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Eliminer le fossé salarial en Suisse – Charte pour l’égalité salariale dans le secteur public

Eliminer le fossé salarial en Suisse – Charte pour l’égalité salariale dans le secteur public

Our world. A beautiful planet, lots of water, nice trees and lovely people. in the heart of Europe. a tiny country, Switzerland Stable, democratic and wealthy. Very wealthy. Fine cheese, tasty chocolate, breathtaking mountains and accurate clocks. But even in this tiny and shiny paradise, there is still a gap. A gender pay gap. For equal work and work of equal value men and women should be given equal pay. In Switzerland, it’s the law. If a man and woman have the same or equivalent education, qualifications, professional position and experience. Women in Switzerland earn around 7% less than men. Just because they are women. That’s the so called unexplained gender pay gap. And that is discrimination. In total, for 2010, the shortfall in earnings for women resulting from that discrimination has been estimated at almost 8 billion dollars. Peanuts? This disparity is detrimental to women and their families in the short and long term, because lower wages affect social insurances and retirement pensions too. How to close the gender pay gap? The Swiss public sector is showing the way. It has decided to reduce the gap as an employer and client. Many people work within the public sector or for the public sector. So, public authorities have a strong impact und can make a difference. That ‘s why Switzerland launched a charter for equal pay in the public sector. It asks signatories for regular checks to ensure the respect of equal pay within the public administration, corporations close to the public administration, public procurement or subsidies. All public entities can sign the charter. By the way, Switzerland has developed a tool that makes it easy for employers to perform equal pay checks. It’s called Logib and is quite an excellent tool. Easy to use, available in different languages and free. Try it! Back to the Charter: What happened next? To get things moving, many cantons and cities have signed the Charter. The Charter kicked off a process of mutual learning. Successful equal pay practices and policies are replicated in the whole country. The Charter sends a strong signal to all employers in Switzerland. Private and public ones. Equal pay benefits everyone. It is not equality that costs, but the lack of equality. Guaranteeing equal pay is a major factor in achieving equal opportunities for women and men. The fight against wage inequality will benefit not only women and their families, but the whole economy. Follow the example!

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