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E-stonia – A startup country – VPRO documentary – 2015

E-stonia – A startup country – VPRO documentary – 2015

53 comments on “E-stonia – A startup country – VPRO documentary – 2015

  1. I hope the country of Georgia, where my wife is from, starts to learn from Estonia in this regard. Great work from the people of Estonia and their government.

  2. I really "hate" the investor hunting part.
    I prefer when investors get behind projects that grow and emerge thanks to communities and their own efforts.

  3. i was visiting estonia this year. some local people i spoke with said you have to pay for internet. not sure where you hear about it being free.

  4. it is a video very good, If I have the electronic residence, I can do business and a bank account, how can I go to see my business if I can not reside in the country, can only have the company but do not carry out operations in the territory?

  5. The FEES for my Company and Driving Licence as well as My VISA in Canada, which validate me as well, are much, much lower and are actually reasonable, with same benefits – all over the world…
    Economy based only on electronic software and hardware and electricity, is a very risky way to conduct long term business, but as a fast lane for sharing information or capital, its risks are lower, and the way is more proficient – because the risks of power failure and or cyber interjections plus data/records loss is minimized.

  6. The only thing that causes problems for society is money or lack of money. I say we should do everything for free, give food for free, give homes for free, build homes for free, everything for free. No more monetary system. If we have access to the resource then we can finish the job, at the moment if we run out of money then work has to stop but if we have a free home, free food, free education, free health care, everything free then money shortage will not affect a society. All we have to do is regulate.

  7. 20:29 That subtle pan to left cameran…. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but I also see 😁😁

    Very interesting Docu btw…

  8. 5:00 England land of , Colonizing other countries is their tradition and Enslaving other humans is their ancient values .

  9. Great documentary. But the guy talking with no seat belt on, while not looking at the road. That's the shit that infuriates me. Smart car < Stupid Human.

  10. Wao latinoamerica esta tan atrasada con relacion a estos paises con gobernantes que viven todavia en la edad de piedra

  11. Does everyone there speak English? (Very good English, at that…) I'm yet to see anyone there in any vids speak Estonian. lol

  12. Their electronic residence card is simply a case of e-bureaucracy. I got one and it never worked (not compatible with this browser, not compatible with that computer and so it goes; if you are an apple user just forget it) and nobody could help me. It is a fallacy to believe that once you digitise something all problems disappear, on the contrary. I learned the hard way that behind a super modernised facade you deal with entrenched Soviet style bureaucracy, utterly hostile to the user.

  13. He is wrong about the ID card not being used for travel. I've used it at a Finnish airport and they accepted it. It should be accepted across the EU.

  14. Most of these start-ups milk the government for funding as long as possible and then either – go bankrupt or move HQ out of Estonia. Who loses? The Estonian taxpayer and companies which don't receive any government funding (me). This is also why some Estonians are leaving Estonia permanently.

  15. this could be very frightening if the government decides not to allow you to use internet unless you are verified.

  16. My suggestion is that when Estonia gets too far with the modern policy of using only internet and computers not only fro them but also for many developing world, they must also think of taking care of the e waste mostly generated by cheap chinese white goods.They have also to think about the environment and recycling in order to arrest the Carbon emission and pollution.India and other such companies can make a lot of this back end service.I with 50 years of services in Plastics Industry can do a lot about this aspect.I expect a card to live in Estonia.My mobile no. is +919811030150.Thanks.

  17. Indian ancient philosophy can come to the help of people to change their mentality of is enshrines in our way of social system.Attack can never be counter by a counter attack.Gandhi did throw some light on this aspect.

  18. "AI usage, if not AI itself, constitutes the existential threat to humankind and the planet," keeps warning Elon Musk.


  20. I like fake accounts because this way I can hide from the government and the system and not be detected so I like it the way it is today…

  21. Estonia is a nice country with a lot of preserved nature. The problem are estonian. Almost all are a bunch of lazy cheaters embossed form the soviet ära. Almost all women are bitches. Almost all men have alcool problems. Be aware, no business is possible. You will be abused and squized out. As tourist no problem. Everybody who bring money is welcome.

  22. Evelyne, the wife of the President Ilves cheated on him… Is she a fucking bitch? No. In this country it's normal. Everybody cheat everybody.

  23. Unfortunately, now a day Skype is not effective that much. It's lost its market and popularity. Lots of apps are much better service than Skype. Oh !! Poor Skype. 🙁

  24. Very unfortunate !!! very shame, "If your mother and father not Estonian, you are not going to be citizen.." 17:09 Ops !!! so I don't find any reason or motivation to invest anything in this country" Sorry to say Estonia, you can't go far Like Skype.

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