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100 comments on “Dave Chappelle Reveals Why He Has a No Phone Policy

  1. It's not only those things he said when you're on your cell phone during an act you lose the essence of the performance. You might as well stay home and watch the highlights on YouTube

  2. I respect the choice. It takes craft, hours, trial and error to get a joke just right. It's his intellectual property to protect. Comedy comes in the reveal. Once a joke has been posted- that's it, the reveal is gone.

  3. Love U Dave Chappelle. White/black racist is my favorite. What's the # 4 911 is my second. Ur an awesome comedian & as a white (pink) girl U have always cracked me up

  4. Allow me to carry a firearm or use my phone. We live in a time where mass shootings are a thing. This is not a good idea to disarm and disconnect at the same time in today's age.

  5. Man… Im starting to think they did clone Dave. He looks very different. Not just older but… Different.

  6. This policy is stupid! If you cant behave at a show you should be thrown out.i dont need or like anyone telling me what i can and cant do.i know right from wrong and dont need some rapper or comedian telling me anything other than jokes or songs

  7. Trey parker gave boogie tillmon parker whatever she wanted in cuba then tried to short me with groats and oats and little lambs eating ivy. I want that strip club baby momma money today negro and "princess boogie the black disney meghan markle chosen"

  8. This guys anxiety is through the roof. Constantly rubbing his stomach like he's pregnant, playing with his rings, looking over his shoulder. Wtf happened to Dave?

  9. Watches 10 minutes set at the laugh factory he says he don't want no camera phones in case he goes Kramer. Who know's tonight might be the night I snap. Lol

  10. 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  11. So people are allowed to record police officers but some how "Dave" is against people recording him so what he's saying is he's more important than the law?I think what he's doing is limiting the actual footage people have of him which would allow them to study him a little closer,like his mannerisms,his jokes,his body language,vocabulary and physical appearance..He keeps footage of himself very limited because he knows dam well people will slowly but surely start to figure out that THAT AINT DAVE!

  12. you definately want to be in the moment and all that but cell phones are good to relive the moment you recorded later on and keep laughing, oxymoron if ya ask me

  13. My all time Chappelle favourite story/joke: meeting Navajo named Running Coyote on the arrows and bows section at a Walmart in New Mexico and hanging afterwards.

  14. I don't know who that is but that is not Dave Chappelle, his voice is deep now and even his mannerisms have changed. I worked in a gym for years and lifting weights only changes the size of you muscles it doesn't change the fact he way you talk or act. He's an imposter

  15. it's a great thing not having the phones! il take a snapchat going in and stuff but after that i wont….a show especially a comedy show is about the moment and the atmosphere in the room for the audience and the comedian…just live the moment

  16. Anybody who boo’s stand up in 2019 have a problem with their own mental state..unless they’re Amy Schumer…then…you can boo consistently….

  17. dude told the exact same joke in his last special. heard two other jokes that he used in his old specials. what the hell happened with chappelle when did he become so lazy with his stand up?

  18. I’m not gonna lie, I take my phone out at concerts to take pics and videos. But I don’t let it take away from the show. It’s very different for comedy though. If the comedian or musician doesn’t want phones at the show I respect that!

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