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Dem Wants GOP Colleagues To Put Country First | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dem Wants GOP Colleagues To Put Country First | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 comments on “Dem Wants GOP Colleagues To Put Country First | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Donny D the trust fund kid expert on nothing confident he knows everything. What's he even on tv for? What a joke. Get him off the station.

  2. Trumps giving them money for the reelection’s it’s a bribe it’s against the law they need to be checked on that!

  3. That's the problem. The citizens are impatient. Many don't want to hinder the holidays or ball games or other personal stuff. That's why Pelosi was trying hard to control the rush of the newbies and some others to hurry the process. And we saw and see why. Imagine the republican sneers and jabs, if we didn't have the evidence and testimony of all the people who came forward, the Republicans would be having a field day denying the fact s.

  4. The word "incredible" must be rescued. Millenials like Rep. Max Rose use it to mean " a lot", "very much" or even "big"; Rose said two times: "incredible credible". What´s next? "A Denying Yes"?? For him is not a self-contradicting paradox, he meant "very much credible", but why the need to twist logic?

  5. FACT: Trump manipulated 2016 election thru Facebook purchased ads by bots & trolls fr Foreign countries, (Russia, China, Mexico,etc.). This wk T. forced all REPUBLICAN GOP to sign RESOLUTION, by accepting his campaign funds to support their seats come Nov.3,'20. FB CEO is taking his $ to support Troll/bot ads& lies re:DEMS

  6. The Republicans have never put America first sometime their interests have coincided with America’s interests but they have never put America first. Trying to disenfranchise American voters has always been in un-American priority of the Republican Party.

  7. Ok, This is about the third time in as many weeks that I have heard a house member say the phrase…'incredibly credible'. Stop it. Just stop it!!!

  8. FACT: T says he can do anything he wants as Presid. & Ph Call proved he can reach out to foreign govt, R, Ch, M, NK, etc. to "CRAFT DIRT" on any opponent: REP GOP or DEM. He said perfect call. So what would stop him fr 'CREATING DIRT' on any GOP who opposes him. Making up 'DIRT' if they vote for IMPEACHMENT. GOP sold souls to devil

  9. Grand Old Party is now a Russia bought entity. PartyB4Nation. Let's clean up congress. VOTE2020 for Americans not Putin Puppets

  10. I hate to bring up this example normally extreme but this is how Hitler took over little by little he didn't do it alone. They are heading done a road that can destroy this country. Trump is a model example of fascism.
    If the GOP controlled Congress he could have them suspend Congress

  11. F'ing weak Dems better not limit this to the Ukraine call. First check what other calls have been inappropriately moved to keep hidden.
    Bring up the codefendant with Michael Cohen the scheme to pay off Stormy d.
    Also Look at his finances and taxes. Obvious wrong doing and prob has been leveraged over from Russia and possibly turkey. Put it all out there so the GOP doesn't have only one thing to defend against.
    Trump talks about Bidens kid bring up Trump's kids deals how they have been cashing in like copy protections for Ivanka in China.

    Theres done been a list of Trump's wrongdoings, security clearance, his properties being used by foreign governments, etc

    I do think something is a little fishy the Dems don't investigate his taxes maybe they to have something to hide same with the access and nepotism. Bidens son getting that job is something both parties at all levels of the government do along with legal bribery aka Political donations but they are both wrong

  12. Thurs. vote proves the GOP/REPUBLICANS scared of Trump crafting dirt & lies about them/families/ children to ruin them publicly. Not 1 had integrity to stand up for our constitution or democracy. Mafia tactics w/ wallet won the GOP vote in Senate. Pence is Pres of Senate, 2/3 of 100 must show to validate VOTE. Watch & see who doesnt show up.

  13. The law that was pushed by Newt Gingrich and passed by the Republicans that says corporations are people, and can therefore make political contributions the same as people needs to be repealed. The power of our democracy will then be returned to the people.

  14. Every Republican Congressmen & Senator has received THREATS from TRUMP TO RUIN their lives if they vote against him. 1984 BOOK is coming to PASS. Trump has DIRT or WILL CRAFT FAKE 'DIRT' on EVERY REP/GOP if they even think of impeaching him. That is why T is not hiring any attorneys & taking stand himself: ANTICHRIST on the throne

  15. No Demacrat is scared of Trump At voting booth or anywhere. Lets turn a light bulb for Republicans who take money from a President to help stand behind him to get out of the mess he put himslef in. Now what would u call that bull. Yoy all should take a good look in one of thr mirrors hanging in thr building. So once he takes all u PAID IF U GOT MONEY YET. HE HAS A PROBLEM W I TH KEEPING PROMISES. ANY one of U look in the looking glassno

    Now do u still like what u have become. Are all of u still working for the people who put u in that office u sit in proud now. Remember u stand for truth. None left there W.H is corrupt filed with lies comeing from every corner and u all know it.That is what is so DISCRACEFULL. NOW YOU GET TO S L EE P WITH THAT NIGHT MARE.

  16. Trump got caught red handed with witnesses this time. He did not have the White House breathing down his neck when he made deals with Russia in 2015/2016 so justice will never get him on that even though he's totally still guilty of it and other crimes.

  17. Rep. Max Ros is wrong and maybe too idealistic. It may be about overall corruption in the end, but that can't be the message here. You have to keep it focused as Donnie has said: Keep it at the kitchen table. They have to stay on message. Donald and the GOP's behavior is unconscionable, unConstitutional, unpatriotic and unacceptable.

    These are no longer allegations, people. They have admitted to their behavior.

  18. Trump GOP offing the nation's citizens embarrassing lowered expectations in the Whitehouse since 2016…..ENOUGH.
    America will put a American back in the Whitehouse one way or another.

  19. We will put USA 🇺🇸 first
    Voting republicans Out
    Moving out of red districts
    Disrupting the economy by not investing in a racist sexist trump government

  20. HIs mother was a Scottish Immigrant, and wikipedia said her VISA WAS questionable. Trump is a dreamer and could be shipped back, if someone would check his mom's visa

  21. All TRUMP needs to scare enough members of Senate, if less than 2/3 of 100 members DO NOT show up; then no one can pass a VOTE for anything. VP Pence is the President of the Senate. Watch and see how many call in sick the day of the VOTE. Mafia govt is the WH.Yes the WITCHHUNT is on, to remove WITCHES from WH. Go Pelosi….keep up good work.

  22. There are a lot of Republicans that would impeach a Democrat president without a second thought. This is a stupid, apologetic statement that is being parroted by all of the Democrats. It's no different than a cop getting on tv and saying, "it is a very solemn day". "As a police officer, not one of us start the day are wanting to arrest one of our citizens for robbing a bank." Democratic leaders need take charge of the situation. Claim full responsibility for the actions that they are taking and never apologize for doing the right thing. Pelosi started off the apology tour last night on national television. Apologizing for doing something that the constitution demands of Congress is sickening to say the least.

  23. By tying their cart to Trump, the Republicans have effectively destroyed the legitimacy of their political party. The American people now have to ask themselves if, now that Trump is our President, they are willing to let him destroy our Constitutional democracy, because in allowing him to run roughshod over the rule of law, that's exactly what they're allowing him to do.

  24. Max Rose. Remember the name. At this stage of his career I like him. Let's see what the future brings. Wishing you all the best. Mitch

  25. "Freedom Caucus" members got away with sending a letter directly to PM/Leader
    Of Iran, basically stating that they were bypassing Obama and would consider any agreements he made as irrelevant. The letter was drafted by new member Tom Cotton
    The most surprising signature, IMO, was that of John McCain. I remember thinking..
    why is this not a big deal ,communicating directly with a foreign leader whom POTUS
    is attempting negotiations with? It wasn't even News the next day. No consequences officially,not even an unofficial lashing with a wet noodle.

  26. MSNBC is the mouthpiece for a corrupt Democrat Party. Please America… stop watching corporate news which separates us for a party which takes your liberties. Like his character or not you cant deny Trumps economy and his list of accomplishments. Democrats should have run someone better than the biggest swamp rat Hillary. No more Bushs or Clintons!

  27. Get ready to wait for even years for Trump to fall. Way too many unpatriotic racist, COWARDS, criminals defending him. However, he will end up in DISGRACE, history has taught us that, same as with Hitler. And when that finally happens the GOP will end up being remember as a party of COWARDS AND CRIMINALS!

  28. I don't know this congressman very well, but there's something about him that doesn't sit right with me.
    Instead of focusing specifically on the topic of the questions being asked, he sounds like he's more interested in campaigning for his personal reputation as a politician.

  29. Max Rose. Please stop talking like your selling yourself. You're a Congressman now Sell the issues with facts surrounding thoses issues. If your collegues are standing at a podium and lying and the facts bare that out then call them out. Call them a liar in public and state the facts as to why. Not doing so helps perpetuate lies and gives them life. I should not have to guide you by the hand to tell you what to do. What is worse? Lying to an entire nation to forward proganda or to not call someone out when you see them doing it?

  30. " Dem Wants GOP Colleagues To Put Country First " HAHAHAhahaha – oh, sorry – you're serious. Good luck.
    BTW, when a corporate CEO screws with the reputation & bottom line of a business, he's out the door with no regrets or remorse – why should the position of POTUS be any different? Saying it's a sad day & no one wants to impeach is simply bollocks – the executive branch has accrued, by mostly underhanded means, far too much power for itself over the years – there is no longer balance in the USA system, and that needs to be addressed. Professing 'sadness' & 'regret' over removing a vainglorious, self-serving & irreversibly corrupt administration is necessary if your constitution still means something.

  31. Soviet style rules? You mean the rules the House Repugs put in place so they cld hold over 50 closed door hearings investigating Benghazi? Those are the same rules the Dems are using to investigate the Ukraine scandal. But Repugs only care about executive overreach when Dems are presidents, kinda like deficit spending, and they're hypocrisy knows no bounds, there is no level of immorality that they won't sink to, the contemporary GOP is one of the most corrupt political parties in American history.

    Keven McCarthy is sucha tool, first of all, Spanky can run for POTUS in 2020 regardless if he gets impeached. McCarthy is the highest ranking CA Republican in the House – the Cali delegation is 55 members, only 5 of them are Repugs after the 2018 blue tsunami, also giving the Cali legislature a Dem super majority. After that election, Repug party reps were saying that the Cali GOP is effectively dead. So McCarthy knows from the spanking his delegation received that the Dems have a huge advantage in 2020 going against PresPAB. 

    Spanky, like he does everything, made the 2018 midterms all about him, he had dozens of rallies, begging his voters to come out in droves, using the Repug anger at Dems for engineering the Kavanaugh Hearing that saw a hissy fitting SCOTUS nominee credibly accused of sexual assault, to gin up his cult, who did, in fact, show up in gigantic numbers. But there are far more ppl who hate Spanky than who love him, and the Dems actually gave liberal voters candidates to vote FOR instead of just voting to keep corrupt Repug thugs outta ofc. I doubt many Dems – other than alarmists – are truly afraid of Spanky winning in 2020. He certainly cldnt win a fair election, electoral college be damned, but Repugs have ensured the ex slave states and other bible belt states won't have fair elections

  32. Barr is coming….time is running out…..lady justice awaits….nothing can deter your fate. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. No, it's not ironic that he said he'd drain with the swamp but he's filling it. He lied while he was running and knew perfectly well that he'd turn everything into the mess that we now have! The phrase "drain the swamp" was only concocted to win the election, it was never really going to happen.
    This is what liars do!

  34. These GOP guys are all terrified of losing their superannuated, well paid jobs. Nothing to do with their electorate. It's all to do with their lining their pockets and not putting the country first.
    Lt Colonel Alexander puts them all to shame.
    In thirty years time when the grandchildren of Scalise and Jordan et al are watching their grandfathers behave in such a craven way what respect and honour will they have for them?

  35. I get so tired of pundits and politicians alike claiming that impeachment is a political process. Read the damned constitution you idiots and remember that it is the second most basic LAW in this country. This LAW says that any president who commits high crimes (felonies) and misdemeanors (lesser CRIMES) SHALL (must) be impeached.

    The constitution never explicitly states that party politics are not to exist in this country, so they do, but in many places it implies that they are not to ever be a consideration in governance and/or law enforcement. There is a reason, rather obvious on the face, but also not stated explicitly why criminal trials for the president are to be held in congress and not the courts. Who appoints the prosecutors of this nation and at whose pleasure do they serve? Every single prosecutor in this nation has an inherent conflict of interest and cannot serve in this capacity against the president. Judges may have been appointed by a predecessor so may not have a conflict, but it is simpler to go to a non-partisan congress for prosecution (the house) and trial (the senate), but the existence of party politics has changed this from the legal process intended, to a political farce in which both parties make this legal imperative decision according to political expediency, not legal imperative.

    All congress people in both houses, along with the president have taken oaths to uphold the constitution and other laws of this country. Few of them are making any effort to do so. Most of the congress people of both parties are putting party loyalty and political expediency (both party and personal) ahead of constitution and country. Many Democrats, such as this guy, are at least saying the right words, but most, including Pelosi and most of the rest of leadership has also failed to keep their oath to the constitution. Many have said the right words but their actions prove they are protecting Trump, not the constitution, and they only decided to actually attempt an impeachment for political reasons (Trump's politically malicious, but perhaps legally proper — and very hypocritical — effort to hold Biden accountable for his own political corruption.)

    Once Trump is finally out, if we are smart enough to oust him, we need to do a total house cleaning and get rid of all these guys who are placing party or other political considerations ahead of the people (who ARE the nation) and the constitution. If we do not start making THAT effort, the impeachment of Trump is nothing more than a meaningless political and personal farce.

  36. Dem please listen the GOP are not going to vote to impeach DT
    Now if you had a vote that they could write down their vote to remove him from office only then will they
    vote to impeach him because they (GOP) are Scared little Girls

  37. HA ! HA ! Too funny your boss is CORRUPT !!!! So if you all support him you DEGRADE your country you all should berry your heads in cement !!!!! All of our soldiers have fought for our safety an Democracy !!!!

  38. America has reached a point where we must decide what matters. The future of our planet? The future of our Country? The Truth? The Law?  If you are a person with a family, children or grandchildren, all of those topics SHOULD be of great importance to you.   


  39. No, the Dems who wanted Trump removed before his term began could see the writing on the wall. Trump told us all who he was, but far too many chose not to believe him.

  40. Read the title, passed coffee through my nasal passages and thought: it’s not just the Repubs rocking delusional ideas anymore.

  41. How can these senators make a judgment before hearing any evidence?

    Any senator on either side of the house that takes a prehearing position should be removed and blocked from participating in the impeachment hearings and deliberations.

    If someone was on jury selection and they said the accused was innocent, they would be excused from serving on the jury.

    I cannot believe some of these senators would be so stupid to make such a public statement and that is reason enough to bar them from the proceedings.

  42. Max Rose is as slick and slippery as they come. Less than a year in office and he speaks like a true politician with constant soundbytes and doesn't answer questions directly but with phrases like "The American people are increadably smart…" NO THEY'RE NOT AND YOU KNOW IT.
    He may be fighting for the right side of history right now but he is a slimeball nonetheless.

  43. If John Bolton was as patriotic as he wants us to believe, he would do the right thing, instead of waiting for a judge to tell him to do the right thing.

  44. Make your vote be known republicans we THE people want to know whether you stand with TRUMP and family or are you gonna stand with the people for the country!!!

  45. I just want to know how they are going to support the premise that the investigations Trump asked for was to investigate Biden as his political rival. This will be their weakest point I think. Trust I hope they can support this because I want Trump to go down in flames.

  46. you can tell those Republicans are completely bought by trump .. is disgusting… they have no morals no self respect or patriotism.. you can hear it in their voice ..

  47. I keep hearing, that it's about the "American people", and, what they want. The "American people", have made ourselves clear. LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP!!! LOL.

  48. The timing of the hearings is directly as a result of Trump obstructing justice witness tampering and stonewalling subpoenas. Trump plans to claim that the Dems are doing this too close to the election. That will only work with his dummy supporters.

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