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Democrats vs Republicans – Which Brain is Better?

Democrats vs Republicans – Which Brain is Better?

The world feels pretty divided currently 81% of both liberals and conservatives have unfavorable views towards those on the other side But is there actually a fundamental biological difference between liberals and conservatives on the surface? we can see some funny differences like Conservatives like meat and potatoes more while liberals tend to like trying food from other cultures more in general Conservatives prefer purebred dogs while liberals prefer mixed breeds and liberals are ok with free verse poetry while conservatives prefer it to rhyme But as we study more we realize that the differences are much deeper when put through MRI brain scans It turns out that liberals are more likely to have a larger anterior cingulate cortex which is associated with Understanding and monitoring conflict while conservatives have a larger, right? amygdala Which helps process fear and anxiety and that makes sense given the years of research that have shown people tend to become a more conservative When they feel threatened or afraid? After 9/11, for example, the u.s. Became politically more conservative with studies showing increased support for issues Like national security and military spending but studies have also found that conservatives and liberals employ different cognitive styles Conservatives excel when it comes to more structured and organized problems or questions Whereas liberals tend to be more flexible and less likely to commit errors with questions involving conflicting information and requiring fast reaction times One study looking at dorm rooms even found that on average Conservative students rooms were less messy than liberals But they also experienced pain in different ways so much. So that one study was able to predict who is liberal or conservative Just by viewing brain scans of them looking at graphic photos Containing mutilations in this instance liberal brains were more active in the s2 or somatosensory to region Which is normally activated when you’re in pain, but also when you see someone else suffering It’s essentially scientific evidence for the bleeding-heart liberal stereotype Which doesn’t mean conservatives are uncaring but that their minds just respond to graphic images differently in America This can explain how Democrats and Republicans perceive the world in fundamentally different ways it’s difficult to grasp how someone on the other side of politics thinks because we tend to overestimate the extent to which our opinions believe some Values are normal so colleges refer to this as false consensus bias. For example, if you heard Yanni in latina vs Laurel debate it may have felt that you were the normal one and it was insane that anyone could be hearing Laurel apply this logic to politics and you can see why people have such polarizing ideas on issues like immigration Abortion gun rights etc But where do these differences come from one study revealed that genetics can account for around thirty to forty percent of a person’s? political leanings which may seem like a lot but there are still many other important factors like your environment and personal experiences which play massive roles in your politics political Neuroscience is a relatively new field of study with fascinating results and in a world that’s being increasingly characterized by its divisions Perhaps an important aspect of unity involves using neuroscience to better understand each other’s differences On a lighter note space is a place for liberals and conservatives and nations all over the world come together And we actually just made a video where we tried out the latest Space food that astronauts are eating right now click here or the description to check it out Also, if you want even more science, we have a weekly science podcast, so subscribe to it The link is like down there I think and it’s called side note

100 comments on “Democrats vs Republicans – Which Brain is Better?

  1. People turned into a conservative because there afraid of things like terrorisim

    Sure I’m afraid afraid of being to scared to say my own thoughts because of peoples feelings and not using my freedom of speech

  2. I live in America and my biology teacher told the entire class to vote for people who support universal health care and vote out the people who don’t. Smh

  3. Just a heads up for this study. Liberals are non-Christian with no moral standard where conservatives will admit to be God-fearing and know without God there is no moral standard. That's why liberals runs on irrational feelings and not faith. I shall do what i will attitude.

  4. This is stereotyped and false about conservatives. I love eating different foods, I adopted my mixed breed dog, I love helping environment, and most liberals have more fears. That's why media is always constantly fear mongering with global warming, Trump and so on. I can go on. There is a lot the left can learn about conservatives.

  5. Whenever you hear, "you can't say this or that because it might offend someone"…but then, they themselves use those same words against people when they are upset…. that's the left.

  6. Wrong, Conservatives will eat meat and potatoes and the liberals will call the conservatives racist for not eating a different cultured food. Pretty much sums it up libtards are stupid. Just recently got into politics and its not hard to find out which ones the psychos

  7. Democrats hate republicans and republicans hate democrats. I wish we weren’t bound by these prejudices, but this country seems to be that way now perhaps more than ever

  8. Most democrats: “We want peace and don’t wanna hurt anyone. Love everyone!”

    Also most democrats: “We support killing babies! 😊”

  9. I don't like republicans/conservatives or democrats/liberals. One hates minorities and the other hates white people. One encourages religious freaks, white supremacists and rich people and the other encourages victim culture and anti-white propaganda including reverse racism and reverse systematic segregation.

  10. Just another stupid video…the problem is not the hard drive, the program that is run on it is the problem.To think in a left way is just stupid, upgrade the program until isn't to late.

  11. I consider myself more conservative as of late but I feel that I handle fear better than this video suggests I should.

  12. yes louisiana and arkansas left the mainland taking with them the flordian panhandle and mississippi/alabama coast but hit florida itself on the way to the other side of the alantic and hawaii left the us

  13. I just wish there could be more actual debate. As someone who leans more conservative, it's actually quite difficult to have a legitimate debate with someone that's more liberal. The rebuttal is usually a broad reply with an emotional response with no empirical evidence, and no logical comparison. I hope we see more intellectual debates on topics.

  14. I say we drop all the extremists off on an island and let them destroy each other while the rest of us go get a beer and talk shit about each others football teams like normal fuckin Americans.

  15. Liberals have a more active Anterior Cingulate cortex good for understanding and monitoring conflict. This got to be a joke! I'm very active on youtube for conservatism and it's extremely common to see liberals knocking off maga hats, punching conservatives, aggressively asserting themselves to shut down speech, hitting people with flag poles, calling us racist. They're rabid animals, and I think I'm truly divided at this point I HATE liberals.

  16. I don't understand what's wrong w the Republicans, they seem like they want to give u freedom and liberty. It's the Democratics who wants to take ur freedom away w hopes that everything will just become "better".

  17. I used to support the left…. Then I learnt more … Got a little older, grew slightly in wisdom, and now, I'm much more right leaning. Strange how the older you get, the more likely you are to be right leaning. This is all just my opinion, I know how mad others opinions can make you, specifically if you're left leaning…. So I expect some rage from the left….. Inc:

  18. Just tell the dam truth . Tell them how you Deploy the Roman Divide. United we stand , Divided the planet falls . Under your control . Stupid kids today think their slick , they all have Dain Bramage . Can’t think on their own. Brainwashed beyond all repair .. George Washington was the 1st congressional President , there were 14 presidents before him . He was against political parties for good reason . Look at the flip/ flop from Rep to Dem , back & forth , back & forth, if anyone ever!!!, did anything good it wouldn’t flip/ flop , dumbasses. Einstein said if you keep doing the same dam thing expecting different results it’s called insanity!. Right over the millinials heads lol 😝

  19. This makes very little sense from a biological and political perspective. This completely ignores everyone that doesn't cleanly fit into "left" and "right". And when you say "conservative" are you referring to fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, or both? There is so much grey when it comes to politics that you cant test these claims without also using 3rd party test subjects from every grey area. Where does the authoritarian leftist fall in these experiments, where does libertarian right fall in these experiments?

  20. This is much more than Conservative vs Liberal. It's more of a spiritual battle where we are aligning ourselves and our beliefs. Conservatives align themselves with God and Jesus Christ, while Liberals are choosing to side with the Devil. Liberals maybe unaware, or deny their alignment, but it's pretty clear in their abandoning morality and Common n decency, in favor of individual perversion and selfishness. Liberal has become another name for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The more a person can find ways to keep Liberals out of their enviornment, the happier life they will have and decrease their chances of being infected with Liberalism themselves. Kind of like walking in the yard and trying to avoid stepping in Dog poop.

  21. Would you rather want to be racist sexist heterophob and bigot twords straight white male christisan or just republicans at all or conservative who belives in freedom of all speech and be tolerant of other but not accepting them leftisam hates everything and destroys evrything it touchs art schools countys etc

  22. Conservatives eat Southern cuisine because they live in the South, not because they have a conservative brain… That's why I block ads on this channel.

  23. I was a liberal for a long time but now I’m a conservative. So to me I don’t know if this video means anything.

  24. It’s obvious liberals are libtards and can’t get good education Republicans are obviously smarter and better!(Vote Trump 2020)

  25. Liberals/Libtards have never experienced hard work and most are brain dead. And republicans/conservatives are smarter and have common sense plus us republicans know what hard work is. #CountryStrong

  26. 0:18 liberal more like soy and veganish diet also food thing so wrong in fact they would claim your racists for eating it if your American though now with what's going on looks like new thing that's coming soon they will be eating bugs just because their claiming their too many people on earth lol
    mix breed lmao so wrong more like puppy play dogs any real dog called a bio dog to them
    for poem more like the most safests woke diverse thing or attacking trump and supporters

  27. Guys listen to me its not the liberals or the conservatives…..its the got damn gingers want proof red hair and the nazi flag has red in it check mate flatearthers

  28. I’m a republican, I believe that Democrats can act like 6 year olds because they didn’t get their way, like them wanting to impeach Trump, do they expect a liberal to become president, no the Vice President comes next which is a republican. But not all republicans are good there is a lot of bad people on both sides

  29. Actually many of the moderate conservatives are actually liberal like true liberals. They value free speech, liberty/freedom, free market capitalism, steady government, equality and so on. These are true liberal values that many moderate conservatives embrace.

  30. I'm kinda pissed that american schools are jackasses and not elephants and just want to raise students as "the greatest democrats in america"

    Btw like if u r republican

  31. People who think in this way ought to be sent to the guillotine. Why? Because they truly do not care about the truth. Appearances are just appearances, you have to understand culture, society, ideology as a whole, stop thinking in biological bs, it is just biology, it has nothing to do with politics. Politics are different. Conservatives are just selfish functionalists who "understand" the world in this crude "realistic" way – "I have to take it, if I don't I will perish". All human beings & animals are like that. However, there are smart people and most often they aren't "liberal" or "conservative", they do not conform. Ideas set you free of these biological interpretations (that is why people aren't like animals, humans create something for themselves, that is beyond themselves, for example, God and what is seen to be "right", in other words meaning). There is always more!

  32. If I ever say what side I'm for at the school I'm at it's like they try to attack you and automatically your call a homophobe or racist I saw it happen it's as if they dont view you as a human being anymore and more like something they think they can push around as if it's nothing.

  33. if you aren't liberal as a child you don't have a heart if you aren't a conservitive as an adult you don't have a brain.

  34. Liberals think gender is on a spectrum. I think they are on a different kind of spectrum. My pronouns are normal and well adjusted by the way.

  35. Good idea to present the ideas of each party, but sadly was probably made by a leftist, you can notice when:
    0:23 implies conservatives are more picky and want the best fancy breed
    1:15 liberals are more flexible with they ideas and open minded
    1:38 look at the picture: the conservative is calm like he's looking at the weather channel while the liberal is very shocked and shows empathy

    Before you go screaming and clarifying these are tiny things: yeah they are but just think if you were a kid for example, you'd instantly think the blue one is your favorite.
    These tiny things start growing until you won't even find right leaning views on youtube because of shadowbanning

  36. This is why anarcho-capitalism is the only workable system. People's brains are different and have different preferences – and so NO side should be able to impose their preferences on the other.

  37. This is bs. I used to be way more liberal but I had to dip when liberals became completely unhinged. TRUMP 2020🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  38. This dont apply right now. As the country is devoid of actual democrats.. All they are RN is socialists trying to piggy back off americas success and call it their own..

  39. Left and Liberal are NOT synonymous! Neither is the Democratic party synonymous with Liberals! You can be a Right-Wing Liberal you know.

  40. 1) If I believe it, it must be true. OR 2) If it is true, I must believe it. Wondering which statement can best describe liberal thinking or conservative thinking?

  41. Liberals think with feeling and not with logic. Stupid morons. Always all up in their FEELS. Try using logic and knowledge for once.

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