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Economic potential of five ASEAN countries along Mekong River

Economic potential of five ASEAN countries along Mekong River

for part four of our special five-part
series ahead of the ASEAN meetings taking place in Busan early next week we
are going to take a closer look at the economic bloc formed around the Mekong
River the five countries that the world famous river runs through are being
looked again as really attractive markets with explosive potential ‘man
Sun reports the almost 5,000 kilometer long mekong river that runs through the
Indochina Peninsula connects 5 a.m. countries physically and economically
Cambodia Laos Myanmar Thailand and Vietnam are home to 243 million people
many of whom make a living from fishery and agriculture the region is largely
dependent on resources from the Mekong River
in 2018 those five Mekong countries produced over 111 million tons of rice
which accounts for over 15 percent of the world’s total rice production even
if a large part of the economy is still agro based economies but nevertheless
some of the countries of Mekong region have shown a remarkable you know growth
in the manufacturing sectors of their economy the total GDP for the five
countries in the Mekong region amount to 866 billion u.s. dollars as of 2018
these regions are also drawing international investors eyes with a
strong economic growth outlook according to the International Monetary Fund as of
2018 the economic growth forecast for Cambodia and Vietnam was over 7% with
Laos and Myanmar also expected to grow by over 6% a period every economic
growth rate of the whole world o which is at 3% and also if we look at the
other whose annual growth rate on five percent this seven percent might be
called phenomenon in addition the region’s abundant natural resources and
young labor force also make the Mekong region an attractive emerging market
Thailand’s median average age is 38 Vietnam’s Easter story and the average
age is even lower at 27 in Miyama Cambodia and Laos the region has huge
development potential in hydropower timber Mineral Resources and natural gas
the Mekong region also holds geopolitical importance as it borders
both India and China attracting large economic powers such as the US Japan and
China to build and strengthen ties with the region in an effort to further
promote their own indo-pacific strategies amine son arirang news

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  1. If those nations unite they would be a power house, perhaps strong enough to stand against China and has its own influence

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