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Country Struggles To Catch Up As It Reaches Grim Milestone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Country Struggles To Catch Up As It Reaches Grim Milestone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 comments on “Country Struggles To Catch Up As It Reaches Grim Milestone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. "Today, I am proud to open this facility, the Donald J. Trump Death Panel Headquarters, capable of killing 40,000 old people every day. Our new American Auschwitz. Heil Trump! Heil Me! Blame those Democrats! Tonight, I want 4 scoops of ice cream!"

  2. That's a good question. How long and how far are you going to let this con child drive America into the ground? You don't even have any idea what his motivations are. Hint : it doesn't appear to be the wellbeing of the people he's supposed to represent. 🤔

  3. Stupid libs! Think hillary would care! She let people die in the past! Stop going to scub bag country's! Stupid libs!

  4. Sadly, It's the old people who keep on voting for Republicans. Now they are being abandoned and left to die by those greedy care-less selfish politicians headed by Trump.

  5. its called capitalism. its working precisely as it untended to work. the poor have been sacrificed to the almighty alter of money, greed and the elite for over 6000 years.

  6. trump said, he’ll sue anyone that use COVID 19 for infomercial . That’s the only thing does sue. sue ,sue & sue again sue . You know what trump DEMOCRATS says BRING IT ON MF.!!!

  7. It's going to be up to the public to handle this crisis ourselves. This president doesn't have the capability to help. We need to be smarter than this and stop it ourselves. Enough with this president already. We the people don't matter to him and never will. ~From an ex-republican

  8. In olden days when people were under threat, the leaders of countries, towns and villages were at the front of the battle line.
    Trump and republicans want to talk strategy? Then they should lead by example. Offer themselves up for sacrifice instead of the elderly. Most of them are over 80 anyway.
    Where's ancient Mitch McConnell when you need his sacrifice?

  9. As far as I'm concerned, every American is my kin. America is one giant family, and our president is letting it die.

  10. From now on trump should no longer call COVD 19 “ Chinavirus “ let’s call it trumpvirus , since under the trump administration the UNITED STATES have more people infected than CHINA and ITALY 82.000 & counting . It’s now TRUMPVIRUS.

  11. taiwan was prepared. they have 5 deaths so far even though they are right next to china's border. they resurrected the SARS committee and had those in charge of mobilize all branches of govt to track and quarantine. they never had to shut down their economy. remember that.

  12. 2500 tests given to date in S. Carolina 1600 backlogged… Need to test way more then quarantine!! Any farmer with livestock knows this. Ain’t hard. “We’re behind the curve.”

  13. National Defense & Military put service members & their acceptable loss numbers for a given mission. Donald Trump or any Senator or Congress member who enabled Donald Trump do not have the moral grounds to get a say in any US citizens life or death. All of you Mitch, Lindsey you too!

  14. Our veterans deserve to go with dignity, in their sleep, surrounded by loved ones. Not gasping for breath alone in a makeshift hospital.

  15. How Trump and the GOP remain in office after November will show you how stupid their sheep are. The rest of the country will take heed and remove those that failed to act!

  16. Yes we let this happen. I will never understand how ppl became his followers…never. He is incapable and if Congress doesnt have the back bone to remove him. Maybe the virus does…

  17. The donald……..the trump………trumpiest of all the trumps that have been trumping around!……trump!!…..trump!!

  18. this moment could have redeemed trump. he can't lawyer the pandemic. az seniors (while we still stand) for sanders. we need leadership and energy. we need a movement based in science. does anybody dare say biden is up to the task? times up.

  19. It's okay ifTexas deputy governor wants to die for economy, but his job is to preserve people's lives of his state, including the lives of senior citizens!!!

  20. 2020 Political Propaganda for political gain. I miss you Anderson, and your smelly candle story. Take care…..

  21. How many times did your show give him free press during his campaign? It seems like there are lots of people who let him get away with garbage.

  22. I get the impression that these are two caring, honest and morally conscious reporters. Keep up the good work.

  23. I'm convinced these two are paid to endlessly attack Trump. They really are a couple of drama queens that I find hilarious.

  24. This is the world predicted by Eugene Zamiatin (We), Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), George Orwell (1984), Isaac Asimov (Pebble in the Sky), William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson (Logan's Run). All this warning and we still didn't see it coming.
    Soylent Green is People!

  25. After the many years, 40yrs, of the Republican Party cutting safety net programs, defunding our educational system, defunding or failing to increase the funding of SS, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, HUD/lower priced apartments and homes, food stamps, minimum wage w/the rate of inflation, blocking health insurance for all, denying millions expanded Medicaid, attempting to replace ACA w/a worse health insurance plan, suing to completely invalidate the ACA and reverse health insurance for ppl w/preexisting conditions, blocking any attempt to allow Medicare drug insurance the ability to negotiate drug prices for seniors and disabled ppl, defunding the VA and GI bill, sending millions of M&L class kids to fight unnecessary wars/regime change around the world, blocking all attempts to mitigate climate change, throwing out regulations which protect the M&L class Americans from harm and death, blocking common sense gun laws as they watch innocent Americans and law enforcement being gunned down as if they’re on the battle field, etc. In addition, increasing income and wealth inequality for pure greed over the last 40yrs, knowing full well that as income and wealth inequality increase w/in a society, we also see increases in violence, homegrown extremism/terrorism/hate crimes, racism, xenophobia, drug/alcohol abuse, suicides, maternal/infant mortality rate, associated psych/medical conditions, teen pregnancy, incarcerations, poverty, homelessness, polarization, societal unrest, and decreases in social mobility, life expectancy, math and literacy scores compared to other countries, and trust in government and each other. Joe is either pretending not to know how the greed on the right effects M&L class Americans or seriously out of touch. Most of MSM have done everything they can to persuade voters not to vote for non-establishment candidates who r funded by small dollar donations and support policies which would create a fair economy for all Americans and instead to vote for Dem establishment candidates who r owned by the wealthy and corporations to protect, maintain, and advance the rigged system we’ve had for the past 40yrs. I’m glad to see Joe has some morality, even if it’s only on this one issue. The Republican Party has been the death party for at least 40yrs. It’s not social media who has pulled M&L class Republican and Democrat voters to the far-right or far-left on the political spectrum in which the policies that would create capitalism for the many r left-wing policies, not Dem establishment/centrists as the wealthy and media want voters to believe. The top 1% has been harming and killing M&L income Americans for 40yrs. U all have no problem watching M&L class Americans struggle and die bc u think u deserve a much too large share of the nation’s income, nearly all the country’s wealth, nearly all the new growth year after year, collect ur socialism for the wealthy and corporations, and get by w/paying far too few taxes leaving the 99% of the population w/far too little to live on. So, while I agree that Trump is putting profits before ppl which is resulting in Americans dying who would otherwise have lived had Trump put ppl before profits, acted long ago knowing the virus was coming, ensured we were doing testing on a mass scale, ensured first responders and medical staff had the PPE to protect themselves, compelled corporations to make the supplies we needed long ago, took the lead and negotiated a fair price for both manufacturers and the taxpayers instead of leaving states to compete w/each other and other countries forcing states/the taxpayers to pay the highest price and leaving poorer states at a serious disadvantage. Trump and Republicans r despicable ppl but so too r the MSM, Dem establishment, the oligarchs, pundits, etc bc ur all contributing to harming and killing millions of Americans every year.

  26. THANK YOU Joe! It's about time someone talked about ALL lives, not just the unborn. I'm pro-life, but I'm also a Democrat and those rich Republicans make me sick right now. Shame on them. THEY won't be the sacrificial lambs because they'll have no problem getting ventilators or whatever else they need. They can "say" they'll sacrifice their lives for their children (um, the economy), but it's all lies. They don't think they will die, or plan on dying at all. They're not fooling anyone!

  27. America 1975 = Paper Tiger and lost the Vietnam War
    America 2020 = Paper Tiger 2.0 and loses the war on covid 19 viruses

  28. Yeah look what the "greatest country on earth" really looks like. That is including Joe "I'm not a democrat" Scarborough". When is this turd finally going to admit that saving the US is in the hands of people like Bernie and Alexandria.

  29. In the current scenario,President must learn from Indian PM Narendra Modi..How he locked down the whole pan India to save 1.3 billion people & kept subside the economy for 3 weeks . Mark of a True Leader…Hats off!!

  30. The ORANGE IMBECILE is "powerful" because of the RICHpubliKKKons in the senate. Without their support, he is KRAP!!!!

  31. Fuhrer Trump is the most vile POS imaginable. "We gotta get back to work!" When people become acceptable casualties to a rampant mentally ill dictator only interested in re-election and $$, it has become the darkest of days. Bless all the first-responders world-wide and everyone suffering and loosing loved ones because of this.

  32. Man Johnny Bravo never lets mika speak or give her opinion! And cuts her off repeatedly! Good job Johhny Bravo!🤦🏿‍♂️

  33. IF is a mighty big word. I believe it is time the entire world held the President if CHINA and US accountable for all the deaths. May be as war criminals. This something we the citizens of the world should give serious thought.😂😂😂😂😂

  34. hey Joe remember Republicans want to cut intitlements… one way to do that is by death… just saying you gotta pay fur them there upper class tax cuts one way or another…

  35. They don't care if the old die it will lower social security and save them money! It's all about the money!! They're only giving us money to save the stock market! Cuz if we don't buy the stock will crash! People save your money don't buy anything let it fall let the stock market crash and maybe they will start care about the people that gives them money!!

  36. Upwards of 59,000 people in the US died from the flu during the 2019/20 flu season. Where is the news media coverage? Where is the outcry? Where is the finger pointing and blaming?

  37. I hope everyone of these conservatives who don't care if Americans die, themselves die from coronavirus. Poetic justice.

  38. I bet you it was a gut feeling why Trump fire the pandemic team after know the pandemic was coming, to reek havoc on the US also.

  39. The White House chump doesnt seem to realise that he is an unhealthy senior citizen that is so unproductive hes counter productive. Just a thought.

  40. I think we should elevate Trump into a king, so his children can rule over America until the end of his dynasty.

  41. Are you actually telling the world that
    Jeff Bezos, Amazon – $114 billion.

    Bill Gates, Microsoft – $106 billion.

    Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway – $80.8 billion.

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook – $69.6 billion.

    Larry Ellison, software – $65 billion.

    Larry Page, Google – $55.5 billion.

    Sergey Brin, Google – $53.5 billion.
    lives in a country that nurses have to wear garbage bag
    in time of health crisis.
    MSNBC must have showed the wrong clipping or the news paper may retract
    that story soon.

  42. Typical media politicizing the pandemic. You lose ALL your credibility. Could not even get in 2 minutes until I got fed up with the lies. This is not a news program it is a political hatchet job.

  43. This is such leftist nonsense. Coming from a doctor, Trump is doing everything he should be doing. You can't blame Trump for a pandemic. So tired of this nonsense chatter coming from leftist news.

  44. My fellow Americans, it sad to say that you are already living under Trump's dictatorship. That's how it feels like when your head of a country lies, worries about controlling the media, the message to a suffering population and focuses on his power and re-election!

  45. Mika's right. Republicans had a chance to get Trump out of office. If they didn't protect Trump for the last 3 years, we could have a better leader to deal with this crisis now.

  46. So hold on the main difference between Dem. and Rep. is who should lives and dies and how they live. Who is worth more and who is worth less. I mean right now it is not who lives and dies it is how do we stay alive. Right now some of the people that have never been recognized and thought of as they get paid to do what they do. The thing is they don't get paid to die saving a our lives they get paid to live, they do what they do because they are thinking of other people no themselves, people working in grocery stores who put the products we need to survive on the shelf's and get paid hardly enough to survive on but even though there lives are in danger they still feeding all those people, nurse, doctors, people taking temps, people delivering the food. No food what happens then.

  47. We the people need to have our government to remove Donald Trump from office and have someone take his seat that can take care of this country better.

  48. What is this lady talking about? “If we had listen to the WHO warnings”

    it was the WHO who first stated that it was not an issue!!

  49. Dont care if you are Democrats or Republicans. We need to work together to have a better country. There was a slogan that trump said in his 2016 campaign. "Make America great again " let's make America great again and protest against the president off from office and have government put forth the defense production act in place. People are dying and we need someone to do a better job.

  50. I need some help here! !!

    Somebody help me!!

    More people died from the opioid epidemic and it was not a big issue!! Big Pharma kept running her drug dealing scheme.

    I don’t get it!! Something doesn’t quite fit in this equation.

    “ Figures don’t lie, but liars figure”

  51. We Are All In This Together…it saddens me when I read some of these comments and people are wishing and hoping for some people to die…This Virus is not picking Democrats or Republicans to attach itself to…Whomever it attaches itself to if you're not strong enough to fight it, you lose the war. With people wishing death on others, reminds me of the old saying," It's like you drinking poison and waiting for your enemies to die… So Sad…I pray that God will bless America, and the whole world…We Are All In This Together.👍🙏❤Put A Little Love In Your Heart.

  52. All coming out of Donald Trump mouth is nothing but lies. I'm proud to be a American born and raise in NY. But the way trump is acting no different then the one who ignored the whistle blower in china.

  53. God this 'news' agency is the worst. Literally the worst crap on TV. And here Fox had held that title for so long. How low they have sunk.

  54. 13:18 remember when it was the tea party talking about how socialized medicine would result in death panels lol

  55. wow what a bias and sensationalized report, these people at msnbc are ridiculous the rumors and talk are true about them, what a crap network

  56. What President ? You have no president since PRESIDENT OBAMA USA !! Sorry but you have to rise to this challenge and be your own leaders in this catastrophy.

  57. I don't wish this virus on anyone not even someone I don't like. But let's say god forbid someone in his family have this virus. I'm sure he would do what he can to take care of them. Or would he?🤔🤔

  58. Thanks for speaking out! This administration is reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazis. All life is sacred! When money & material possessions become more important than human beings, that is a recipe for disaster! Trump * has been responsible for one disaster after another. Those senators who refused to remove trump * from office will go down in history with him as traitors!

  59. This is what we have allowed because we are cowards who worship an outdated ideology. We've become fools. Our cowardice and stupidity will cost people their lives. We have failed out parents and our children by allowing this revenant of a human being to take office.

  60. Total freaking out to see how this is even posible ….Trump wont call it war for his reelection. All his focus is on winning the reelection

  61. The CDC did have testing early on, the thing is they found out the nucleic acid tests (that China was using too) were flawed.. These things happen unfortunately; stop trying to make things political, it's disgusting.

  62. OH GOD….! this is making me cry, thay are using trash bags, as protection. in the richest country on earth, because they don't have any equipment. from the EU guy's you have to get this under control, forget about Trump just do what you have to do.

  63. Donald Trump is in Kahoots with China and China is downplaying their numbers to make sure that Chinas citizens dont become afraid.

  64. AmeriKKKa failing hard i wish my southern neighbors well but thag orange clown will destroy you guys. I pray for you guys, but fear this will only get so much worse

  65. well trump finally did it… trump shot someone on 5th avenue by not protecting america from this invading army… trump allowed the war to come to our shores

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