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Cultural Imperialism-Episode 4

Cultural Imperialism-Episode 4

cultural imperialism refers the Matins of unequal relationships between civilizations favoring the most influential nations over the less potent societies people from all around the world as it from times may have experienced debt however the question still remains what is the impact of cultural imperialism on the less powerful nations we met with people from different backgrounds and asked the effect of his practice on their life customs history values and identity you culture imperialism is the maintenance of an idea that one practice is more important than another one culture is more important than another the experience of God of cultural imperialism was when I was a bit younger growing up in the Congo in history in history class we were told about the Portuguese exploring Africa in our history book he was the first to discover the Congo River however back then around the Congo River the rest was a kingdom he was called the Congo Kingdom number of people living there he was a fully functioning Kingdom with you all is on monetary system they had infrastructure they had they had values they had a way of life however de Vaca came and it was the first to discover the kingdom and the river as it was defined by the history book as I grew up the question I asked myself was hugging someone discover something or discover a place where it is already people living is like me for instance I decided to come here in England and then go back where I come from and say I was the first to discover England see to me this that’s a form of cultural imperialism history is part of your identity but when someone else come and define how you have to see things how your eastery showed me should be read then that’s gonna be really disastrous for future generation because they wouldn’t know where they come from you’ll feel inferior and always have to rely on external sources to understand your own story for instance the story of the Congo the Congo the Congo Kingdom is found in the Belgium Museum which is outside the Congo but not everyone in the Congo has the means to travel in Belgium to go and find their own history Congolese in order for them to find their own history are obliged to travel elsewhere but you know he was supposed to be the other way around we need to reintroduce the value of history we need to introduce that because history is very very important and the accomplishments of of how ancestors so you have the impression that your story begin when the white man came in your country before that is complete darkness if we do nothing obviously that idea will be maintained the idea of culture and period ISM what we need to do especially for me coming coming from the Congo we need to sit down and rewrite our own history because it’s really really really important history it’s part this part of your identity by redefining history you redefine your identity history is our heritage and it should not be defined by someone else by redefining out ease up on history by writing rewriting our own history we give a solid foundation for the people will come after us and then they will know who to refer to when they will feel lost because identity is really important tackling the issue will take long I think is it must be an ongoing process first we needs like us Congolese we need to stop fighting each other and come together because when you fight when we keep fighting each other is like your eject part of your your history when we come together when we communicate when we work together we define history together this racial bond should be the means to bring us together that’s the way I believe we will be able to break the chain of culture imperialism because as long as we don’t do it we keep maintaining it

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