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Country Style Ribs On The Weber Kettle | Axis Deer Country Style Ribs Recipe

Country Style Ribs On The Weber Kettle | Axis Deer Country Style Ribs Recipe

hello there I’m chef Johnny this is
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine appreciate you stopping by today we have
a wonderful recipe for you we are breaking out the wild game again we’re
gonna make some country-style ribs sometimes you hear them called finger
ribs usually they’re not a rib at all today the truth a lot of times they’re
cut off the shoulder blade and they’ll cut them into what looks like ribs
sometimes they’ll take them down off the lower line and put some of that loin in
there with them but a lot of times all they are is a shoulder blade cut up and
they call them ribs because they’re cut into strips but they’re not at all yeah
it is a low and slow cook more mele though to get them so we’re gonna be
cooking some of those they’re not your regular ones though these actually are
off of an axis deer my buddy Don he brought these over to me the other day
came out dove hunting and he dropped off some axes deer for me so we’re cooking
them up tonight we’re gonna give you some close-up so you can see how much
different axis deer looks then whitetail deer a lot more fat on it marbling
through the meat it’s an excellent meat this is an excellent recipe think you’re
gonna enjoy it so stick around and watch me smoke up these country-style axis
ribs on the weber kettle in a second you’re gonna see these access deer have fat on them
we’re a whitetail does not my love and access deer it’s got a great flavor so
let’s get in close and look and see how I season up these country-style ribs you
can see this beautiful a lot a lot a lot of fat on these is marbling through them
and today what I’m using is I’m using Ham Grenade from War Pig Yall’ve seen my
videos before y’all know I really do like this product but you find them at a
HEBs if you’re here in Texas here’s a nice little look at it kind of just get the sides a little bit get em all side by side that way I can get them all at one time and now the other side get that side good okay War Pig BBQ Ham
Grenade is on there let’s lay them down let’s look at getting them on this grill
get these and we’re gonna lay them on this Weber I’ve got some pecan chips
on there to give us some smoke tonight should give us a good flavor there these
little ones I’m gonna put the outside edge little cooler over there keep this
pit somewhere around 275 degrees you see I’ve got a temperature probe in there
new gauge I got I’ll show you all that thermometer in a minute but got it on
there let’s get these covered up I’m soaking
in some smoke and we’ll get right back with you here we go here’s the Smartro
up close it’s uh hooked on the side of my Weber performer but you can see
pits right at 275 it’s got a good loud alarm the let what you let you know if
it goes over right now we’re sitting at 195 I do like that magnet let me back
off here let you see see it it sticks on there so it stays a lot of times I think
a pit magnets don’t do that that’s one of the things I do like about this one
and if you look that is easy to read on this display if we turn it over and look
at the back you can see it is made in China but it’s got a little fold-out leg
on it so now hope I change the didn’t mean to but you see I changed it to beef
let me show you how we do this we’re gonna go back and go meat select and
we’re gonna go back to my preset over here of 275 pits 273 so we’re doing
alright everything’s looking good there and these country-style ribs are up to
158 degrees so I have a probe on each one but it is a nice little thermometer
I don’t even know what the cost is haven’t even looked at it yet got it in
the other day someone sent it to me and it’s a nice little thermometer might be
something you want to look at so there we go a little bit under I’m going to
come down here I lowered this while ago y’all can
kind of see down here I got it marked it’s a quarter open that’s halfway open
for my baffles in my bottom of my Weber I just put little arrows on there there is our thermometer and our ribs are at 156 so let’s wait a little bit
longer and we’ll get these babies sauced up this dear me we have is up to about 160
degrees so we’re gonna open it up and I’m just gonna flip these end for end and
turn them over just like that I’m gonna check the temperature on these smaller ones kind of see where they’re at you can tell they have good smoke on
them that looks good cover them back up take them up about another 30 degrees and we’ll see if they’re tender ribs just hit 195 alarm went off like I said
loud and clear I liked it alarm on there you’re not gonna miss it but we’re gonna
get these ribs off we’re gonna put some sauce on them little SNAFU from War
Pig we’re gonna sauce these up get them back on just for a few minutes and then
we’re gonna give them a try pull these off they’re getting nice and tender
take out the probe for a minute I still see moisture in them so that’s
good now all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take
this SNAFU and I tell you what here you go see what it looks like here
but the SNAFU at the American Royal I think they got tenth place chicken using SNAFU so it’s good stuff I like it real well but we’re gonna drizzle some across
the top oops almost forgot wasn’t gonna drizzle it on all of them now I’ll just brush it on I’m not eating sugar so I’m only getting one of these tonight they’re sauce let’s get them back onto the Weber I’m not gonna worry about putting our
probe back in there and they’re cooked all far as I want them to go they’re
gonna be good and this other one I’m just gonna cover it with a little bit of foil I’m not gonna put it back on there all we’re doing there is setting the
sauce so let’s go a few minutes and we’ll pull
those off see if we get these off grill now they’re looking pretty gave that sauce
time to kind of set up a little bit there we have it got some beautiful deer
meat out here it is looking pretty and cooked up really well like that nice
little thermometer I use if y’all want to check it out there’ll be a link down
there and I mentioned I was having these sugar I’m on the diet with Roger Raglan
so this deer meats gonna be fine there is a little bit of sugar in that rub so
I did not want to add sauce to it now you can get sugar free sauces other
places but I did one for me that has no sauce on it so I’m gonna try this one it
does have a nice smoke ring on it maybe you see it there but gotta good smoke ring these were 275 took me about two hours to get them up to a probably right 200 now pulled them at 195 and sauced em went another five or ten minutes without the
gauge in there but beautiful looking piece of axis let’s give it a try mmm
that’s good once again War Pig did a great job Ham
Grenade I’m loving I’m loving Ham Grenade find my and I’ll put a link for
it for y’all see you find it my competition rib video using the Ham
Grenade it’s won two cook-offs for me I’ve entered it in two and its won two anyways I like that a lot having a lot of success with it but great
country-style ribs I hope you’ll give them a try I hope you’ll try this recipe
if you do give me leave me a message down there tell me how it turned out
even if you don’t have the axis dear go over there you get you some
country-style ribs they’re gonna be pork ribs give those a try or sometimes
you’ll even see some steaks that are called finger ribs they’re not a rib but
you pick them up that way my wife gets them at the store every once they got to
cook them low and slow to break it down or you have to braise them or something
so any type of recipe these work great for it turned out fantastic I appreciate
you stopping by Don appreciate you giving me the axis deer for this
videoeverybody all the best for me and my family to you and your family and
thanks for stopping by and we’re gonna catch you down the road again on
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine good night everybody how them boys put food
away beats all I’ve ever seen

19 comments on “Country Style Ribs On The Weber Kettle | Axis Deer Country Style Ribs Recipe

  1. Huh, ribs that are not ribs at all. The finished product looks amazing, chef Johnny. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  2. Howdy Chef Johnny man you're looking great brother you've lost some POUNDS keep it up. Those Axis Deer Country style ribs make for some mighty fine eating love the marbling on them great video as always. Have a great weekend you and your family.

  3. Man that’s some nice marbling!! Looks more like a ribeye!! I need to send my husband to Texas to deer hunt!! Thanks for the video Chef!!!

  4. I love " country style" ribs, these looked good, that Axis Deer meat looked very tender. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎..

  5. Wow Chef ! Love that marbling in that venison! You are looking good on that diet! Do you ever allow yourself a cheat day ? I think I need to start that diet ! Awesome job Chef !

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