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Discussion of Sound Strategies in U.S. Foreign Policy Relations with Iran and Syria

Discussion of Sound Strategies in U.S. Foreign Policy Relations with Iran and Syria

karana syria have no can spare states
u_s_ anymore companies are honestly i’m not to launch
an invasion of a america enacted to harbor interest as estate over on or
syria we will crush that and they know right how can they do harm to us to other
forms whether it’s it’s syria funding pal ko an outdated as the bombing here
at like nine eleven yes with syria is not funny al-qaeda people exceeded hit
us our planet mostly by the saudis and somebody i dare
members toolbar biggest allies in the middle east now not officially so that’s
a little bit different story we have to keep things in checking out on the ship
is and the reason i bring that up it is one of our great u_-turn do we have a
deterrent value here we tell the runs through anybody else in the world if you
mess with us we are going to run for governor but if we send them instead heads arrives here we know you know
funny here we know he didn’t hit us we know you
have to do with the people in this when it hit you anyway that says that terrible message that
sends the message of head america-first is an issue one way or not you don’t go down because of how to get
you i think it’s like i wonder if anyone
understands that in the administration clearly bill kristol is not that i would
also attitude porter analogues is just the restoring even we think you know
this is layoff before uh… syria i’m not saying that this the world is
the opposite of what was iran and syria uh… are countries that the united
states by the way has always been concern and will continue to cancer but it is simply not so that there are mortal enemies but they’re already he’s
your cousin gaza bill kristol are turning into a circumstance with a
one is a foregone conclusion but they’re not just our enemies but they’re a
threat and the threat that must be dealt with and that is not a we cannot permit
the united states or the general public to have that conversation on those crack
and a friend the conversation as if there are only two choices either we deal with them and that is
military action or we do nothing is showing weakness is that and those are
not going to adjust is a very real option and that was just this deal with them diplomatically show
carrots and sticks what we’ve done for years for decades that has brought a
success in the united states of america and all of our actions in in foreign
policy but is that these guys again and supporting what is it was a great
opportunity what’s happening on this was a great
opportunity other time to talk about opportunities guys from project for an
american century was is that if there was another pearl harbor like event in
america missiles pre nine eleven but that would be an opportunity and it did
happen and he took that as an opportunity because of the more awards
note-taking best tragic event as an opportunity because of a more wars and
that’s what we’re trying to stop

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