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CVS HAUL…Possible Coupon Policy Changes…November 10,2019

CVS HAUL…Possible Coupon Policy Changes…November 10,2019

good morning couponers I am actually
late getting out today, it is ten o’clock but c’est la vie. so I am out early this
morning to go to CVS. I have at least 5 deals I’m thinking about doing. I will
try to remember to pick up the camera when I’m getting the products, I always
forget, I apologize I always forget to pick up the camera and show you guys so
I’m going to do my best to remember today. so let’s go. all right guys I forgot again to start the camera. So far I just got 2 pampers swaddlers for the 2 for 20 pampers deal. Now Im looking for vitamins. It was straight madness in there. I am going to go to another CVS because this one just got an
up… like an upgrade but apparently they’re trying to upgrade their policy
on what they accept. you go to the self-checkout and then the entire thing
just frustrates the heck out of you. it was beeping on almost every single
coupon even the ones that clearly applied and the customer service
representatives was saying that they have it like that because so many people
are doing coupon fraud. great to cut down on coupon fraud but at the same time the
thing is like beeping on things that it should not beep on. like if I purchase
$18.00 of Revlon it’s clear that I have $18 of Revlon and it won’t even take the
first coupon that says $6 off $18 of Revlon and I haven’t scanned anything
else. Also she was saying that with these new self checkouts for CVS, if you have
extra care… extra care bucks on your card
it takes them all. like say for instance you have a transaction for $34 subtotal
$34 and you have $15 extra care bucks on your card this will take all 15 and then
give you the total left of 15 plus tax even if you don’t want to use the extra
care but it will just take them on because it’s using your card and I was
like nope not doing that you’re gonna have to check me out at your regular
register because I plan on how many extra care bucks I use per transaction.
that’s one thing that’s an irritation with that self checkout that they have
and they just got it on Monday so they’re probably still working out the
glitches but also self checkout will not allow people who have the care pass
there’s no option for them to use their care pass. they would have to go to the
register for that as well so right now it just seemed like it’s going to be more
of a headache than anything they were saying they put
him in there to get rid of the lines to me it seems to make the line longer
especially one of the reasons she said that they put that in there is for
couponers. well it wasn’t working even for like one coupon so how was that
going to make the lines faster. now apparently she’s saying that the policy
for CVS has changed as well I have to look at that because something that I
knew for certain should work didn’t work like the the coupon didn’t say “does not
apply to promotions” so I don’t understand why the coupon didn’t attach
and they said that they can’t override it but that’s fine. there you see CVS number
two let’s see how this goes next is covergirl, right there perfect.
alright couponers complete success oh yeah!
that was way better than the first time so let’s see what we got! so this is one of the
transactions from the first CVS the pampers are two for $20 so I had to kind
of write this down to make it make a little bit more sense the two Pampers
packs or two for twenty they’re originally twelve seventy-nine a piece you
get five dollars and fifty-eight cents off instantly because of the promotion so
then it takes you down to twenty. I had a three dollar off two digital coupon
that loaded this morning that I used I had a CRT for three dollars off of
twenty. I had a CRT that was two dollars off of baby care and there was a dollar
fifty app only coupon that took me down to 10.50 . I rolled four extra
care bucks and then it was 6.50 out-of-pocket and then we got back five
extra care bucks. there are the two pampers here are the coupons applied
that’s 6.50 subtotal and savings there’s the five dollar extra rewards for pampers
jumbo pack. transaction number two and forgives my daughters they love their
vitamins so as soon as I came in they got into them.
this is the Sundown vitamins and Sure deodorant alright so the sure is
originally 3.19 but it was on sale for two dollars. the Sundown vitamins are
14.79 apiece but they’re on a buy one get one so, the original price would be
32.77. subtract the instant savings from the sure deodorant which is 1.19. subtract
the 14.79 for the buy one get one for the vitamins.
I had the five dollars off manufacturer coupon. I tried to use two of that coupon
off and it wouldn’t work. I even tried to use the four dollar off one purchase of four
dollars or more that one did not work either it only would have let me attach
that one five dollars off coupon. I even tried to use a six off of 22 CRT
because it did not say excluding promotions on the CRT but that did not
work either. so as I was stating earlier there definitely seems to be some
changes occurring to the CVS policy but still not bad total was 11.79 and got
back two extra care bucks for the deodorant. And here is my receipt for the vitamins
and the sure deodorant. saved $20.98 savings percentage is 64%.
here are my two extra care bucks for the deal. this was kind of an on-the-fly deal.
the Revlon cream shadow this one is 8.59 and the color stay shadow is 9.29 that
comes to 17.88. I had a $6 off 18 for Revlon. I had a $5 Revlon that printed
today, Sunday. I rolled three extra care bucks which was a beauty buck and then I
rolled two more extra care bucks and the subtotal was 1.88 and I got the
four extra care bucks back. Saved sixteen dollars and eighty nine percent savings. here’s that receipt. here are the four
extra buck rewards for the Revlon transaction four. This is one I decided to do
this morning before I actually went to the store. I purchased one L’Oreal 24
hour infallible fresh face it is $14.99 there is a $4 off L’Oreal 24 hour
digital that loaded to my CVS card this morning I sent it to my card. there was
also a $3 off ten L’Oreal Paris that I received last week. I rolled four extra
care bucks paid 3.99 cash and got back five dollars in extra care. saved $11
savings value 73% and there are the extra care bucks for the L’Oreal. this is
the last transaction that I did and this was at the second CVS store. alright
here’s the breakdown, so before any savings the Tresemme is 6.59 that’s the
pro one right here the other two are 5.29 apiece they’re on a buy one get one
50% they’re also on a buy three and get five extra bucks. With the wet and wild
the nail one was $4.99 a piece and the glam was 9.99 a piece. wet and wild
$4.99 ones you purchase $10 and you can get $7 back or 7 extra care bucks and
you can do that three times as well and then the covergirl clear … covergirl clear
was 6.69 and the covergirl mascara was 8.29 that total came to 62.11. the instant
promotion for the Tresemme( the half off) was 2.65 there was a dollar Digital
coupon for covergirl on my app. I didn’t mean to use that I wanted to
use the $2 I had two $2 off manufacturer coupons but the clerk said because it attached, there was no way for her to take it off. so I had to use the $1 one and
then a $2.00 manufacturer coupon so this whole transaction could have been a
dollar cheaper. this was a 2.50 manufacturer coupon off of the Tresemme
professionals and then there was a $5 off two Tresemme manufacturer coupon. six
dollars off of 30 that was a CRT we got last week. $3 CRT off of cover girl, got
that last week as well. and I rolled 14 extra care bucks 10 extra care bucks and
another 10 extra care bucks and my out of pocket was 5.96 in this transaction I
use 34 extra care bucks and I got back thirty three extra care bucks. and here
break down that receipt total 5.96 today you say 56.15. savings value is 90 percent.
five extra care bucks for the Tresemme hair. seven extra care bucks for the
covergirl cosmetics 21 extra care bucks for the wet and wild cosmetics, but I
think I might need to go back. I noticed that some of these are separating and
then I did a receive a text message from another lady who coupons and she said
she was looking online and she saw that a couponer said that some stores are
giving the sets from last year so I’ll definitely double check to make
sure. Lets do a full breakdown. total without any of the sales was 153.99 the amount of cash that is spent before taxes was 30.12. the amount of extra care bucks they
rolled were 49 or 47. and the amount of extra care bucks
I received back were 49. I haven’t done the cash cart deal this week either. on
Sundays I try to get the deals that are expiring or my
CRTs or coupons that are expiring and then usually around wednesday or Thursday
I’ll do the regular deals that aren’t expiring but I … need to get for that
week so I’ll probably do the cash card, I’ll look for the first aid kit although
it might be taken off by then and then I’ll look for the Gillette mach3
Wednesday or Thursday but talk to me in the comment let me know what you think
about this I think that is a great deal one hundred and fifty three dollars
worth of product basically one hundred and fifty four dollars worth of product
and only thirty dollars out of my pocket before tax. so that is 17 items for 30
dollars and 12 cents before tax that’s a dollar seventy per item, I think,
somewhere around in there. let me know your favorite deals from CVS you know
I’ll talk to you guys later this week.

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  1. I’m going to do the vitamin deal!!!!also ur skin is so clear and flawless,maybe if you hve a skin routine let me know…

  2. Extremely good, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , if you like to 🙂

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