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Cross Country with FOUR KIDS  🚙  Road Trip SNACKS and ACTIVITIES

Cross Country with FOUR KIDS 🚙 Road Trip SNACKS and ACTIVITIES

100 comments on “Cross Country with FOUR KIDS 🚙 Road Trip SNACKS and ACTIVITIES

  1. Pen lid hack..
    Hot glue a bit of string to the top of the lid and the other end to the bottom of the pen. That way when they open it the lid won't get lost

  2. The blow up balls markers are permanent ,
    But these are my favorite videos they are so helpful😊

  3. Looks like the road trip will be a blast!! Fyi…they sell pouch self feeding containers on Amazon for toddlers so it doesn't make a mess and they work GREAT!! They are listed under..Dreambaby pouch pals.

  4. We were getting ready for a big road treap and I notiste that you guys posted a video so wathched it waking throw cosco.Thanks

  5. Aww you’re skipping Arkansas, but here, there’s absolutely no Costco! 😲
    Big shocker isn’t it! Instead we have to opt for Sams club, but the two stores are similar enough.

    However in about 2 weeks I’ll be going on a 5 day cruise to Cozumel, that docks out of Mississippi and when get off, we will head to New Orleans for a couple of days! Have fun at the beach and your road trip! 😃

  6. quick tip keep Jackson's do it yourself book i still have mine and love looking back on my life when i was little haha

  7. Do not and I repeat do not stay in New Orleans after sunset, it is not safe. No hate to New Orleans I love it there but of you go be ready for drunk people and some weird people. I use to live there and I love it but be aware of your surroundings (and kids).

  8. Kenzie reminds me so much of myself as a kiddo! I used to love the rectangular brain quest cards that had the questions and answers on them and also school workbooks. I still love that kind of stuff! So I do a lot of extra learning outside of school with my stepdaughter

  9. My mom reminded me of a fun game we played as kids on road trips. She got us a blank map of the US and we would color in a state when we saw a car with that license plate. So for your cross country trip you can print one out and when they see a NV plate color in Nevada… To add some fun you can make it a competition: whoever fills their map first. ALL states must be witnessed by adult or something. Just a fun idea!

  10. you couldn't have posted this at a better time because i am going on a road trip in 4 days also you are my favorite youtuber

  11. Have a safe trip! Have fun in Waco, I'm in a nearby town. If going to Magnolia Market, be prepared to wait in line. Enjoy your trip!

  12. Your kids are very lucky we’re going on a 16 hour road trip and our plan is top stop a McDonald’s every few hours

  13. I'm hitting you up first for ideas! We're hitting the road on Sunday to Worlds Of Fun (heard of it?) and Mt. Rushmore! Thanks for all of the ideas, expression of love towards your family, being an amazing mother and person. 🌹❤👊👌👏👐🙏

  14. Ummm Jennifer.. I just want to say thank you.. I’m a insecure teenager with chronic depression and your videos are really good coping mechanisms for me. Thanks – edie

  15. 2:38 she sounds like the vine that goes YEAHHH with the little boy with the basketball 🤣🤣 PS. love your channel !!

  16. I saw a good idea. Get some of the press and seal wrap. Tear off a piece. Stick it to the front of the child's shirt. When the child is done eating pull the press and seal off the shirt and throw it away. Mess stays on the press n seal and clothes stay clean.

  17. I love dried mango and pineapple plus if you’ve never had it before fir the future freeze dried strawberries are really nice and healthy too.
    I also quite like pried fruit like in the gogo squeeze but my favourite is mango flavour as we have different brands in uk.

  18. With the take alongs you could put individual portions of salad and then in the smaller section dressing.

  19. If the kids are looking for some toys that are good for road trips Iv found things like polly picket or the shopkins lil secrets and good or things like mini Lego sets, jigsaw books, playmobil carry cases, wikki stix, window clings incredible clings for kids ( a bit like stickers but they are easily removable from windows), fingerlings toys. Also the books by klutz are great for keeping the older kids entertained.

  20. is your older kid in 3rd or higher grade for fractions, cuz im not sure if that is a good idea to get your kids confused and also waste of money

  21. Go to cafe du mond. In New Orleans And get beignets so so so good
    Btw im from covington Louisiana so im local to New orleans and i love cafe du mond so good

  22. 14:44 one tip to help the top of the marker to never get lost is to hot glue a sting in order to reach the black back thing (to hang there and won’t disturb you kids drawing) and they won’t lose it and I will work for a long time

  23. ur treating ur kids up badly i meaqn theyre not even allowed to be weird or themselves or fall over uh huh fall over

  24. I thought I was the only one who wake their kids up like Dad did 🤣🤣 gotta reactivate the crazy 🤣

  25. You mention having some safe lap tables in the car for the kids and that you found them on amazon; by any chance do you have the link for them? We've been looking for some safe ones for our kids recently too but it's hard to tell online which ones are actually soft/safe. Thanks 🙂

  26. The snacking mozzarella cheese and the strawberry cheesecake yogurt are my favorites. I hope you have fun on your roadtrip.

  27. Here's a tip for the markers cut a piece of yarn then on the cap of the marker put hot glue and glue the yarn do the same to the other side so it stays together!

  28. Good things about Jennifer she is so kind great voice so much cute kids SO ORGANIZED has so much spear time.

  29. Put your glow sticks in the freezer before you leave for the trip and keep them in the freezer until you need them so they will last longer

  30. If you glue a string to the cap of the marker and then glue the other end to the marker you wont have to worry about loosening the cap bc it will always be atached!😊☺️🥳🤩

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