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Envoys from S. Korea, N. Korea, U.S. in Moscow to attend nonproliferation forum

a nuclear nonproliferation conference
kicked off in Moscow I mean expectations of encounters between officials from
South Korea North Korea and the US the envoys from Pyongyang and Washington did
meet for about five minutes during the reception according to our Kim Minji
there’s growing expectations more talks could be held and possibly reignite the
momentum for denuclearization negotiations with senior officials from
South Korea North Korea and the u.s. under one roof for the 2019 Moscow
non-proliferation conference eyes are on a possible three-way meeting or even
bilateral sit downs the three-day forum hosted by Russia’s center for energy and
security studies every two to three years brings together some 250
participants from more than 40 countries and international organizations on the
guest list from South Korea is top nuclear envoy Ito hoon from North Korea
as chu churu director-general of the North American Department at the North’s
foreign ministry and from the US special envoy for North Korea mark Lambert in
particular on Friday evening local time a session will be held on the
denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula there Jewell will discuss the matter
with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Sweden’s special envoy to the Korean
Peninsula the North Korean official is also expected to deliver Pyongyang
stance regarding denuclearization with the envoys from Seoul and Washington
invited to the session as well there are expectations that they might have some
sort of diplomatic contacts with Cheol given that denuclearization negotiations
have been at a standstill since the working-level talks in Sweden and
inter-korean relations have also soured a potential encounter could spark fresh
momentum during a welcoming reception on Thursday evening Chua lambert met
briefly the china for about five minutes but it’s not known what they talked
about the true korean own voice didn’t come into contact with each other upon
arriving at moscow Seoul’s top nuclear envoy said that although there might be
an opportunity to meet naturally he hasn’t made any arrangements since
arriving he has met with Russian officials to discuss cooperation in the
ongoing efforts to Deemas North Korea and foster lasting peace on the Korean
Peninsula Kim Minji Arirang news

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