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Dan + Shay React to Winning Favorite Country Duo or Group & Country Song | AMAs

Dan + Shay React to Winning Favorite Country Duo or Group & Country Song | AMAs

– So, guys, I have to
talk about your success on our charts. You have a song now that’s number three, the highest streaming country song ever. – Oh, man. – That’s crazy.
– That’s amazing. Do you feel like that’s a
resurgence in country right now, cause last time this happened, it was FGL and they were at number nine. You’re number three. – Dude, it’s insane, it’s
crazy to hear your voice, I listen to your podcast
everyday, seriously– – Yes, Billboard News Now. – I’m a big fan, dude,
I’ve got it subscribed, yeah it’s great, but
we’re proud to be a part of the country music community
and to have our songs climbing up the chart is surreal. We’re those nerds who always
refresh and we’re like, oh my gosh, we jumped two spots today. But, we do that because we appreciate it, we appreciate all the
people that put hard work into this and make it happen for us. We’re thankful man, we try not to get too caught up in it, but it is really cool whenever the songs are going up the chart. It’s a special feeling. – You know that’s
incredible and you worked with Bieber on the track, so he’s working on his album. Are you guys going in the studio again? When can we expect? – Dude, I don’t know
man, we’re such huge fans of Bieber and when we wrote this song we really wanted to you
know, throw a hail Mary and try to get Bieber on it and he really resonated with the song. In a very similar place in his life, he just got married and it’s amazing, we write about what we know and we hoped that this song would resonate with him and it worked out and here we are. It’s crazy, a pinch yourself moment when you’re driving down the road and you see a Dan and Shay featuring Justin Bieber and we’re like, this can not be real, this is pretty wild. – Now, I have to jump on the fact you said wedding, cause I was
actually going to ask you, you know you won two awards tonight, you know,”Speechless.” I’ve seen that be the first dance at several weddings at this point. How does it feel to be a part of people’s special day. Did you envision that journey of the song being like, that love song? – That’s a huge thing for us, man. That’s the most important day in someone’s entire life and the fact
that they choose our songs is a really cool thing. We see the videos on Instagram. We always try to comment on ’em and it’s like, that’s a special thing. We love having our songs on the radio, we love getting to play shows, but whenever it’s in someone’s wedding, that’s a pretty big
deal, it’s pretty cool. So, we’re gonna try to keep that going and now we’re feeling the same thing with “10,000 Hours” with Justin, so it’s awesome that people are resonating with those lyrics, just in the same way that we wrote them. – Keep spreading the love guys, love is real, believe in it. – Thank you man. You’re awesome dude!

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