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Donald Trump on Greta Thunberg: ‘She beat me out on Time magazine’

Donald Trump on Greta Thunberg: ‘She beat me out on Time magazine’

Yes, Mr president. You were the keynote speaker here
but you shared some of the spotlight with a Scandinavian teenager,
Greta Thunberg, who you had to said needs to work
on her anger. She had some very harsh words. I didn’t say anger, I said anger management. Yes, sir. She had some very strong words
here that the United States and other industrialised countries
need to do more. Do you still feel that you’re doing enough? – How old is she?
– She’s 17 now. Yes, that’s good. But what is your response?
She beat me out on Time magazine. Did you hear from other world leaders
and business leaders who said – that they think that she has a message?
– No, I didn’t actually. But I would have loved to have
seen her speak. I did not. [inaudible] No, I’m not at all. I think what aspects of
it are, I think that some people are … They put it at a level that is, you know,
unrealistic to a point you can’t live your lives. We want to have the cleanest water on earth.
We want to have the cleanest air on earth. Our numbers, as you saw, we had
record numbers come out very recently. Our numbers are very, very good. Our environmental numbers are
what our numbers are. Our numbers on air are tremendous. We have to do something about
other continents. We have to do something about
other countries when we’re clean and beautiful and everything’s good. But you have another continent
where the fumes are rising at levels that you can’t believe. I mean, I think Greta ought to focus
on those places, but we are doing better right now
than we’ve ever done in terms of cleanliness, in terms of numbers. We have a beautiful ocean called
the Pacific Ocean, where thousands and thousands
of tons of garbage flows toward us, and that’s put there by other countries. So I think Greta has to start working
on those other countries.

100 comments on “Donald Trump on Greta Thunberg: ‘She beat me out on Time magazine’

  1. I hope he’s not subconsciously referencing that incident with stormy Daniels and the Time magazine. It would hardly be out of character for him.

  2. That little girl has to go back to school or at least escape her handlers. I feel so sorry for her.
    Also totally true President Trump. She ought to stop saying things like the world is on fire because of climate change. Australias fires were arson and laziness of thier government. The media is so dangerous today.

  3. "She beat me out on Time Magazine" This guy has to be delusional to think he was even a contender. What a joke.

  4. He's pissed off when he's swinging like that. It's not greta's job to work with other countries, it's you, you orange nut!

  5. He's absolutely right….. why isn't she focusing more on other countries, such as the pollution issues in developing countries in Asia? China and India for example?

  6. He has been a teenager. She hasn't been POTUS, or a leader of any country. Who has voted for her, or extinction rebellion or any of the climate alarmists?

  7. When a 73 year old comes across less mature than a 17 year old…

    "Our numbers are the bestest numbers you can possibly imagine, our numbers are so numbery that they aren't even numbers any more, numbers"

  8. She is ten times the human ,you are ,you scuzzbag. You should love her Trump..since you have the BEST AIR AND SUPER DUPER WATER ! Where can we see the numbers that say you have THE CLEANEST WATER ? River water,streams,ocean,water table..drinking water..what are you claiming now you mad man?

  9. Impeached forever, and beat by a 16 years old schoolgirl who has influenced Davos’ billionaries and the whole world more than you ever could.
    That must really hurt, huh?😂

  10. "We wanna have the cleanest air on Earth" 😄

    -Some nationalistic earthling who disrespected the Paris agreement

  11. Why he behaves like 17 years old teenage girl. He is the president of the United States and and dumbest person on the planet. Welcome to year 2020

  12. No no noooooo!
    Now that lover boy imran is there, the only one beating and trump loving is from what imran is giving to trump…. imran khan lover boy of trump..😂

  13. I would support Greta Thunberg if she starts talking about world wide birth controls and stopping mass immigration. If shes really serious about global warming. Thats what needs to be done.

  14. I bet Greta wants to punch Donald right in the mouth…..The sad thing is that I could see Trump trying to hit her back. 😁😂 Lol!!!

  15. Again this crazy Greta in Davos, well I wanted to in Davos but they didn't give it to me and this juvenile is traveling the world in the first class, screaming in the Senate to Congress, the United Nations, little girl, who pays you the bills, are you going to school, do you have any living parents, ??? You learned the role well, but you can't fool me, not me

  16. Trump is such a closet pedo. Way too interested in gretas age and way too close with Epstein. America got a pedo president

  17. The Independent called this a "barely coherent tirade" where he targeted Thunberg. I fail to see a lack of coherency, he spoke fluidly and without losing track of what he was talking about and he didn't target anyone he just answered the question he was asked. Am I missing something here?

  18. 999,000,000 on oxygen alone and the figures on water are just numbers, numbers, tremendous, clean beautiful, Pacific Ocean, blah, blah, blah

  19. I don't know about you, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the giant fire ball in the sky probably has the greatest influence on the earths climate, much like it has the greatest influence on the entire solar system.

  20. So , Greta made it onto TIME magazine. Pity CHICKEN LITTLE hadn't went into Foxey Loxeys or he'd have beaten her to it.

  21. She dropped out of school and just argues at literally nothing. A child who publicizes her words or actions isn't granted immunity from others who are speaking their mine.

  22. drop your emotions, you may not like him but He's right! what does a 17 year old know? why is she not talking to china etc? are her demands realistic?

  23. When crazy Gretta becomes president of her country and works for the best economy in the world then she can speak. All she stands for is false.

  24. Do you not realize that Greta Thunberg is funded by Corporate Banking and Special Interests…she's just a puppet of the elites…So F her

  25. Can someone tell Greta Aliens exist and we already have the techknowledge to change the world. The Cabal control everything and they have the tech. The grey's are on both sides but they are working with certain members of the Cabal and the girl needs to know.

  26. If anyone believes that America is not the biggest polluter on the planet (per capita) they are simply lying to themselves

  27. They been saying that the ozone layer has been shrinking nearly 40 years ago its un heard off now because we can not stop it the damage is done finish this girl Is stupid scientists been telling people for years we can not do nothing we can slow it down but either way it will happen climate change has already hitt cali was on fire last year Australia basically on fire the Antarctica is melting Philippines and Jamaica have been hurricanes for past 10 years we are doomed unless ET or Paul come save us

  28. I think Trump would be afraid to meet Greta, she would grill him alive & he would not know what to say back, so just attacks on twitter instead.

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