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Do I Need a Privacy Policy For My Website? | LegalVision

Do I Need a Privacy Policy For My Website? | LegalVision

When running a website for your business, having a privacy policy in place serves to inform your visitors on how you use and protect the personal information that they disclose to you. A privacy policy gives your visitors confidence that they can trust you with their information. This important legal document ensures your visitors understand what personal information you collect and how you will respect their privacy. Your Privacy Policy should address the personal information you collect from your visitors how you use and disclose their information, and how you store it. You can also include consent for digital marketing activities. For example, if you plan on sending emails to your database, inform your visitors that if they submit an enquiry, their email address will be added to a mailing database and will not be sold to third parties. Your Privacy Policy should also set out how a visitor can contact you and what rights they have regarding their personal information. Certain types of websites require specific clauses in their privacy policy. For example, sites that track users with cookies, or collect payments online. An online business lawyer can assist you with drafting your privacy policy that covers these clauses. It’s important that your privacy policy is drafted specifically for your business and your industry. If you copy another website’s privacy policy, this is not only a breach of copyright, but it will also not cover what personal information your business actually collects and how you use and protect it. If you need an online business lawyer to draft or review a privacy policy for your business, call LegalVision today.

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