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Division – Legislative Assembly

Division – Legislative Assembly

♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪ When a vote occurs
in the Legislative Assembly, the process is to ascertain
if there is a majority view either in favour or against
the question that has been put. The first action by members is to express an opinion
with their voice by responding with
an “aye” or “no” call.As this is a motion
without notice
to suspend standing orders,it needs an absolute majority
in order to succeed.
If I hear a dissentient voice,I will be required to
divide the Assembly.
The question is
that the motion be agreed to.
All those in favour say aye.Aye.To the contrary no.I think the ayes have it.
The ayes have it.
If any member
wishes to challenge the Speaker’s
view of the result, they can call for a division. This allows for the house
to physically divide into yes and no positions. With aye voters moving or remaining
to this side and no voters moving or remaining
to this side. The person that
calls for a division must vote with the minority.Members, the question is the
words to be deleted, be deleted.
All those in favour
pass to the right of the Chair,
all those against
pass to the left.
I appoint the
member for Balcatta for the ayes
and the
member for Vasse for the noes.
Thank you.Members, the result
of the division:
Ayes 38, noes 17.
The ayes have it.
Only in a tie or deadlock
can the Speaker cast a vote. This ensures there is always
a result or a majority in a division. ♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪

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