violent? What violation have they committed? Like so many deeply uneducated Trump supporters you have no clue what fascism is. Fascism is what Miller represents and fascism is what Hitler represented. One of the many definitions of that devastating ideology is racism, white supremacy, oligarchy, love for an oversized military defense, against science, anti intellectualism, anti a well educated people, anti free speech, anti social welfare for everybody. Fascism appeals to lower instincts such as naive, immature emotions, nazism, threats to people with a democratic policy which includes human rights. Fascism is Donald´s disgusting and very dangerous agenda. Fascist countries are poor, citizens are oppressed, no freedom of speech, journalists prosecuted and often murdered or put to jail under false accusations. You do not know how dangerous the situation is in America, you are about to loose all decency, truth, common sense, freedom. and human rights. Donald is a very disrespected and disliked lunatic all around the world. He is just as narcissistic and dangerous as Hitler was. Educate yourself, you really need it and think about what country you want America to be – a country of hate, insane lies insane conspiracies and hateful propaganda or a country of prosperity worthy of international respected. America is no more a respected country. Donald is a mentally ill, corrupt liar, deeply incompetent and ignorant about everything. And you react with your emotions, not with your intellect. Donald and his supporters do not like intelligent people and education. The reason is probably a feeling of inferiority and jealousy. That must be the only reason for your hate.

  5. Return every one of these illegal border jumpers back to where they came from! TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. CBP is responsible for those entrusted to its care. Not Congress. CBP is run by the Executive Branch, not Congress. Responsibility for human rights abuses in CBP detention facilities falls on that agency and the President administering that agency. CBP boss Morgan shirking his responsibility, trying to blame others for CBP and Trump crimes against humanity. This demonstrates this is the absolute worst person the U.S. could have running this agency. Expect continued abuses against migrants and their children from this monster and his amoral superior.

  7. It's become patently obvious always jingoistic Republicans just phony pretend patriots!  The GOP has now taken it the absurd level of becoming a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE NATION!

  8. Where I live we put the likes of Stephen Miller in prison or, if they're lucky, in secure lunatic asylums. The USA puts them in governemt and then doesn't remove them.

  9. Rachel is disingenuous at best. Take yourself back to 2015 when she would be doing her show. For EVERY single rally Trump held, she had a split screen. One side her doing her show and the other side Trump empty podium, waiting with baited breath for him to come on and then FULL coverage of EVERY one of his hate filled rallies. PEOPLE, Rachel, Hayes, Lemon, Tapper, Nicole Wallace, Cooper, Camerota, Mika, etc, they are all anchoring for CNN, MSNBC, literally co-conspirators in getting Trump elected. NOW, with faux rage, befuddlement, and indignation, they point at his Administration and are still yelling fire. Believe you me, they will do their best to get him re-elected. Their bank accounts are relying on another 4 years of this dumpster fire.

  10. Hey Larry Kudlow: I have your “private sector prosperity” in between my legs and where the sun doesn’t shine.

  11. Stephen Miller has successfully hybridised American racism, Jewish Zionism, White Supremacist Xenophobia into his deformed brain to transform him into a mutation devil.

  12. Isn't it staggering to compare the intelligence and fair-mindedness of this man with his nephew's pedantic shallowness and lack of insight when engaging in public discourse about his beliefs.

  13. some one should stop Steven Miller from breathing.
    but maybe he isn't doing that because he is already DEAD INSIDE & OUT.

  14. Stephen Miller is an insecure little man who is struggling with his sexuality! He rages internally with accepting himself. This gets projected as hate unto others. This gives him a sense of control & Power over others. He feels adequate as a man.

  15. I thought black leaders was smart enough not to get caught up in this bs I guess not everybody wants some attention black fools

  16. I'm Native, I'd like to see Stephen Miller take a walk, in fact, I'd like him to go berry picking with me in Alaska.

  17. I live in a socialist European country with no guns, free education & health care. I like brown girls & I’m married to a yellow one. It’s paradise

  18. This man is so awesome and I feel so bad for him having to be related to that filthy cockroach of a nephew. (God that creep deserves to be stepped on, hard.)

  19. I do not understand what happens to a human being to fill them with so much hate and sadistic tendencies. Are some individuals born this way or are they created, whether thru nurture or nature? Did Mr. Miller (or Trump for that matter) grow up in a angry, violence-filled home or later, maybe as a teenager, make choices with regard to white nationalism? It really doesn't matter. The ugliness and vileness that Miller spreads when he speaks makes it no surprise, to me, that he works for Trump and has a ready-made platform to spew his garbage ideas and rhetoric.

  20. WHEN IT COMES TO #LyingHypocrite #WhiteSupremacist and #TrumpMinion MASTERMIND #StephenMiller, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE!
    #LockHimUp #SendHimBackToHell

  21. Are they trying to claim that making America a non white country is moral in some way? How can they justify being so openly anti white?

  22. To all my fellow white people how are worried about our declining population, immigration, Muslims, anti-white racism, et cetera et cetera the solution isn’t to waste time protesting, joining a worthless hate group or talking to pointless politicians it is to
    step 1: get or keep a full-time job (any job)
    step 2: get or keep a stable long-term relationship & lastly
    step 3 have 3 to 6 kids making sure that you raze them properly and that they do well in school all the way to 12th grade college or university and get jobs of their own. If you already have grown kids get on their case about getting married & giving you sum grand kids.

  23. The stupidity of this is that the Republican Party should have had black support given it's history but now they have made their party into the racist / black voter suppression party the likelihood of them surviving a few more decades grows slimmer and slimmer every day

  24. This smirking ahole is sent out to rub libs faces in Trump dodo the whole time screeching it's lib dodo.

  25. Republicans are seeding their future with disdain and disregard…why would an immigrant that gains citizenship ever vote or support the political party that made the process unreasonably and overtly difficult, and stood in the way of new arrivals? Why would any sane person offer and give support to an organization that sought to deny them that choice? Too many Republicans still don't get it…you will not gain the support of those you abuse, simple, and without actively trying to recruit and engage with this sector of the population they are guaranteeing their own marginalization. Would you support anyone that abused you? Not rocket science.

  26. White nationalist Hair Miller voicing his fake outrage as an American Jew about AOC's remarks about the detention center resembling concentration camps was hilarious. The US invented concentration camps when they herded Native Americans onto reservations. They were utilized during the US conquest of the Philippines. The British used them during their war against the Boers. The US used them during World War II to inter Japanese-American citizens in the US. The Nazis turned concentration camps into death camps. As an American Jew, semantics don't upset me, actions do. The lesson from the Holocaust was, "Never again." Yet here we are. Shame on Miller and Trump for shielding their own racism by calling others anti-Semites.

  27. Stephen milting just another immigrant kid…. why would he has the right to stop other immigrants to seek freedom, and better life? If he and traitor trumpanzee disagree, please go back where u 2 loser came from

  28. Stephen Miller's apple clearly fell rather far from the branch of the tree where his uncle came from. The real question is whether Stephen's apple went rotten to the core before it fell from the family tree, or after landing in the tRump manure pile. My vote is for "both."

  29. It's very sad but I think that some of Trump and some of his key demons like Stephen Miller and Mike Pence, Bill Barr will end up with no option except suicide because they will be so hated and ostracized all over the world. The only place they might think they will be welcomed is Russia. But Vladimir will not want anything to do with them once Trump is no longer in power.

  30. .m." I said the same thing that Steve Miller should be ashame of himself as Jewish man who? should knows the devastation the Jewish people have curtail and he sees the premonition , once again made with adulation and he lobbies to the dam! thing.its obvious this clown Steve Miller is condemned and forgot his pass,what? a pathetic individual u are".2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣👊🇺🇲😎

  31. So Just exactly how much of the rest of the world are American tax payers suppose to talk care of beyond NATO, our military being the world police, and billions in foreign aid? Immigration needs to be fixed, but it’s not an open door. MadCow is terrible

  32. Can't touch someone's heart, if it's that tiny & defective. Televising the border atrocities SHOULD help convince those with hearts…(and functioning consciences) to reject the politicos supporting this ugliness. Vote BLUE & stop the hateful creeps from realising their Amerikkkan agenda. 🖒😜

  33. Mueller falls on his face. Mueller's testimony was a JOKE. Dems revealed to be wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on baseless witch hunt.

  34. Enforcing our laws is not a "policy of cruelty," it's the main constitutional function of the executive branch!

    If you didn't like the laws, since illegal immigration is not a new problem, you could have been lobbying for changes for literally, decades! However, the current immigration laws enjoyed popular bipartisan support, which is why they were passed.

  35. Thank you Dr. Glosser for coming forward to take a stand against the treatment of immigrants.

  36. "There seems to be some disagreement as to whether a sitting president can be indicted. I should think the Founding Fathers would regard this as a false argument. They were quite clear that the impeachment process they provided for in the Constitution was an indictment process of a sitting president.

    They did not see it as a “quasi” indictment process, as I have heard it described, but as a full indictment process, making a reference to it four times in the document: Article I, Section 3, two references; Article II, Section 4; and Article III, Section 1. The Founding Fathers viewed the impeachment process to be similar to a grand jury indictment process, which they were fully aware of, and which they confined to a political arena, namely, to the House and Senate of the U.S. Congress, turning the House into a grand jury and the Senate into a trial court.

    Debates on this question are not addressing a constitutional issue, as is believed. They are avoiding the Constitution itself and represent false debates and false discussions. It’s just as false to say that the U.S. Supreme Court has to settle this matter. The Constitution settles it. Since indicting a sitting president is a provision in the Constitution, this is not a constitutional issue. What is at issue is people not recognizing, or showing an unwillingness to recognize, a quacking duck when they are looking at and listening to a quacking duck.

    It has been said that a sitting president cannot be indicted for criminal charges. This was not the view of the Founding Fathers. They saw possible criminal charges being part of impeachment charges. In Article II, Section 4, they make a reference to “Bribery,” and also to “high Crimes,” without spelling out what they meant by that term. The latter term was not a reference to “Treason,” because that term is mentioned in Section 4, along with “Bribery” and “high Crimes.”

    For the Founding Fathers, political and criminal charges could be impeachment charges, and conviction of them would result in a president being removed from office. Proof that the Founding Fathers felt that criminal charges could be part of an impeachment indictment is the fact, as the first reference to impeachment in Article I stipulates, a president convicted and removed from office could, once out of office, be “libel and subject to Indictment, Trial Judgement, and Punishment according to Law.” In other words, tried in a count of law for criminal acts that were part of the impeachment process and charges.

    It has been said by some of President Trump’s supporters that he, as president, could pardon himself. That certainly would not be what the Founding Fathers had in mind. What would be the point of establishing an impeachment process if the president was going to be allowed to overrule it? The Founding Fathers provided two specific ways for a president to be removed from office: being voted out or being removed by an impeachment process.

    The question has been raised as to whether the president is above the law. The Founding Fathers would consider this question to be absurd. The president is given functions under the Constitution. None of them have anything to do with the president being “above the law” or acting “outside the law.” The question for a sitting president is whether he is violating the Constitution and his constitutional functions. Engaging in criminal behavior would certainly be in violation of those functions.

    Since a sitting president, under the Constitution, can be impeached for political and criminal actions, and be removed from office for such, it would seem he would be acting in an unconstitutional manner if he pardoned individuals who could give testimony against him in an investigation of his own criminal activities. He would not be able to do that constitutionally during an impeachment process that involved the criminal charges. Making the effort to do so would be both an abuse of presidential power and obstruction and both would be impeachable offenses — because the Constitution says the president can “grant Reprieves and Pardons or Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment;” and that would seem to include his own impeachment.

    However, there is a serious reason for probing this question, because of a policy established by the Office of Legal Counsel in the U.S. Attorney General’s Office that too many take at face value. The OLC policy states that it is unconstitutional for a sitting president to be indicted. This policy is said to be binding on the U.S. attorney general, the deputy attorney general and a special prosecutor. This policy is obviously fallacious and is itself an abuse of the Constitution.

    Neither the U.S. attorney general, nor any agency, division, department or official in the Department of Justice can declare anything to be constitutional or unconstitutional! The Constitution does not invest the DOJ with that kind of power. The federal judicial system determines what is constitutional or unconstitutional. This is a clear usurpation and abuse not only of DOJ power, but also of executive branch power. Even the Congress can’t declare something to be constitutional or unconstitutional.

    For the AG, others in his office, and those outside the office who say that an indictment of a sitting president would hamper carrying out the duties of the office, this was not something that was a special bother to the Founding Fathers. They knew full well that an impeachment process would hamper a president functioning in office. But they thought it was imperative to have a means to be able to remove a president from office when the need arose and not have to wait for a presidential election to do so. They were particularly fearful of a president endeavoring to act as a monarch and not having to observe laws, or constitutional or congressional legislative restraints exercising executive power, and having to wait for another presidential election to remedy the situation.
    " [William Wright is professor emeritus of American history at Southern Connecticut State University.]

  37. 2:59 great summary of Republican strategy using racism to protect the rich white males – as proposed by Miller and his speeches for the racist-in-thief.

  38. Compare a picture of Miller posing to a picture of a young Adolf Eichmann posing ,,,,, its like looking at same picture .

  39. Why can't the sgt. at Arms of the house and the senate close the doors and lock them until there is a workable solution to our immigration policies and then change the term limits for congress two 6 year terms for the Senate and two 4 year terms for the House.

  40. Stephen ‘Joseph Goebbles’ Miller just needs Gitmo time… a long, long time… his uncle is eloquent… normal … So was Reich Minister Goebbels’…NSDAParty No. 8762

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