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Donald Trump Releases Immigration Policy

Donald Trump Releases Immigration Policy

100 comments on “Donald Trump Releases Immigration Policy

  1. Jimmy, have me on your show, I live in Florence Alabama, there is some crazy conspiracy about that coin, and the verse. I’ll be at the local Walmart come find me!

  2. as a immigrant i actually love this idea that trump has. better skilled working qualified people than some of the shitholes that come from where i come from with family ties. I actually see his point

  3. This is a good system. We don't want unskilled foreigners coming here and sucking up resources. America has enough of it's own dregs.

  4. There is a certain irony to this considering everything he's ever gotten was based on family ties and not merit…
    Famous name… Dad
    Money… Dad
    Business… Dad
    Affection… Not Dad
    And also, $20 he forgets about it entirely until he brings it up at his next rally and another $50 says if he does wind up implementing it it'll have so many flaws it'll just make the problem worse like usual…

  5. People what there country to be safe but they want open borders…lol Jimmy Kimmel should work at the border for a week and see if he has a change of heart. Trump keep doing good.

  6. Trump: "I'm the greatest, everyone else sucks. I do everything right. Everyone else does everything wrong. Me me me me me me"
    And we gripe about millennials…

  7. America is great, it's people not so much, look who they elected to represent them. This clown is shows the ignorant and racist the US actually is.

  8. All Jimmy does is whine and complain about Donald Trump. He complains so much and that's why I stopped watching his show.

  9. Canada has a "merit based" immigration system.
    Just so you know.
    Canada, that horribly racist, bigot country and their horrible caveman prime minister.
    They got a "merit based" immigration system like the one Trump is proposing.

  10. Canada has had this points based system in place for decades. So no, it won't be the envy of the modern world, sir; it's wholesale plagiarism.

  11. Merit based skilled labours are the only and the best possible policy for USA for the next 10 years,plus flush out illegal immigrants but keep English speaking immigrants for a better possibility of social integration. This president is far far more intelligent than previous ones. USA is engaged in an economic war with China to protect future generations but these selfish Democrats are busy with less petty issue at this time. Who needs an outsider as an enemy when such a lot of available inside USA.

  12. Yes, let people get ahead in life based on merit, not who their family may be… (irony lost on the entire Trump clan)

  13. Man trump is an idiot
    If your gonna move to the US you'd want your family to experience America as well

  14. If you really want to drive Trump crazier, for one, just one, week don't mention his name. Plus you'ld give your viewers a much needed rest.

  15. Americans will be crying because of trump
    White people cry because mexicans stole these jobs like cleaning bath rooms cooking
    Agriculture jos and the worst sheety jobs that they dont want to do
    So now when they give visas
    To engeners doctors attoeneys people with masters degrees
    These people are gona take away the real nice jobs from the white people
    And now the geingos are gonna suck

  16. (president stupid), grab some pussy kiss some confederate statues finnish your "did nothing" term and get the phuk out

  17. Not to forget that his whole family is based on immigrant ties 2 out of 3 of his wives are immigrants

  18. Canada Australia Great Britain and Germany Denmark Egypt Italian governments also have merit based immigration policy. I’m sure the president had a private school equivalent of an Ed. He more than likely has a modern day GED equivalents with years of large business macro experience. He doesn’t balance his own check book jimmy. Someone hire born than you or I dose this for him. Your fired!!

  19. How about those natives. Are thye alowed to get back to there country's or are you going to bom them if thye do. Some things never change. This must be the worst president ever. How did half America vote for that. He sounds like some one who did not even finish high school. Is he going to get reelected . America stay of the drugs . This bum is no leader. If America multi cultural it needs some one who can aprichiate that and knows how to lead.

  20. The US immigration policy is real simple, "only pale white people is welcome."
    The US Criminal Govt-Corp/Census Dept went to all European country and solicited those
    pale people to come thru the port of NYC Ellis Island because the US pale white population
    was not growing as fast as the black/brown population late 1800's.

  21. So sad that he had to put down the best immigration plan that will solve immigration and give applicants be clear on how to increase their chance.

  22. Catch and release laws requires Border Patrol to release illegal immigrants to the US, whenever they claim asylum and a fear of harm if deported back to their country. Trump wishes to build a wall along the US Mexico Border, and some portions of this wall is, or will be physically set back some distance from the actual legal border. It would be a great idea to bus illegals that claim asylum, or otherwise may not be deported, to areas where the wall is set back some distance from the legal border. Technically this would not be a deportation, because they will be dropped off inside the legal boundaries of the US. A good wall, fences, gates, checkpoints, etc.. should prevent those lacking legal status from passing thru the checkpoints along the wall and entering, or re-entering the US. It would be nice to have some water and shade available at the drop off points.

    There are many large national parks, forests and other public lands along the border with Mexico. Instead of just one wall, two or more walls may be constructed on the US side of the border, and they may allow unrestricted travel south, to exit from the US to Mexico. Northbound travel would be restricted by typical customs and immigration checkpoints. Some illegals could be transported to campgrounds on the north/US side of the walls, fences and gates that will prevent these illegal campers from passing north thru checkpoints to the US, but allow an easy exit south to Mexico. Again, these illegal asylum seekers would still be within the US, and technically this would not be a deportation. Many nice campgrounds could be built with showers, picnic tables, pavilions, bathrooms, BBQ grills, etc.. and these campgrounds would enhance the national parks and be available to US campers after the immigration crisis is over. Make US Campgrounds Great Again.

  23. Trump is Right why would want the losers. Trump is doing the right thing and the fake news is clearly twisting his plan. Even though the plan is smart. Demtards should all be deported.

  24. "…it pains me to say this, but he (Trump) is right, that the United States faces a crisis with its asylum system."
    —Fareed Zakaria, CNN, 30 June 2019

  25. Ummm…listening to Sarah Fuckawit Sanders justifying anything Presuhdent Gump says or does is like watching paint peel.

  26. trumps 2 wives are immigrants, why couldn't he marry a BEAUTIFUL American woman??????? Why an immigrant, and on top of that he brings her to the White house??????? His father was an immigrant!!!! trump is a Fake ass President. Brenda commenting Not Marcus

  27. I’m from Mexico , I just crossed the wall n apply for asylum working in California , send the money back to Mexico . Good life in the US. Thanks so much for the good work Mr President .

  28. Dear Americans, Please keep encouraging and supporting the illegal immigrants who are entering and keep defending the undocumented immigrants who are already in the US (Expired VISA, illegal immigrants). By the time you have grand children, you will be saying to them how Once upon a time US was a great nation. Please show support for homeless people who are already in US, then you can accept illegal immigrants with open arms. US already grants asylum and legal immigrant visas to 600k applications per year. There is limit on number of intakes per year for a reason. Please don't encourage illegal immigrants from foreign or those who already settled in US. Let the law take it own course. I am from INDIA. I Love US. I don't want to see US get destroyed in my life time. Please help as much as you can, but don't be too naive to fall into this media propaganda and encourage illegal immigrants. Please don't support it.

  29. It's so nice to finally have a REAL president and not some Hollywood Clown president like Barry. Finally America, is getting back on track and ignoring these idiots on TV… as they don't speak for us 87% of Americans. Fake Ass Hollywood Weirdos and along with their RETARDS in the Fake News, are just that!… RETARDED..

  30. In the days of Ellis Island, if people couldn't pass a basic intelligence test or they had a communicable disease, they were sent back to their own countries. These days, Democrats would have a complete melt down about that.

  31. yes great Im sick of fcnn leeching lazy trash siiting home as we work to pay for their HOUSING FOOD EDUCATION MEDICAL DENTAL LEGAL FREEBIES! about time this isnt 1800 we dont need a giant 3 rd world leech pool! U lib scum shud spend your $$$ supporting them if you are so sympathetic.

  32. Get over it Mexicans been here way before the Pioneers where even changing underwear to come to Mexico so if you dont like immigrants just remember that you all are illegal.

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