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49 comments on “eBay | Policy on offers to buy or sell outside of eBay | Part 1 – What is the policy?

  1. When these rules first arrived, I removed my primary image as it was watermarked with my website address and since then sales have plummeted on ebay (maybe a google shopping thing?), However sales has been fine on Amazon and Etsy. My main competitors on Ebay keywords still blatantly have their Facebook and website addresses in their description and still rank top of my keyword search, despite me pointing this out to you guys. It feels like, you toe the line and get punished for it

  2. If ebay costs weren't grossly in excess of what they should be, everyone would willingly pay the fees.
    As it stands now eBay/PayPal fees are around £150 for a £1000 sale.
    It's a disgrace and people like myself have already started to use other platforms!

  3. It makes no sense what so ever. Business sellers have "business seller information" at the bottom of EVERY single eBay item listed. This includes Name, Address, Contact Number and E-Mail address – which now have been added under an extra link saying "complete information". Now this information is 100% accessible to every eBay user, and eBay sellers are allowed to when asked for their contact information divert customers to the Business Seller Information area of their eBay page. BUT they can't write it in a message or have it in the description – absolutely pointless making extra steps.

    We have also complained about other large companies with their contact information in descriptions and other pages via eBay such as "contact us" pages, and absolutely nothing gets done, which is illegal as eBay have to treat all customers fairly, regardless of size when it comes to policies that they have on their website. I hope to god someone takes them to court over it.

    All they are doing is trying to avoid the odd sale here or there outside of eBay so they can claim the selling fees on said items. Yet when they have other issues, for example one recently, and trust me eBay has a mountain of issues… like they changed the Markdown manager tool to a new create a sale listing tool, which is you've had someonething for sale on Markdown manager for the past 14 days, eBay has a bug which doesn't allow you to then list anything on sales for 2 weeks, forcing you to lose 2 weeks worth of sales and they do f**k all about it. It's an error on their website which they have admitted to, but they don't do anything to rectify the issue, no way of compensation, nothing.

    Also, they remove out listings with "SX.COM" in the description which is the model name of a communication system… is some random japanese website, which clearly is nothing to do with anything we're selling but some absolute moron sitting behind a computer thinks it's a good idea to remove a listing, then they say oops sorry someone made a mistake here, you can relist it in 2 days time… why the f**k can't you relist it straight away, you removed it no problem.

    eBay is absolute dog shi*t and they make new rule all the time screwing sellers over… try ironing out the crap you have, more people would sell on eBay, you'd make more moneyand wouldn't need to bring in these awful new policies… I've asked on plenty of occasions for contact from eBay but no one gets back to you – Worlds WORST company – I urge people to use any other third party selling company if possible!

  4. It’s a joke ebay only care about making money stop pretending that you care about the buyers or sellers. I sell tiles and customers like to call to ask questions before committing to purchase on ebay and request free samples. Since this new policy ebay sales have fallen of a cliff. I’m now looking at other platforms to sell on as ebay is now a waste of shop subscription.

  5. I don't think Ebay have thought this through properly. This could actually end up having the opposite effect for some transactions.
    I was looking for an industrial clothes steamer the other day and I found exactly what I was after on Ebay for £477.
    Before I committed to buy, I wanted to phone the seller to ask about the warranty.
    Unable to find a phone number on the listing, I did an internet search for the item and was taken straight to the sellers website where the phone number was displayed.
    I phoned the seller up and after they answered my query, I bought the item via the website.
    If the phone number had have been displayed on Ebay, then I'd have bought it on Ebay.

  6. The whole thing is absurd, If you have a technical product like mine, people like to ask questions that cannot be explained clearly in messaging. We are Human beings not robots. Sometimes its necessary to talk.. Barclays Bank fiasco is an example, removed all the cashiers and installed machines.. now there is always a long queue out of the door for the one remaining person. Just had a long and very heated conversation with CS about this. Its MY business not ebay that suffers… but ebay will suffer long term more because of this idiocy ..why.. because savvy buyers will realise what is happening and find my product elsewhere. What ebay doesn't seem to realise is they are causing more harm and more likelihood that the buyer will by offsite because of this stupid and somewhat inflammatory contact info decision. This causes more distrust from buyers ever…..
    The German word for this is "Shlimbesserung" roughly translated to "an idea or policy that makes things worse"
    eBay …. LET ME PUT YOU STRAIGHT I DO NOT WANT TO SELL OFF SITE……BUT I DON'T WANT YOU DICTATING HOW I CAN COMMUNICATE WITH MY CUSTOMERS BEFORE THEY CLICK THE BUY IT NOW!! Been trading on eBay since 2004…I am A top Seller.. 100% Feedback……. Cant stand it much longer…. total idiocy 🙁
    Get a grip eBay and U Turn on this absurdity before it destroys loyal long serving sellers like me !!!!

  7. It's all about making money, then the super-rich like Elon Musk haven't got a clue how to spend it and have delusions of grandeur at our expense with idiotic ideas like hyperloop and terraforming Mars!
    Customers can and will choose where they buy and sell!

  8. This policy is so ridiculous and clearly hasn't been thought through on behalf of the seller or the buyer.

    What if someone wants to buy an item that costs a considerable amount and wants to contact the seller, more for reassurance than anything else? They can't. So they probably choose not to buy.
    The result is;
    Buyer doesn't get item
    Seller doesn't get sale
    eBay don't get fees

    One of the services I offer buyers are customised prints and canvases.
    So, how do I see if the image they want me to print for them is of good enough quality?
    Send it through eBay messages? I think not. Even though the messaging system now allows larger images, they are still nowhere near big enough to allow a full size 6 foot print.
    But we aren't allowed to tell them to send the picture to us directly. Nor are we actually allowed to tell them where to look (even on eBay) for our contact details to do this. Nor are we allowed to point them to our shared server area where they can drop the image.
    The result is;
    Buyer doesn't get item
    Seller doesn't get sale
    eBay don't get fees

    And it's almost unbelievable that eBay will penalise a seller if the buyer tries to provide contact information to them. But only almost unbelievable.

    The way this policy stands at the moment, eBay are going to face a huge backlash from both legitimate buyers and the sellers who aren't actually trying to sell outside of eBay, but merely need to exchange information/files/data for the purpose of completing a sale.

    Maybe eBay should look into their own 'dropbox' or email systems. That would at least help some people.
    After all, isn't this what eBay say they're trying to do? Make the whole buying experience better (cough)?

  9. What a joke!!!! I see abuses of Ebay policy on the site by big dealers and I have even had emails detailing Auctions which are not on the Ebay site. I have reported this seller and
    his multiple listings are still there. No wonder buyers and sellers are moving to other sites. Ebay is still the best but it may just shoot itself in the foot with too many changes.

  10. so, you are going to preach to us about linking to sites or places outside of eBay, by sending us all directly to somewhere outside of eBay!!
    You should have made a page or pages on your own site, then embedded the videos there with maybe some description about the policies in plain English alongside. Or maybe you can't do that as you still never told anyone how to embed videos on eBay that comply with another of your policies regarding active content; so we all just had to remove the Youtube videos instead.

  11. Why dont you simply change the fee structure. Especially for businesses. So that all fees are paid to ebay upon listing of the item, like a classified listing is? Or expand on the type of ebay stores you offer so you can choose to have a store that pays more upfront but which allows you to send contact details etc? That way there would be no detriment anyone giving their contact details or address so that the buyers then get a much better experience as they can then go see the items before making a purchase. Your pricing structure works well for small value (pens, headphones etc) that can be easily posted and returned if not as described. But for higher value items, larger items, and things which are not mass produced products (mass produced standard items = thinking of things like a PS4, or tennis racket etc where they are all exactly the same) such as cars, bikes, furniture etc where a lot of the decision of a purchase is the condition and moving parts etc, then the payment structure just doesnt work.

  12. Ebay is going downhill fast. Unnecessary controls on listings, fees that have gone way overboard, lack of control or desire to control the mass of scammers that abuse the site and no meanungful customer care when required. They make plenty of money from us and offer us increasingly less and less for that money. I am soon to ditch ebay for a selling platform that is more suitable to my business. I have seen sales fall away from ebay and fully expect this trend to continue.

  13. eBay and Amazon are the biggest criminals and are part of modern day slavery. Because of these criminal organisation people are working excessive hours for literally penny's. Some people are working for less then £1 per hour for eBay & Amazon. They have also made the prices of products drop so low that most of the retail business has been killed because of these fat cats.

  14. I'm still a great adversary of promoting eBay. And "promoting" is the word. We spend a hell of a lot of time designing our listing to a degree of exceptional proportions. Great picture, great titles, designer templates, descriptions and detailed listing descriptions…eBay also want our listing promoted on the site too. Im fine with taking my email out of the listing description. However i only sell on eBay so it doesn't really bother me in the sense i don't have my own website and as such my customers base are on eBay alone. But my phone number is something that my customers use on a daily basis. I recently spoke to several agents at eBay raising this issue and will continue to give them my feedback as we take on this change to the site. I have found that for me communication is Key between eBay and its sellers as can be seen in contact eBay. BUT shouldn't this be the same for its Seller/buyer interaction and let sellers put there numbers into listing? I fully understand that eBay are a business and no business starts its platform for people to sell outside. And we all know this happens. So it may be a bigger problem for eBay than we know. eBay for sure will have thought long and hard about this decision and maybe it will make the site safer. There will always be away round this for those sellers abusing the system to sell outside. ( too many loopholes ). I cant help feeling they have put a noose around the neck of communication with our/eBay buyers and sellers necks, that is tightly squeezing any personal touch with just chatting to our/eBay valued customer base……………. Only time will tell if this is a good idea and if it isn't then things may change again. The ever evolving eBay.

  15. The rules MUST apply to EVERY Business selling on Ebay OR NONE. If Ebay want sellers to withhold contact details they MUST enable better communication between buyer and seller including High Quality Images prior to payment being made by the purchaser as this just creates more cancelled sales. The resolution centre does not allow full deatils of why an order is cancel they should be a reason named Ebays Fault.

  16. Sellers who are making negative comments about this policy (which has been around for years but is only now being strictly enforced0 don't understand the BIG picture.

  17. I have a fairly large Ebay account selling home furnishings and have been dedicated to the Ebay platform for the last 6 years and rely on it for my business.
    A customer had contacted me about a month back to ask if I could let them know when an item was coming back in stock, I innocently responded ‘what’s the best way to contact you’ and 2 days later Ebay removed my whole account because the filter had picked up me in theory trying to conduct contact outside of Ebay, yes it really was that innocent.. it was reinstated almost immediately after I was downtrodden about my supposed conduct by a keyboard robot in Manila – but I lost all my listings completely and my sales fell off, I had to manually relist everything, it was a tough two weeks which made me question my career.
    Very draconian considering I have invested my life into their platform over the last 6 years and it has opened my eyes to the fact that being loyal to such a company stands for very little.
    Let’s forget the nonsense about safety as most individuals understand they forego that when they ask for the discount, it’s about money for eBay and I respect that completely.
    But you cannot treat loyal sellers as you have done me it’s disgusting.

  18. It gets more and more like Amazon every day, very sad. Only a matter of time before someone comes along and starts a rival auction site. Be really ironic if it was Amazon!

  19. If sellers avoiding fees was driving up costs for everyone else, now eBay are clamping down on this I assume eBay will do the right thing and lower their fees and not pocket the extra money themselves. This video is all about fairness, let's see if fairness works both ways.

  20. ok Ebay i'm buying a car but first I need to view it. you don't buy a car without seeing it don't you. So how do I go about it?

  21. I notice that nowhere in any of the three videos whilst talking about avoiding fees do they say they will be dropping the fee's once this is all in place. Like many sellers I have no problem with Ebay charging a fee but not at 12% + I want to avoid them every sale I can! I think about 8% which is about what they charged when I first started was about right.
    Ebay you have lost sight of the reason Ebay was created!
    Facebook add have worked very well for me and they have no problem with me giving my number out, my website of my inside leg measurement.
    Get a grip Ebay it's cold here with the shirt off of my back!!!

  22. Thank you all for watching our videos. We hope you found them informative and we’ve made a note of your comments.
    To read more about the policy, please go to 
    Please make you subscribe to our YouTube and enable notifications so you’re notified whenever we upload new videos. 
    And why not join us in the eBay Community? You can get help with questions and talk to other eBay sellers in the UK:

  23. why don’t eBay as a company have a policy of paying the correct taxes it owes instead of going out of its way to circumvent paying what it morally owes.

  24. So how do you go about getting high Quantity art work for personalised goods, you messageing system corrupts the file to much to work with it a high stranded that that company ask for? No notice that Car dealer/seller are not part of this policy. How is that going to work, visit the car pay cash seller let listing run out no fee, not going to take the motor traders long to work that one out is it>

  25. I have done business on eBay for years. I have made friends through the platform… well… used to. Slowly eBay has tightened its grip on communication. Just try asking for someone's email address through their messaging service, or giving your information out. Safety is one thing, silence is another.

    It's ironic that they don't want people to talk about restricted topics, but won't let people move "banned" communication (about similar items for sale, trade, and personal messages) offsite, by giving people the basic freedom to share contact information. I understand that eBay wants all of the money on earth, but it simply can't happen. And being strict cannot prevent those who want to communicate from doing so.

    Also, they are paranoid about sales off of eBay. I have ended several listings because I was tired of direct offers from buyers, that were also low-balling. I'm constantly warned/accused of selling off site. Also, in one situation I was selling for a friend of mine not in the USA. I tried to share his contact information with an interested buyer so that they could chat about pricing… again, another eBay warning.

  26. So Ebay is feeding us this crap using ….YOUTUBE VIDEOS.
    They are telling sellers they can no longer use links which direct buyers off Ebay.
    Does that include links to …..YOUTUBE VIDEOS???

  27. Money hungry cowards… They don't want you to buy outside because not only can they not tax it and take a fee but they can't hold the payment from the seller for 20 days in there bank.. Imagine and do the math ..say half a million people acquire some thing for 10 dollors that's 5 million dollars collecting interest over a 20 day period and that's where they make there real money by using us as investments but yet they have the nerve to charge you unsolicited fees to fund them… It's money laundering… i pray the day comes where someone sues them cuz in reality they are using your money without permission but the common people doesn't have money for the legal fees.. Corporate giants is slime

  28. What happens if someone is selling a car or other item of high value where the potential buyer wants to test drive the item? If it is a bike then you might want to ride it first to check the size and it is OK for you.

  29. ebay has a serious FLAW. In UK we can import gold bullion coins & bars without VAT or import tax, so why does ebay charge import tax on UK bound gold bullion, is there a way to get import fee removed at checkout?

  30. Sadly with the wrong sort of 'policies' people will go elsewhere and you will loose even more money. Look at the comments. NONE are in favour. Should tell you something, Do you listen. I don't think you do.

  31. Yes, well with fees at 10% or £250 you can go and get stuffed. Greedy. The only reason you have this policy is to extract as much money from the seller as possible.

  32. It is still not clear. If I sell an item and enclose my contact information in the package, am I breaking the rules? What if the the buyer uses that information to contact me in order to do other business outside of eBay? Is this also a violation?

  33. It is never a good idea to have background music behind a speaker giving information. It's distracting, and muddies the voice and the message.

  34. One reason and one reason only,so they can rob you for extortionate selling fees!!,this is why more and more people are using shpock and fb market place

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