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Dems Announce Public Hearings For Impeachment Probe As GOP Searches For Defense For Trump | MSNBC

Dems Announce Public Hearings For Impeachment Probe As GOP Searches For Defense For Trump | MSNBC

100 comments on “Dems Announce Public Hearings For Impeachment Probe As GOP Searches For Defense For Trump | MSNBC

  1. Pam Bondi took a bribe from Trump and got away with it. Of course she’s gonna end up in charge of getting him off on the same thing.

  2. The most egregious false claims: On the whistleblower
    The whistleblower who complained about Trump's Ukraine-related behavior has been the primary target of his multi-front effort to rewrite the reality of the story.
    Just last week, Trump said on three more occasions that the whistleblower's account of his phone call with the president of Ukraine was "sooo wrong" and "very inaccurate" (in fact, the rough transcript Trump released proved the whistleblower's account was highly accurate); that the whistleblower "has disappeared" (no); and that Democrat Adam Schiff was, somehow, the one to "pick" the whistleblower (also no).
    The most revealing false claim: The Dunns' non-meeting
    Trump, a former reality television star who has demonstrated better instincts for drama than for empathy, apparently tried to stage a surprise encounter between Anne Sacoolas, the wife of an American diplomat, and the parents of Harry Dunn, the British 19-year-old who was killed in a car crash in which police believe Sacoolas was involved.
    The Dunns had accepted an invitation to the White House. They were aghast, though, when Trump unexpectedly told them Sacoolas was also in the building, and they declined Trump's offer to bring her into the room.
    Trump compounded the offense in an interview on British radio last week with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. Trump said: "Well, I had a meeting set up but all of a sudden, I guess, lawyers got involved. But I had a meeting set up."
    There was never a meeting set up, said family spokesman Radd Seiger, who told CNN that Trump's claim was "a lie."

  3. I believe that the shakedown wasn't Trump's idea. It was Putin who gave him the plan. What he didn't tell Trump is that holding assistance to Ukraine was the actual end game for the Russian President.

  4. 45fake Euuuuuw. He is so CREEPY. His horrid, creepy pauses and slurs. He sounds like nothing more than a filthy anonymous phone caller. Euuuuuuw.

  5. Soooo, does Trumps obvious incendiary rhetoric not seem like a blatant call for Civil War? Hes at rallies and on tv claiming that Dems are attempting a coup…does that not amount to treason, if nothing else does?

  6. Please would you be so kind as to permit the Rodeo Cowboys an abeyance of consent in order to mine out some kind of cooking that affects the Ry-dings' spa We have three tiny carrots and the culpable REFUSAL to allow the unravelling

  7. We are going to need lots of sleep building up to next week.
    Can’t wait ! Lindsey is right, Little Donnie is too stupid not to think he is guilty !

  8. Trump is the result of failing to take politics seriously, something the USA has been doing for a very long time – especially the Republicans and their numbskull supporters.

  9. "Becomingly????" Trump, go back to grade school and learn how to speak English. This man cannot speak a complete sentence without displaying his utter lack of education pertaining to basic grammatical correctness. He violates norms, while talking about and denying his other violations of law, discounting culturally acceptable behaviors, or negating basic civil discussion regarding his own accountability.

  10. first off let it be known Trump's call had nothing to do with quick pro quo or whatever you want to call it or any reason to be considered bad now,That Said I can go back 35 times in the past fifteen years that shows other presidents and especially Biden & the son making arrangements for someone to get fired or No funding to places like Ukraine and also it was at that time that the Boston bomber came out so I don't understand .So Biden, Obama stop payment has somebody takein out of Ukraine that's not wanted there and then the Boston bombings happen okay now you guys need to get your s*** together cuz there's a lot more that I know that you don't

  11. Eric Ciaramella is the New Christopher Steele… Define – Fruit of the Poisonous Tree…
    You cannot Impeachment using a False Testimony…
    Good Luck in 2024.

  12. Trump says he is the team. But without Graham and others he'd be in a bad position, now hiring others to try to come up with a plan. Lol He said he is the only one that can fix everything. True. Everyone else goes to prison or die and he stays free.


  14. Lol. Trump lawyer # 1 Cohen in prison. Attorney # 2 Guliaini under federal investigations facing prison had to hire his own attorney. Lol. Trump's legal team Are constantly going to prison. Lol all of them are republiCONS not 1 democrat.

  15. "I'm sure that Nero didn't set fire to Rome. It was the Christian-Bolsheviks who did that, just as the Commune set fire to Paris in 1871 and the Communists set fire to the Reichstag in 1932." – Adolf Hitler

  16. I hope these lunatic Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan etc. keep in mind what happened in the recent Kentucky elections. These people are so scared of losing Trump's support in their next elections that they support him regardless, when the fact is Trump's support might lose them their seats.

  17. Socialism is sweet compared to a fascist dictatorship. The Scandinavian countries seems to like democratic socialism, and who thinks they have a bad system – the smartest and fairest countries in the world.

  18. Let's do a quick review, shall we?  (1) "Trump can't win." FAIL. (2) "Russians hacked the DNC servers."  FAIL -> it was Seth Rich, a DNC staffer and Bernie bro who was outraged that Bernie was being screwed out of delegates and votes by HRC and Schultz.  Cyber experts Bill Binney and Kurt Weibe attest to the fact the "hack" was an internal download to a thumb drive, which Seth Rich handed over to WikiLeaks.  (3) Russia did NOT hack the DNC servers.  (4) The DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine the servers.  Wonder why.  (5) So, the Mueller Report only confirmed what we already knew – no collusion, no obstruction.  (6) Go back into your You Tube libraries and see how many MSNBC videos you find with headlines saying that Adam Schitt has damning evidence he will soon release.  FAIL. He embodies little the boy who cried wolf.  (7) Trump knew full well that using the word "Crowdstrike" during his phone call with the Ukrainian leader would freak out the leftists because it was the company HRC and the DNC paid $1 million in 2016 to report that the Russians hacked the DNC.  (8) Trump also knew Schitt would charge that the phone conversation oozed with "quid pro quo" threats by Trump.  (9) When Rachel Maddow said on air there would be "no way Trump would ever release the transcript of the phone call," Schitt then read on the House floor a cranked version of what he said the conversation covered.  FAIL.  (10) When Trump released the transcript, Schitt's argument exploded.  FAIL.  (11) Not to be out-done, Schitt then found someone with ties to Ukraine who did not listen in on the original call, but passed along hearsay and thoughts of others who "thought" there was wrong-doing on Trump's part.  (12) Schitt's staff met with this toad weeks before he filled out an altered whistleblower application form, and the word was that this would sink Trump.  (13)  We now know this person is ERIC CIARAMELLA, a registered Democrat and Trump-hater, who worked with Brennan and Clapper, and who accompanied vice president Creepy Joe Biden to Ukraine.  (14) CIARAMELLA was also the guy who concocted the phony story that Putin ordered Trump to fire Comey.  FAIL.  (15) Now we know that CIARAMELLA's name will show up in the FISA memos, because he was already under investigation way before now.  Schitt's star witness will have to testify publicly under penalty of perjury, which is making all the Swamp rats and their media shills Schitting in their boots.  Thank for playing.  Like Q has told us many times, "These people are stupid."

  19. ATTENION: People in the land of the living…the democratic (socialist/sect) party (those workers of iniquity & evildoers) & little league fake lying news msnbc, cnn, abc, cnbc, cbc bbc, are all about…Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down to. One more TRUTH…their all LESS THAN NOTHING.

  20. If I remember correctly Pam Bondi is the Governor who dropped an investigation of Trump in Florida after receiving $25,000 donation from Trump Foundation (now closed) also illegally as it was supposedly from Trump's own money.

  21. The Civil war is on our doorstep, only a spark will set it off. I will not flinch to protect my constitution, and the freedom I hold sacred. I swore an oath to my country in 1972, that oath cannot be forgotten, it is and always will be the reason I don't mind giving up my life for my country! The Trump era must be rooted out, burned out, destroyed, nobody gets out of punishment.

  22. This a child found with his hand in the cookie jar after being told no (Mueller report)…there is no defense, no argument to mitigate the violation. The only real position left is to accept, apologize, take the punishment and promise to be better (uh…best) if you are interested in ever recovering any personal credibility and work to restoring integrity of the role, party and institution. None of this is going to be achieved over night, so strap in for some tough times.

  23. Claiming stupidity, is no defense for criminal…To lazy to work/too proud to beg/too dumb to steal, then too dumb to be president!

  24. Trump the dictator,him and his fellow dictators planning to take over the world by Trump's private afraid.

  25. Ask President Zelensky to appear at the hearings…make it conditional for future aid…seems to work for Trump and by his thinking would be appropriate.

  26. The foreign emoluments clause encompasses any kind of profit, benefit, advantage, or service, not merely gifts of money or valuable objects. Trump's asking Russia, Ukraine, China and who knows what other countries for help in his election is a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution requires that an elected official must approach Congress for approval of any type of foreign emoluments. And yet the fact that Trump hid this from Congress is only half the issue.

    This behavior set a precedent for this president and all future presidents to have a green light on trading favors for foreign influence in our elections. Can we have a representative government of We the People when foreign powers are actively encouraged and supported to determine our elections?

    The facts are simple. Our constitution is under attack. As a nation, We the People must demand our Representatives oppose this traitorous behavior by those who swore to protect and defend our constitution. To act otherwise against this attack is treason. To act otherwise will condemn We the People to no longer having a representative government.

    What's at stake is our freedom, Independence and self-determination.

    Any office holder who supports undermining the constitution on so many levels is a traitor to their oath of office and the people of the United States.

  27. 0:37 There you have it: straight from DT. “Democracy is tyranny. The truth is a lie. The constitution is toilet paper”

  28. Cent's they like to say, a curtain machine, is proven to be 99% accuracy. Then let us give them. The lie detector device. And see. The only reason to resist. Is because you're lying, under oath. Hmmmm!? They do it to us. All the time. Why not them to. It the law isn't it?

  29. Lindsey Graham confesses before the nation that he is a willingly illiterate and a fake Senator of the USA who is not even able to do something as simple as keeping his oath of office.

    AS IF his state voters were so stupid they could not figure out a black and white and Extensively Corroborated by Trump's own appointments & employees, "This for That."

  30. Honestly, I'm sick of these politicians selling their soul to a man who has no soul. The ones willing to perpetuate the LIE to support Trump in the name of greed despite their oath of office. Those like my Republican Congressman, Dan Meuser, who accused the Democrats of acting illegally to remove Trump, because Democrats are upset they lost the last election. Sorry Dan, as a Democrat (and I communicated this to him) that is a lie in support of the liar. But Dan seems to have no problem spreading this lie. In fact, in his letter to me, he stated he knew all along, Democrats were doing this because they lost the election, demonstrating his lack of willingness to even consider the evidence.

    When greed, lies and hypocrisy undermine your oath of office, you should not be there. It may not be a crime to lie, but refusing to fulfill your oath of office, and supporting this attack on our constitution, is an act of treason.

  31. Why are so many people who Donald Trump nominated and hired telling the truth instead of honoring their Blood Oath to him?

  32. Pam Bondi has her own corruption. She accepted a donation from Drumpf's charity then, almost immediately dropped cad against Trump U. Drumpf paid a fine for using those funds.

  33. Shannon Pettypiece is perpetuating the fallacy of "tax reform". What was passed was not reform, but rather a regressive tax law that benefitted corporations and the wealthy. THIS is the problem with MSM. They sprinkle Republican talking points into their commentary. Calling extortion a "quid pro quo" is another example. Figuratively speaking; there may not be a video of a crime, but "fingerprints and other evidence " are everywhere.

  34. Have all the public meetings you want. Trump will continue to serve our country for the next 5 years. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸Trump2020 ❤️🇺🇸MAGA❤️🇺🇸

  35. Getting tired of the FAKE NEWS. These people don't even wanna cover this stuff anymore. The people are waking up to the lies of the Rich media lair's

  36. They think the public doesn't notice that he makes sure the few black ppl., that might support him, are being shown. When usually it's all white. So, is he still paying for things, such as this?? Not accusing, just brought to my attention, he's done this kind of thing before. It's not about the people. It's still about me, myself, and I!! Only some just aren't bright enough to know. And, that's a shame. You can't educate them. What does that say about America and it's illiterate?

  37. I'll be glad to see all this stupid wild media crap gone!! Trumps the man!!! Support for president Trump! God's will be done! It's all conspiracy… Stir the nest dems but you'll get stung! He's done his job!!

  38. Im pretty sure Trump's supporters will not tolerate this nonsense.

    Trump needs to be re-elected in 2020 not impeached!

    Keep America Great! Trump 2020!

  39. Almost so very similar to a certain AH, putting little down on paper but where his acolytes all attempted to implement what they believed was his 'will'.

  40. So this whole impeachment/kangaroo court is based on biased persons "feelings" & "interpretations" & "assumptions"??? I'd like to think that there would be a MUCH HIGHER BAR to even attempt to remove a duly elected sitting president!! Not only are the dem's chasing a completely false & non-existent crime, but they're doing irreputable damage to our great democracy as well as all levels of government.


  42. Quid Pro Quo: Something for something. In which one transfer is contingent upon the other. A favor for a favor.

    The president said: I WANT TO ASK YOU A FAVOR, THOUGH!!

    Extortion: Is the illegal use of one's official position or powers to obtain property, FUNDS, or patronage. Obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

    DID THE PRESIDENT ACTUALLY THREAT? I think he asked a favor. Which is bad enough in itself. Wouldn't that be a Quid Pro Quo?

  43. Come on people, these people that ignore subpoenas are supposed to be made to show up right? Why aren't these people in jail? A subpoena is an order from a judge to show up. They are in contempt.

  44. "BECOMINGLY"….."BECOMINGLY"…I mean come on man! Yep he's still just making it up as he goes along.
    Try using that in a sentence! What a boob!!

  45. What do we have to loose
    Walking through back doors
    Refuse right's to eat in many restaurants surved by white
    Freedom of speach you will loose our Democracy. Don't believe Donald Trump.

  46. its against the law to refuse subpoenas requesting you to show up for court, especially to a federal court. failure to answer to a subpoena results in jailtime, this only shows that republicans are criminals and conservatives support breaking the law.

  47. Don't look for dirt to hold money that was given by Congress. Very ugly to help his re election.
    USA have the FBI to do investigations not the President.

  48. Wow…History will say how President Obama's Administration was so free of scandal and how such a Crooked, Dirty Administration of Trump's followed it! ( and just to think how Trump use to point the finger at Barack Obama! ) And I was disappointed by President Obama! Kept the Patriot act. Wasn't half the Progressive he sold himself as. Obama was way to CORPORATE for me ! Yet Obama days were S……O….Much Better then these days of ( CULT OF TRUMP ) and Nixon's Ghost.

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