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Country Life and City Life // Moving to the Country: A Vlog…Kind of

hey everyone Jessalyn here welcome or
welcome back to our Channel today we are making a trip back to the city we moved
out of the city about two years ago and built a home in the country and even
though we’re not super far away country life in city life has been very
different for example as far as our shopping options go we have a Walmart
and that’s about it so we plan to make a trip back to the city we’re gonna stop
at Kohl’s to get Nathan a new outfit for his first day of second grade we’re
definitely going to stop at Chipotle to get some lunch get him a haircut and I
don’t know maybe a few other things what’s up dude are we gonna go into town
today uh-huh gonna go get you a new outfit are you
excited to go back to school you are I thought you said you weren’t now I am you are now I am because I want to see Louie you want to see Louie he likes to play pokemon with me so tonight’s your open house so we get to see your new classroom and all your friends that are gonna be in your class this
year so that’s exciting right we gotta make sure you’re looking good for your first
day at school so you ready to go pick out a new outfit have any ideas what you
want to get I don’t know alright let’s go let’s go see what we can find shall we
you ready to go yeah what’s in your mouth how many tic tacs have you eaten today how many have you had one two two that’s the lie detector
determine that was a lie you had like 12 you ready to roll yeah let’s do it so we have officially made it into town
how long did that take us almost an hour almost an hour it did not take us an hour
you know how long it actually took us it took us about 25 30 minutes this
is where we used to live before we built our home in the country
remember living out here maybe we’ll go by our old apartment and show them where we used to live music music so we got your outfit for school feeling
pretty excited got a fresh new outfit you’re gonna look really really sharp
aren’t you and we had lunch at Chipotle which was delicious wasn’t it what would
you do if we had a Chipotle out by where we lived how many times a week do you
think you’d eat there every time like seven days a week it’s that good
we made a stop on the way to get Nathan’s haircut to our old apartment
this is where we used to live we lived in this apartment I think for two years
and then we lived in another apartment at the same place for a total of two
years I actually also used to work at this same apartment community and was in
the apartment management industry for 12 years and funny story when we were
living out here one of the major motivators for wanting to move out in
the country was the fact that our next-door neighbor was arrested for
selling drugs so it was really interesting to be working here and see a bunch of
cops come up outside our apartment home and do a drug bust at the
neighbor’s house that was a lot of fun but we’re gonna go get your hair cut
get you all fresh and clean for your open house tonight right
so let’s go get your hair did music music music sissy what did you think of that car
wash was that fun yeah you want to go again no no you just went home
no more carwash okay okay let’s see it Wow look at that guy you like it are you
gonna feel like the cool kid in school when you go to second grade not too much not too much
all the girls are gonna be like Nathan’s looking cute Oh mom so embarrassing hey again guys I really hope that you
are enjoying this video this vlog is it a vlog I don’t even know if I know how
to accurately vlog so time flies it’s actually been over a week now that
Nathan went back to school and I sat down with Mike last night to do a video
where we were just going to talk about life and like our goals and what it’s
like living out in the country yeah that just didn’t work out did you just fart i don’t know it’s possible mike is
really good at like teaching things he has a ton of experience with building
things and carpentry and like mechanical related stuff so any of the videos that
you see with him in it they’re gonna probably give you a lot of helpful
information they might like teach you something we actually have a video that
we just filmed that I’m hoping to have up by next week where he shows you
step-by-step how to install an electric fence so that you can train your farm
animals I on the other hand don’t really have all that much value to give at
least not in that department we have some video topics where we want to talk
more openly about our faith and I feel like I can contribute in that area just
based off of my own life experiences I’m really here just kind of like for the
fun of things I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know us and
you know like be friends aww but this video this vlog is supposed to be all about
the city life and country life and the differences between the two of them so
this is what I can tell you in the country one thing that I can say I
really love is that we have land there’s a lot of space outside for our kids to
play and it’s peaceful and it’s quiet and I do love that we are establishing a
farm and that we are working to become self-sustaining because if we’re honest
here the world is kind of going nuts but also having animals is a lot of
responsibility and honestly they kind of smell but you do save more money because
you are further away from all of your favorite stores like Starbucks and
Target and Chipotle but also that can be really inconvenient some days which is
why I keep buying all of these Starbucks drinks at the grocery store they are
literally like the first thing that I crave when I wake up in the morning
which cannot be good for you at all you know what let me go grab a water so that
maybe you think that I’m somewhat healthy living out in the country is actually
really good because there’s a lot less crime I feel like we are a lot safer out
here we’re not living by a drug dealer anymore at least not that I know of but
we are further away from friends and being able to participate in like social
activities but then again I never really participated in that many social
activities so never mind that actually this is really off topic but that
reminds me of something that I posted on social media on my Facebook about a week
ago I did not expect for it to go viral fifty two thousand six hundred and
ninety six shares you guys like that’s a lot of us that apparently don’t have
friends all in all I really do like living in the country country music is
even growing on me whereas when I was growing up that was all my mom used to
play and I remember absolutely hating it but I don’t know like I might go wear
some cowboy boots in public or something I think wherever you live there’s
probably going to be pros and cons if I had to choose after experiencing both
living in the city and in the country I think I would definitely stick with
living in the country anyways if you’ve watched this so far
thank you so much for watching and for listening I feel like this ending of the
video was actually pretty stupid I really hope that you enjoyed it like I
said if so please be so kind to give it a thumbs up and then maybe even
subscribe and stick around and see if my videos get any better I love you all God
bless you all and I’ll see you next time

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