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Country Sounds on the Violin

Country Sounds on the Violin

We—we (oui oui) are going to play a charades video, and the rules are like this: We—we (oui oui) are going to… *snickers* Draw from the pouch… and we we (oui oui) [are] going to imitate each country. Today we are in Montreal, In a little hotel room. This is the only wall we could find, so… – Apologies for the…
– Aesthetics. The beautiful painting, oui oui.
– Oui oui. *sighs* Man, this is a very… Oui oui video. We—we (oui oui) so awesome! Violin charades, 24 countries, 5 minutes each, – we have to do 12 each.
– Yeah. Scissors, paper… – Rock!
– Oui! – I win.
– Alright, who’s going first? Oui, oui! *laughs* (Both) 3,2,1. Let’s do it! Ohh! – Yeah, it’s going.
– Oui oui. Alright, alright. Oh wait, I gotta get—urgh! I’m looking at the…painting. First one! It is beautiful. Mexico! Yes! Alright, you ready? Russia! Yes! Tchaikovsky! – Bring it! We we (oui oui), so good!
– Dude, this is pretty easy. – Dude, this is too easy—
– Alright. A? A? Las Vegas? China? Ah it’s an Asian country. Laos! Chi…na!! *laughs* Chile, Chil-lah..! Ohh…no, ok. *sighs* A? Lah? Yeah, China! Taiwan? – Oh! “Lah”, Singapore!
– Yes! Singapore! *both laughs* Ohhhhhh!!! Get that lah! – Alright, next one.
– I don’t know lah. We did that for our Singapore show lah. I forgot the joke lah, I’m so sorry lah. – China.
– Yeah. Got 4 now? Yeah. – Oh we gotta hurry up, make up for lost time!
– Okay. Yeah, okay. Finland! – Sibelius.
– Yes. Alright. Oh. No. – Japan!
– Yes! *laughs* Naruto! Naruto, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Hoo! Hah! – Hee-hah hoo-hah! Daiisuki!
– Okay okay… – Daiisuki nan dayo.
– Here we go, okay. Spain? – Yes.
– Yeah. Lalo. It’s too easy! China—Asian country. Slow, Asian country? *laughs* Malaysia? [The] Philippines? – Indonesia?
– Yes! Ohh! Nice. – Alright.
– We’ve got 8, right? Yeah. Alright, here we go. Um…uh…uh! – I send you to the shadow realm, Egypt!
– Yes! *both laugh hysterically* – I send you to the shadow realm!
– Alright, here we go, here’s another one. – It’s time to du-du-du-duel!
– Okay…um… Mexico? Brazil? Chile? Chil-lah? – Ah. “A”…Argentina!
– Yes. Oh my God. Dude I’m pretty sure that’s not Argentinian music! Here we go. Come on! Yeah. Anyway, got it. Mozart! Au…au…au…Austria! Yes. Is that 11 or 12? I don’t know, I think 12. – Alright, you gotta leave the other stuff for me, bro!
– One more! Oh, last one. Ohhh!!! Alright. Start. Trois, deux, un. Begin. Ohh. Too easy. – Germany!
– Yeah. Beethoven “Kreutzer” Sonata! Are you ready? England! ENgLaNd E N G L A N D HaaaaAAaaaaaAAaAAHhhhhHHHHH I’ll just go easy. – Oh, Italy.
– Yeah. Italiano! Ooh! Um… Japan! Oh no… [I] Forgot Brett doesn’t listen to pop music. – Um…
– Dammit…Korea! Uhh… Uhh….ooh… USA. – Uh…uh…
– USA. Oh yeah, USA. Oh yeah, mate! – Australia.
– Yeah mate. Alright, let’s move on. Ohh! Argh. Oh no! *laughs* I don’t want to say it! *laughs* Say it! India…? Noooo!!! *laughs* Africa…? Can can! England! Greece! French! Oui oui! French…France. Bro! Hungary! Czech! Oh, Sweden! Norway! Russia! Estonia! Denmark! Asia! Malaysia! Taiwan! Hong Kong! China! Vietnamese! Debussy! De— Near the sea! *laughs* I don’t know what to do with this one! Pass. – What was it?
– Canada. It was at this moment that he knew… – OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
– *laughs* Oui oui! – Korea!
– Yeah. Oh, Canada! Oh, bro! Um… India. No. Egypt. – Oh, Arabic! Arab.
– No. India. Pakistan. Africa! South Africa, Morocco! *grunts* Morocco! Oh! Uh…Iran! Afghanistan! – Turkey!
– Yes! Okay. There’s a chicken sound, Turkey! *mimics turkey sounds* Um… (Both) Ohhhhh!!!! Whoa! Whoa! What? Oh! Oh! Bonus countries!!! (Both) Scissors, paper, rock! (Both) Scissors, paper, rock! Steady…go! Was it on? – Yeah.
– Oui oui! *snickers* Oui oui! Oh. England! – U.K.
– Yeah. I was like, does that count? Hungary! Dude, it’s so easy. *singing* Oh. *laughs* Oh my God. *laughs* France? Yeah. – Oui oui!
– Oui oui! Ça va! Très bien! Argh…! Oh bro, I don’t know what this one is! Ohh…! Brazil! Yeah! Bum Bum Tam Tam! *gasps* Last one! Poland! Oui-niawski! *laughs* – Oui-oui-niawski!
– Oui oui! Check out our merch, because when this is out, merch is already back. I hope it’s not sold out, you guys had been waiting for so long. “Ling Ling 40 hours”, “Practice Twoset” Accent the like button, – and then fortissimo the subscribe button,
– Uh! And then… Practice.

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  1. 6:31 sorry dudes it’s France …. can-can = Offenbach = french (even if he is born in Germany/Austria) ily btw u guys are the best

  2. Damm both Brett's and Eddy's timer ran out just as soon as they picked my country…I would have loved to hear them play an Indian melody 😭 I'm legit disaapointed

  3. Mexican song for Argentina 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  4. Im like "why the hell bach for Brazil!?!?"
    Wild mc fioti cover appears…
    Thought classical music dudes be playing Villa Lobos or some Bossa Nova shit

  5. When Turkey comes me: Oh what it’s gonna be? Maybe Turkisch march?
    Brett: turkey sounds (the animal)
    Me: whAt!?

  6. Playing “La donna è mobile”
    Brett: ENGLAND!
    My brain, as italian: MA COME SI FAAAAAAAA (how is that possible???) 😂😂😂😂😂

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