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Elizabeth Warren: A Country That Elects Donald Trump Is Already In Trouble

Elizabeth Warren: A Country That Elects Donald Trump Is Already In Trouble

100 comments on “Elizabeth Warren: A Country That Elects Donald Trump Is Already In Trouble

  1. She will not win. No charisma. Too old. She has a shrill voice people can’t stand. Trump would beat her in a landslide. He will Pochohontas her to death. Tulsi will body slam her, too. Nobody likes her outside of New England.

  2. Vote for Bernie he’s 80 she can be president after him – she can be vicepresident – Bernie is what America needs

  3. I remember when unions started getting blamed for everything, but not the corporate heads stuffing their pockets and stealing workers pensions etc. I remember as the unions tried fighting back under Reagan – the LGW's look for the union label ads.

  4. I think her point about the safe bet vs a candidate you believe in is based on the last election – it seemed like Hillary was deemed the safer choice &/or it was her turn, rather than having the most passionate support. Yes, candidates like Bernie Sanders and Warren are divisive, but that's what it takes to get real debate and real progress.
    We've always had to fight for every right we now have, and we often have to fight to keep them once won.

    I'm a Brit, so I don't necessarily know the full picture but I like candidates who stand for things they believe in, and prove their character by consistency over their years of service. It's an exciting time for US politics!

  5. If a president-candidate wants to win, whether you are democrate or republican, tell that you will have Arnold Schwartzenegger will be you special council.

  6. 2:54 i’m sure in her perverse mind it is. Who would want all this peace, and prosperity?

    This coming from a woman who gave us Obama care. My aunt worked for western electric and had a secondary coinsurance to her Medicare from her employer. My uncle took less in his pension, in order to pay for a second coinsurance. She had that for 30 years. It was her property. We got a letter in January 2011 from HHS, indicating that, “you can only have one coinsurance”. Since when, can the government negate a contract.

    President Trump is trying to restore America. One of those values was the sanctity of an agreement and/or contract. Obviously this is not a tenet of Senator Warren. Her shaking down of a 90-year-old woman would make a great republican commercial. Her party did commercials of Republicans pushing granny over the cliff. Who in fact pushed granny over the cliff? Talk about deception.

    Madame senator, examine your life!!!

    The amount of death misery and destruction you have brought to our nation is unconscionable. And you want us to give you more power? Get serious.

    It would appear that President Trump in fact is correct, Pocahontas needs to stay away from the fire water.

  7. 9:19 corruption in the flash. Look in a mirror Madame senator. Examine your life.

    Obamacare/insurance companies? Ring a bell?
    We’re not falling for your fallacies anymore.

  8. the United States is not in the top ten countries for safety….not in the top ten countries for happiness…..we spend $750 billion per year on the military…..,GET IT?

  9. Sure DT re-elected means trouble for the next 4 years. Just like the trouble he caused during the last 3. Things like millions back in work, millions off food stamps, lowest unemployment rates for every demographic, got rid of isis, put NK back in line, sorted out Chinas rip offs, got out of useless wars, wages rises for all, lower taxes for all, best economy around the world, yeah DT sure fucked things up properly. You guys!!!!

  10. Our country was in a lot of trouble before Trump won, although few Dems will admit it. The market was doing great, but flyover country especially the Rust Belt after eight years of Obama who wanted yet another trade agreement with Asia. The Middle-east was in a mess because of Obama's meddling in Syria and Libya. Europe says thanks for all the refugees. Hillary all but spat on good people with her careless basket of deplorables remark. There were some logical reasons for not wanting eight more years of the same.

  11. What they call "burdensome regulations" we call worker protections or consumer protections. Don't let yourself be cheated.

  12. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  13. Correct, we elected him because the Dumocrats and Repugnants got this country into trouble and neither party is going to get us out of it. Abandon these fake professional political parties stuffed to the gills with fake professional politicians who work for big money and special interests (including this shill who is the single most irritating Dumocrat and who will lose hands down to Trump). Trump is a populist who just hijacked the Repugnant Party. These two fake parties are hopeless and are destroying limited constitutional government and liberty.

  14. Liz Herring love her current husband so much that she kept her ex-husband's surname. "The Warrens divorced in 1978."
    Warren proposed to Mann after he had finished teaching a property class that she had sat in on.

  15. Democrats are helping president Trump win 2020!!!! Best president ever, Democrats are so pissed that Hillary lost and Trump is slowly exposing Obama and the Democratic parties lies…..

  16. If we elect you old rug, we will be finished. Stupid woman,IM TALKING ABOUT THE SOFT STUPID VOUCE OF OLD RUG ELISABETH WARREN

  17. If I were american, I'd vote for her – she seems to actually have thought things through and knows her stuff.

  18. Trump voters will vote for Elizabeth in the Democratic primary if they can to make sure that she is the Democratic nominee. Then they will sit back and enjoy the show as Donald Trump chew her up and spit her out. There is no easier Target for Donald Trump than the fake native American indian

  19. I don't support warren.. But sanders… Yet warren mastered how to speak to be on top of the polls (if that matter)… Two attack question by Colbert about Biden.. And she knew how to answer and it frustrated sell out colbert.

  20. Sure Lizzy.Wait until you find out the truth about who's supposed to be on your "side". Politicians are going down, including you. Sorry you didnt get the memo. Go TRUMPY! 2020 ALL THE WAY BACK HOME!

  21. She might be a great senator but I dont think shes fit to be President. A lot of her policies seems dated and out of touch with reality on the ground. Taxing rich people with resources to get away with it seems unproductive. We need a person with solutions not a career politician. What Trump did at the start of her campaign for president pretty much give you guys a clear indications as to how she would do when she's the nominee. Its probably be another repeat of 2016 again even with a corrupt president.

  22. She is so fake ,Iam sorry …..democrats America ,you gotta do better than that.
    She is bit nervous ,cant talk a front of camera ,but she will do everything possible to be in white house .She could be very dangerouse. Trump stays with economy ,if economy could even improve from now ,he is the man for me !
    Trump 2020 !

  23. Warren is a duplicate of Hillary, the OTHER lying white piece of TRASH… Her "I was visually pregnant and they replaced me" rant has been proven, BY HER, to be complete BULLSHIT ! Her lying NEVER STOPS !

  24. The power of America is supposed to be from the people to the government. Currently, it's from the Government to the 1%. The rest of America suffers because of this.
    Best idea I've heard, so far… Get everyone who is legally able to vote registered NOW. Then, in the Spring primaries, vote against ALL incumbents with more than two terms in the Senate, or six terms in the House of Representatives. We'd love term limits on Congress. They've been trying for YEARS to force a Constitutional Convention. We have to do it in the voting booth, during the primaries, so those incumbents can't run in November's general election. Vote for progressive candidates, instead of the plutocrats and oligarchs we have now.
    We have the best Government that money can buy, and Congress proves that, constantly. — Mark Twain
    Let's take America back from the megarich. Congress was NEVER meant to be a lifetime appointment. Serve 12 years maximum, then retire the seat… NO pension, NO benefits package, NO perks at all. You return to the private sector, as it should be. You'll serve in Congress through at least two presidents, so you can make a difference. PACs and Special Interest Groups wouldn't know who to buy, until it's too late. They'll lose BILLIONS!!!!

  25. This women is an absolute lunatic!
    As a conservative trump isn’t the best man alive, I question things he says. But at least the man actually has a mind for business and can actually run a government. This women is not only an idiot but she’s also crazy !

  26. If Warren keeps lying about her past, including losing her teaching position due to pregnancy, her phony native American heritage, etc., she'll be an even bigger gift to the Republicans.  She will soon rival crooked Hillary for dishonesty…

  27. Wow! Her first concern is doing a selfie line??? 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Wtf? You can’t help the people of this country by acting like a teenager running for class president. I want a real leader like Bernie ✊🏼

  28. Warren , when are you gonna pay back all them Indian Dollar's you been riding on for the last 40 years,scum bag

    Have another beer and go home and sleep it off, Witch……..

  29. Hope this worthless POS gets elected and Wall street crashes. Would love to see 1929 100% fold happen. Civil War baby!!! Bring it on.

  30. I want to fight for everyday American. I don't want to fight the rich and powerful because I'm jealous and envious of them.

  31. Warren appropriated and entire race of people and is NOT Harvards first
    DEMOCRATS. E Warren is a racist and a thief. Here's a reminder from a
    grade one lesson. A leopard cannot change it's spots. She lied about
    getting fired for being pregnant. She most likely lies about everything.

  32. Warren appropriated and entire race of people and is NOT Harvards first
    DEMOCRATS. E Warren is a racist and a thief. Here's a reminder from a
    grade one lesson. A leopard cannot change it's spots. She lied about
    getting fired for being pregnant. She most likely lies about everything.

  33. Let’s be honest, lately men are not cutting the mustard, it will be the honorable thing to do in allowing a woman to take over. This woman deserves our vote and it seem her morals are in order.

  34. Let's just do away with the presidency position and let our departments do their individual jobs. The FBI has got my vote to oversee it all

  35. What energy this woman has, don’t think she will need a golf cart when she visits another country. Go girl, go

  36. WTH is she talking about? What happened 100 years ago? WTH is she running on? She's confusing and says nothing. MAGA 2020!

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