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Do World Leaders Need Passports?

Do World Leaders Need Passports?

In our globalized world, it is incredibly
common for a president, prime minister, king, chancellor, supreme leader, and other world
leaders to visit other countries on diplomatic missions. Unlike the world of us normies however, diplomats
and high-level politicians travel in a very different way, especially when it comes to
customs and immigration. So, what exactly is the protocol for the lizard
people… I mean the leaders and representatives of
the world’s countries? (Sponsored by CuriosityStream) Hello and welcome to episode 300-something-or-other
of The Passport Channel. For most countries, there are at least three
different types of passports. Most of us will use a normal, every day passport
intended for normal people travelling for normal business or leisure purposes. However, if you work for the government, this
likely doesn’t apply to you in the same way, as there are two other types in most
countries: diplomatic and official passports, each with their own requirements, designs,
and even visa privileges. Let’s talk about diplomatic passports first. As implied in the name, diplomatic passports
are of course given to diplomats when they go to represent their country in an embassy
or consulate, or for some other purpose that requires their nation to be represented in
some way by a special person. Diplomatic passports often have different
visa requirements than normal passports, and often even have their own immigration counters
at some major airports. It should be noted however that merely possessing
a diplomatic passport doesn‘t automatically grant the holder diplomatic immunity, for
that a diplomat of course needs special clearance on top of their diplomatic passport. This such passport is often also what’s
given to a country’s leader and their accompanying staff. For example, the President of the United States
gets a black US diplomatic passport when they enter office (and are allowed to keep after
they leave office) which in this case also has the sentence “THE BEARER IS THE PRESIDENT
OF THE UNITED STATES” printed on one of the pages, which probably gives a few border
agents a bit of a jump occasionally. When a world leader arrives at an airport
in another country however, the party does not line up to get their passports stamped,
instead the party goes on their own way while everyone‘s passports are brought in to be
checked and stamped behind the scenes. Remember, government visits (much like spaceflights)
are highly planned and heavily orchestrated events, the President of France isn’t exactly
the type of person to jump the fence at the airport and illegally immigrate to Canada
or anything like that. Of course there is one thing that I’m sure
you’re all going to be dying for me to mention, which is that Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t
need a passport. This is of course because the inside cover
of the British passport says, “Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State Requests and
requires in the Name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to
pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection
as may be necessary.” which basically means that all British passports
are of course issued in the Queen’s name, meaning that she can basically waive herself
through but every other member of the royal family cannot (and I mean a border guard isn’t
going to come across the Queen and have to tell her apart from any other 93-year old
British woman, you can generally tell when you’re dealing with the real deal). So that was relatively straightforward, but
of course this video is kind of short as it is, so I’m going to use an old trick of
mine and turn this video into a video on similar types of passport, since there are still lots. For example, when one is sent to another country
by their government but not as a diplomat or on a diplomatic mission or on any other
formal affairs they will likely be given a service passport, also known as an official
passport, yet another type of special passport given to government workers (and often their
families) who are traveling abroad for their jobs at the government, but are nonetheless
not part of the diplomatic corp and are not serving as ambassadors. On a somewhat similar note is the United Nations
Laissez-Passer, a passport-shaped travel document given to officials of the UN and other select
agencies, notably the World Bank, IMF, WHO, WTO, WTO, WTF, YMCA, RESPECT, and several
others for those traveling on official business. Like actual passports, they also provide visa-free
travel to certain select countries, assuming the border guard in question even knows what
it is. No really, that happens so often that its
Wikipedia page actually warns that many immigration officers might not actually realize it’s
a real travel document. However the blue one does come with some diplomatic
immunity while the red version comes with full diplomatic immunity. Okay now for a rapid-fire list of slightly
related documents to wrap up this video. Interpol gives its officers their own Interpol
Travel Documents, basically special Interpol passports for on-duty officers traveling between
Interpol member nations to waive any visa requirements in case of any emergency that
that particular officer might be needed for. Refugee travel documents are also documents
given to refugees by the country they have fled to in order to allow them to leave and
return to their country of choice (except for in Australia), however they also fall
under the problem of immigration officers occasionally not knowing what these things
are. Finally Hajj passports are documents issued
by a handful of countries for purposes of attending the Hajj in Mecca, though many of
these (highlighted with the green lines) only do this for their Muslim citizens (which to
be fair you’re kind of already doing by default anyway), but in most cases people
just get a Hajj visa in their regular passport. Jordan however also gives temporary Jordanian
passports to Israeli Muslims, since of course Israeli citizens are not allowed to visit
Saudi Arabia at all. The list of these kinds of special passports
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