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Digital Preservation of Electronic Records PSA

Digital Preservation of Electronic Records PSA

The National Archives has released its entire
Digital Preservation Framework for public comment. As we continue to lead the government’s
efforts for fully electronic recordkeeping, the National Archives is engaging other federal
agencies, the private sector, and stakeholders and subject matter experts to establish best
practices in our digital preservation efforts. The National Archives’ vision is to ensure
cutting-edge access to extraordinary volumes of government informa­tion and unprecedented
engagement to bring greater meaning to the American experience. This Digital Preservation Framework consists
of a Risk and Prioritization Matrix and 15 File Format Preservation Action Plans. We are posting these documents because we
want to share what we are doing, and because we need your help. The public is encouraged to join the discussion
on through November 15, 2019. Digital preservation is critical to this work. Please help us with this effort. Thank you.

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