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Dr. Daggett performs first in the country orthopedic procedure

Dr. Daggett performs first in the country orthopedic procedure

– In the past, orthopedic
surgery often went hand-in-hand with pain and a long
recovery, but a new option was recently used for the first time right here in the Metro, and
it’s only getting started. Here’s KCTV5’s Amy Anderson. – To either practices
or the grocery store, just seems like we’re constantly moving. – [Amy] 30-year-old Rachel
Schmitt has two little boys and leads a very busy life,
so when she tripped and fell a couple of years ago, she
immediately had it checked out. – MRI said nothing was
wrong, just kinda okay. Couple of years later,
knee still really hurting. I became really active, started running, and just, it was unbearable. – [Amy] That’s when she
found herself talking to Dr. Matthew Daggett at
Lee’s Summit Medical Center about a new procedure
performed with a nanoscope. – So you’re looking at
me through what’s called a needle image or a needle scope. – [Amy] You can see the difference in size in the instruments traditionally used for orthopedic surgery and the nanoscope, which is the size of a needle. – It’s less invasive. We do not have to use a scalpel. We do not have to use suture. – [Amy] And Rachel Schmitt did not have to spend weeks recovering. – So I had surgery Friday morning. I was awake for the entire procedure, just had a local anesthesia. I was actually able to
walk myself to the bathroom 15 minutes after having surgery. – [Amy] There were no narcotics needed, no general anesthetic, no
physical therapy afterwards. Schmitt used Tylenol for the pain and went back to work on Monday. – And I was back to going
to the gym by week three. And I’m training for a 5K, so
I’m back to running normal, chasing after my kids,
running on the treadmill, doing everything that I could do before, but without the pain, and so actually being able to do it better. – [Amy] Dr. Daggett
says the less invasive, the better the outcome. – Being able to do things
through a needle-sized instrument instead of a large incision
or even the standard arthroscopic incision, that’s
gonna equal less tissue damage and less pain. – [Amy] And getting
back to a pain-free life happens even faster. – If anything ever
happens to my knee again, I will definitely do it in a heartbeat, because the recovery was so fast, it made all the pain go away. I wish I would have done it sooner, ’cause I would have had
so much time with my kids. – [Amy] Amy Anderson, KCTV5 News.

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