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Diplomacy in action! Ivanka discourses on male dominated defense industry with Theresa May

Diplomacy in action! Ivanka discourses on male dominated defense industry with Theresa May

Diplomacy in action! Ivanka discourses on male dominated defense industry with Theresa May First daughter continued her extraordinary run of informal diplomacy Sunday, this time chatting with the heads of France, Britain, and Canada at an event in Seoul on womens empowerment – and struggling to get a word in. The presidents daughter sat in on each of the presidents G20 meetings in Osaka with world leaders including Vladimir Putin, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Chinese President Xi Jinping, joining top officials as her father navigated trade disputes and terror threats. In South Korea, she was captured on video interacting a trio of powerful leaders: French President , Theresa May, Canadian Prime Minister , and IMF chair Christine Lagarde. The French Elysee Palace tweeted out a short video of encounter. According to a correspondent tweeted it out, Trump appears to be trying to get involved in a talk among the leaders. During the exchange, conducted in English, Macron can be heard talking about social justice. Ivanka – its all, yeah, Ivanka says, trying to get a word in. May then weighs in: As soon as you talk about an economic aspect a lot of people start listening who wouldnt otherwise listen. This gave the presidents daughter, who has been a fixture at world leader meetings and photo ops, the chance to speak. They start listening. And the same at the defense side. In terms of the whole sort of business – been very male dominated, she says. She also got the event to hobnob with business leaders at the event – the president called some of them out by name. Husband Jared Kushner was there. Ivanka and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke about dogs with guests at their table, even passing around pooch pics during the discussion, according to a pool reporter who was there.    The presidents daughter got the chance to speak at greater length during a speech in Osaka attended by her father and other world leaders at the G20. She was conspicuous at the event, with only two female world leaders in attendance: May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In Seoul,  she took part in a panel discussion called Womens Economic Empowerment Around the World, and addressed domestic and international issues on empowering women economically, according to the White House.  About 100 representatives of a Korean entrepreneurs group were there. All could rub elbows with U.S. Chamber of Commerce and ministry of foreign affairs officials.    People are not listening: Glastonbury revellers slam disgusting amounts of rubbish that are… I am still scared of Boris: Friend of Johnsons first wife reveals he threatened her over serious… The slow death of my English village: Author ROBIN PAGE on the decline of the Cambridgeshire idyll… How did a private school girl from Sussex die fighting ISIS in Syria? Her Seventies rock star father… Luxury on tap! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry splash out up to £5,000 on a hand made copper bath for… White House press secretary in extraordinary brawl with Kim Jong Uns minders: Aide pushes… Stella McCartneys neighbours in exclusive US resort of the Hamptons are furious after fashion… Cant wait to meet you sweet pea: Pregnant mothers heartbreaking Facebook post before she was… Jealous accountant, 26, who posed as a man to trick her exs new girlfriend into sending her nude… Please Hawaiian style … please do this right: Dog The Bounty Hunter describes how his dying wife… Hes as fit as a fiddle! Union boss McCluskey blasts reports that Jeremy Corbyn has been left… Farages plan to rebuild Britain: Brexit Party leader plots £200 BILLION scheme to rejuvenate… Trump takes historic walk from the DMZ into North Korean territory as he meets Kim Jong un, who… Firefighters smash into car to save dog from being cooked to death in Waitrose car park after owner… Chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins jumps before hes pushed as he quits role ahead of an… BBCs Emily Maitlis hits back at pet shaming critics who slammed her for allowing her dog to sleep…

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