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Embassy Apia Public Diplomacy Small grants Awards Ceremony 2018

Embassy Apia Public Diplomacy Small grants Awards Ceremony 2018

[Tony Greubel]
Mizumi and I are really very pleased that you took the time to come this morning and
want to welcome you to our annual Embassy Apia Public Diplomacy Small GRant Ceremony
Programme [Mulitalo Bernie Tauaanae]
In Jesus ‘ name we pray, Amen [Ambassador Scott Bown]
I understand that becoming the recipient of one of Embassy Apia’s grants is not an easy
task, it’s a long and arduous and competitive process, so for those that stuck with it,
thank you, and well done [Benj Harding]
The Samoa Grid Iron programme at St. Joe’s college. They also have a health programme that incorporates
fitness training to teach kids the importance of fitness, good diet and staying away from
smoking and alcohol. The Samoa Victim’s support group. Their project was to provide street vendors
with the skills for building and making crafts under their Hot Soup project. I know we have Samoa Women growers association. SWAG, the association aims to build capacity
of it’s members and village participants through workshops on medicinal and vegetarian indigenous
plants. And Taimua 2016, The overall goal is combating
climate change through integrating lessons learnt from schools to home and vice-versa. Animal Protection Society. [Animal Protection Society]
We are very excited at the animal protection society to have received this grant because
it’s going to enable us to do a community education and awareness programme to encourage
people to treat their pets well. [Benj Harding]
Samoa Aids Foundation. The foundation’s overall goal is to improve
the quality of life of people living with HIV. Nobesity Samoa. The overall goal is health transformation
to combat obesity and non-communicable diseases. The American Corner Grantees. First, the ministry of education, sports and
culture. This project aims to assist the literacy and
numeracy needs of children utilising the American corner. [MESC]
Through your genorosity and mature understanding, we are able to provide the needed services
for the students and for everyone that comes to the American Corner. [Benj Harding]
The Turn a life around programme, which is also an American Corner programme. This project has been doing great things for
the last two years, proactively it provides free educationa resources, scholarships and
tutoring for street vendor children and other underprivileged children. [Alexandria Slaven]
The turn a life around programme’s sole purpose is to teach child vendors how to read and
how to write [Benj Harding]
Miss Fetoloai Yandall-Alama Fetoloai was a recent participant in our IVLP
programme, miss Alama was given the opportunity to attend the indo-pacific strategy infrastructure
development programme. Lenara Tuipoloa Utava
Lenara was given the opportunity to undertake an intensive 6 week programme to build significant
new capacity and facilitate networking between tourism industry leaders within the United
States and the Pacific. How about Mr. Mose and Talatalaga
They recently went to the US on an ICT programme that allowed them to look at how American
communities, businesses and organisations are making use of the high-speed internet
connectivity. [Mulitalo Bernie Tauaanae]
Thank You very much

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