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Hey gang welcome to another episode
of Essential Healing. I’m your host Dawn Petek and today. I’m
trying something just a little bit new or a couple of different
things new. I the conversation that I’m having today
on today’s episode is all about it’s being diplomatic trying
something new, but the reasons why we are end up being
so diplomatic as a kind of as a defense mechanism and how trauma
plays into this all so. again trying something a little bit new
and and I’m weaving all of these different things that I just
mentioned all together into one place and so if it feels just
a little bit, messy and chaotic, then that’s the point because
that’s the point in life and trauma and in business and I’m
gonna get to how those things relate in just a few minutes
but all of those things feel completely chaotic and completely
fucking messy. And and and so that’s another part of the
newness that I’m trying to allow to come through is letting
you see the real me. I want some more emotion to come into this
and this gets to the diplomatic part because a lot of
times I leave emotion out in an effort to be diplomatic like
I want you to see a side of me that’s calm and composed and the
person who is standing in her inner knowing, but the truth is
is. A lot of times I feel chaotic and I feel messy and I feel
like I’m constantly trying to put a lid on me. Okay. and that’s
what I mean by being diplomatic. Okay. So here’s the
business part. the other thing that I’m trying new is bringing
more of a business focus into my conversation. I’ve been working
with a business coach and taking a class. I know I’ve mentioned
that in a couple of my episodes, I’ve been taking a class
to learn how to better. Or more effectively, share my message
or even I’m sorry what the ??? my conversation is even about
okay. So I’m feeling a little bit nervous using the F bomb,
but here’s the deal. That’s me that is the real me okay
and I feel like I need to just be open and honest and share
who I am because I feel like being authentic is important. I
feel like having our truth. come out is important and if I don’t
feel like I’m doing that with you then I don’t feel like
I’m. Stepping into or representing and modeling what I’m
encouraging you to do. Okay. So that’s me I apologize if it offends
anyone but I that is the honest be okay. So here’s the deal.
I have been a business consultant. I’ve been in business.
You know I’ve been had a had a business focus to my career for
about 20 – five years serving in roles such as office manager
manager manner manner data analyst Systems analyst business
analyst you name it, I’ve done a lot of different positions like
that. IT driven with an IT background automating systems implementing
systems to make processes easier and make people’s
lives easier basically give them a way to take control of their
business life. I want business entrepreneurs owners managers
to feel like they can take control and reclaim their business
instead of their business running them. that’s something
I’ve enjoyed. I’ve done a lot of consultant work with owners
and over the last several years I have been shifting into
trying to be more geared towards having my conversation,
or my work be about healing and also about educating about trauma.
That’s something that’s really important to me. I want to
be able to share with the world how trauma shapes our world.
You know when we have experienced trauma how it can shape
how we look at everything in our world around us and I have
been shifting from the business consultant role to wanting
to be more of a healing adviser and doing more work on that.
But what I’m what I’m realizing. what I’m seeing is that
really my conversation, you know at the at the core of me that
I’m I’m exploring how to bring the two together I went what
I’m passionate about about and I would I believe that you also
might be passionate about is serving some sort of purpose
in your life like either feeling fulfilled or or having a
specific mission that you feel like you’re on this Earth to do
the life’s work. Oh and there’s my dog. That’s in another authentic
part of me. I’m sorry. I’m just gonna let that be in here because
that’s just part of my life. There’s my dog. we’re in a
new place. Here’s lots of new noises and he constantly goes. So
that’s him too, So that’s dusty you get to meet Dusty. I’m
sure along the way but that’s him and that’s his bark. So that’s
his voice but what I’ve realized is that I think for a lot
of us. We have a fire burning within our hearts. We have
this passion and this mission this life’s work that we
feel like we wanna fulfill and it doesn’t matter what venue. we’re
trying to fulfill it with when I. Our life’s work you know
it may be that you’re an owner, a business owner and you’re
trying to lead a team like you’re an owner and entrepreneur
and you’re trying to lead your team to towards a specific mission.
Maybe you thought that that mission was your life’s work and
you’ve employed other people to try to help you get there. Maybe
you’re a business leader or manager trying to lead a team and
you wanna see things done a little bit differently and you just
and you feel like you you see. Yourself in this role or there’s
part of you that wants to step into this role and you can
feel it to the depths of your being like you can see yourself
stepping into it. but for some reason you can’t okay. So whether
like I said, whether it’s some sort of life’s mission, whether
you do it as something that’s on the side, like as a hobby
type of thing or volunteer work or you’re in business or you’re
like, I said, you’re an owner or a manager, a leader something,
but there’s something that you’re trying to do. There’s
an impact that you’re trying to make and you’re trying to grow.
Area of your life and you keep running into roadblocks. Okay,
you keep running into road blocks and you can’t figure out
why. Here comes the trauma piece. Okay. I believe that when
we go through trauma or the experiences that we have actually
create different mindsets and patterns within us that prevent
us from moving into the areas that we want and the problem is
is that we can get stuck in that we get stuck in that because
we we. Things that we want to try to create and implement change
and we get stuck in this loop because we go try to look at
towards things like conferences and books and personal
growth processes and programs and all these different
things. It’s focused on that particular the particular industry
we’re in or maybe achieving goals or changing mindsets from
the the places of affirmations or maybe we try to run out and learn
how to lead a team or whatever it is. We think that those
things are what’s going to help us achieve. Reach the the goal
of of our important work in the world. But the reality is is
that the road blocks that were throwing up are coming from a place
within. And that’s that’s the conversation that I’m wanting
to lead is that they’re that in order to have business growth
in order to get to where you want to go in your business in order
to lead the change that you wanna see in the world that
you have to work on you that if you feel like all the different
things that you have tried aren’t working. Then you might need
to look within because those things are all things that
are on the outside of you and more specifically that some of the
road blocks that you’re throwing up in front of yourself,
maybe a result of experiences that you’ve had in the past of traumatic
experiences that you’ve had in the past and as a
result of those traumatic experiences that you develop certain
mindsets, almost like putting on a pair of. And that you’re
looking through these glasses and that that’s what’s affecting
you in all these areas of your life and specifically in
business that they’re affecting the way that you try to
grow your business. Whether it’s it’s trying to make financial
decisions whether it’s being able to actually create a vision
for where you wanna go whether it’s trying to set goals and actually
stick to them. whether it’s like I said, I’m trying to
lead your team whether it’s trying to build a healthy culture.
whether it’s trying to have healthy relationships with your
coworkers or. Team members, or with your with your employees that
the mindsets that you have from the experiences that you’ve
had in the past will shape all of those things and that those that
working on that healing you is what is going to help you accomplish
those things. okay. So now I’m gonna try to figure out
how to bring back in the diplomatic piece. Okay, it would
probably be this. That I think that one of the things that we try
to do to put a lid on our trauma and put a lid on the experiences
that we’ve had or even a lid on the mindsets that are there
that we don’t want is that we try to create a process for ourselves.
We try to create a a model that we feel like we can step
into and show others that we are so we create a persona for
ourselves, a business persona a professional persona. We try to
be as diplomatic as we can be. We maybe try to stuff ourselves
into specific containers. Meaning certain roles with certain
responsibilities in certain duties in certain scripts and certain
energies, but those are exactly what I just mentioned that
they are their lids their caps and so the very things that
you’re doing to try to be professional and create structure
and This container create this vision,
maybe the things that are actually holding you back from getting
to where you wanna go. So to get around that what you have
to do is try to figure out where those came from to begin with
or what fears you might have that prompted you to create
those different structures for yourself. Heal those if you can
heal what is underneath all of the the this that you’re putting in place to
try to put the lid on you. If you can heal all of that, then your
entire world will open up your entire business world will
open up and your entire potential for making the impact
that you want to make in the world will open up. Okay. You just
have to start by healing you okay, and there are some ways that
you can start into that healing process that are easy. I
think one of the reasons why we focus on our outside world so
much on our business world. so much as a lot of times we don’t
wanna look at that stuff. We don’t wanna look at that ??? That’s
within. it’s easier to focus on other things. It’s easier
to task ourselves right out of focusing on ourselves. Okay.
Because it feels hard, it feels like something we don’t wanna go
do, but there’s easy ways to do it. There’s gentle ways to do
it and I can teach you how okay. so if you’re interested in
knowing more, then I invite you to reach out to me. you can
book a session with me by visiting my website at Don Pettit
dot com or messaging me through one of my social media channels
and I’d love to talk with you more about what you’re
trying to accomplish what impact you’d like to make in the
world and what you feel like is. You back and talk about how
we can start to help you move forward in that so until then or
until next time, thank you so much for joining me on this crazy,
chaotic healing journey and so I look forward to talking with
you or meeting you or like I said until next time so anyway,
thanks again have a great day.

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