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Democratic Candidates Hit the Iowa State Fair | The Daily Show

Because Iowans get to vote
first in the presidential race, the fair has always been
a major stop for candidates hoping to win over
those crucial voters. So let’s look
at how the 2020 Democrats did in another edition
of “World War D.” -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) The Iowa State Fair. It’s an all-American experience where you can do everything
from win a giant stuffed animal to deep-fry and eat
a giant stuffed animal. And how do the candidates show that they can appeal
to everyday Americans? By discussing health care,
sharing education policies? No, no, no, they do it by shoving a ton of food
in their face. The center of the political
universe this week, the Iowa State Fair. The 2020
presidential candidates ready to dive into
that local cuisine. (indistinct chatter) -Oh, my God.
-WOMAN: You like it? I really like… It’s so good. (woman chuckles) WOMAN:
Oh. Oh, my God, sorry. Very good. Corn and hot dogs
were meant to be married. I could eat this at every meal. Yeah, of course. Of course de Blasio
could eat that at every meal. Normally he grinds up bones
to make his bread. I mean, come on. The corn dog is a step up. The candidate I feel bad for
at this event is Cory Booker ’cause, don’t forget,
he’s a vegan. Yeah. At the Iowa State Fair. His options are pretty limited. That’s like being a satanist
on Christian Mingle, you know? (laughter) But it turns out at this event, the press
wasn’t only paying attention to what was going
into the candidates’ mouths. They also wanted to see what
would come out of their mouths. And in the wake
of the El Paso shooting and President Trump’s
racist rhetoric, the hottest topic
was white supremacy. Frontrunner Joe Biden and
the other presidential hopefuls are flocking
to the Iowa State Fair and they’re being asked flat out if the president
is a white supremacist. Based on his words and actions, yes,
he is a white supremacist. He can’t have it both ways. He can’t keep trying
to stir this up, give aid and comfort, be embraced
by the white supremacists, and then say, “Oh, but not me.” No. He’s responsible. Enabling white supremacists,
as I said earlier, what other conclusion can you–
can you come to, that he supports it
for some reason? He supports them. Well, that’s what
I’m basically saying. REPORTER:
So say it! I said it! He supports white supremacy. -Is he a white supremacist?
-So that– what else can you conclude? Goddamn. That, uh…
that got aggressive real quick. Imagine how weird that is.
One minute, you’re answering questions
about pork chops on a stick. And then the next thing,
you’re getting yelled at to call the president
a white supremacist. “Say it! Say it!” (chewing)
“Hold on, hold on.” You know what that sounded like? It went from a press conference
to a game night with– you know those friends who take
it a little too seriously? They’re just like,
“A racist ideology. Sometimes they wear robes.”
“Uh…” “Goddamn it! Just say it!
White supremacists! Say it! Say it!” Now, coming into this weekend, former Vice President Joe Biden had a clear lead
in the Iowa polls. But you know that old story
of the race between the tortoise
and the hare? Well, uh,
this was just like that, if the hare was 76 years old and kept sticking his foot
in his mouth. Still ahead for us,
Joe Biden has called himself– he has said himself that he is
a gaffe machine in the past. But is that now turning from
folksy joke to a real problem? We have this notion that,
somehow, if you’re poor,
you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and
just as talented as white kids– w-wealthy kids,
black kids, Asian kids. No, I really mean it.
But think how we think about it. -Oh.
-(groaning, laughter) I don’t know–
I don’t know what’s worse, suggesting that poor kids
are synonymous with black kids or trying to cover up
his mistake by just listing as many types of kids
as he could and hoping no one would notice. “Wh-White kids, wealthy kids, “Cabbage Patch Kids, Gap Kids, “New Kids on the Block.
Thank you, Iowa! Thank you.” But-but, look, look, anyone
can make a slip of the tongue. Right? What’s worse
than a slip of the tongue though is a weird memory lapse, and Biden had that, too. Then, in another comment,
he said that he had met with Parkland
students after the shooting at that school
when he was vice president. But, of course,
that was after he had already left office
in 2018. I watched what happened
when those kids from Parkland came up to see me
when I was vice president. They went… (stammers)
S-Some of you covered it. And you watched what happened
when they– when they went up in the halls of Congress. Okay, this is super awkward. Either Biden thinks he was still
vice president in 2018 or he’s just invented a meeting with Parkland kids
that never happened. And, let’s be honest,
mistakes like this don’t help the narrative
that he’s too old to run. Yeah. Because this sounds like
the classic grandpa mistake. You know? Just like,
“Oh, you made “my favorite turkey sandwich. Come over here
and give your grandpa a kiss.” He’s like,
“Sir, I’m not your grandson. “I just work at Subway. But I will take that kiss.” Now, now, with some
of Biden’s gaps– with some of Biden’s gaffes, you-you at least knew
what he was trying to say. You know?
But this next one was, uh, a little harder to translate. Here’s another sample from
Joe Biden on the campaign trail. Just watch this. We choose unity over division, we choose science over fiction, we choose truth over facts. (groaning, laughter) “We choose truth over facts”? No, Joe! What is going on? Like, I know he calls himself
a gaffe machine, but the machine’s going
into overdrive right now. And in case you’re wondering,
Trump has noticed Biden’s many faux pas and is
already using them against him. Yeah. Uh, the one upside
is that Trump is, uh… well, he’s Trump. Yeah. Because, after Biden said,
“We choose truth over facts,” Trump tried to come after Biden
but then messed it up by misquoting the former VP
and fixed it. And he was like,
“Joe Biden just said, ‘We believe in facts,
not truth,'” which is the wrong wrong thing. Like, at this point, I don’t know which one of these
guys is going to be president, but I know neither of them
will be able to get through the oath of office.
It’s just gonna be like, “I, Donald J. Biden
Trump Joseph, do solemnly swear to…” It’s just not gonna work out.

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