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Earn your Master of Public Administration Degree at Georgia Southern

Earn your Master of Public Administration Degree at Georgia Southern

The Department of Public and nonprofit studies
is the place on campus for students who are interested in really making a difference in
the lives of their communities the region the nation or internationally the MPA degree
itself is a professional management degree and so there is a component of theory and
knowledge building that occurs during the program but the hallmark of an MPA and I think
that’s really true for our program is the development of that skillset those are the
types of skills that when our students leave the program they’re equipped to go in and
lead organizations from day one the MPA program at Georgia Southern has been ranked as one
of the more affordable degrees in the country it’s in part due to cost of tuition but it’s
also in large part due to the value that students are getting from that degree and the jobs
that they’re moving into after graduation by this point literally seen generations of
graduates go on into their careers and make tremendous impacts and differences in the
lives of the citizenry we have students who are city managers we have students who are
budget managers we have students who are leading state bureaucracies we have students who are
working for the UN we have graduates that are now back in their home countries helping
to develop democracies and grow those institutions at the grassroots level and then we just have
so many students out doing so many great things that it’s just amazing to be able to be witness
to that and see those students go off and make the impact put what we teach them into

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