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Country Flame Harvester Overview

Country Flame Harvester Overview

Country Flame Harvester Overview Hello my name is Shawn Maugans and today I’m
going to introduce the Harvester wood pellet and corn burning biomass stove. The Harvester
is a free standing stove and includes a heavy heat exchanger that will give you a lifetime
of good heating capacity for your home. Some of the features of the Harvester are a 97
percent combustion efficiency. What this is going to do for you is it’s going to allow
you to only have to clean your ashpan out and clean the stove once a week. The Harvester
weighs 404 pounds. It has a maximum heat capacity of 50,000 BTU’s. The hopper capacity of
the Harvester is 75 pounds with corn and 65 pounds with pellets. Some of the options that
you can have on your Harvester are black, gold and nickel doors and legs, also glass.
Your glass can be plain or it can be etched with our wheat pattern. One of the features
of the Harvester is that it has an anti-clinker stir rod. The stir rod will keep your firepot
clean during the time that you’re using your stove. The Harvester includes an intelli-choice
control board that has 5 heat settings. The control board allows the homeowner to have
a lot of flexibility in how they’re starting their stove, burning their stove and what
temperatures they can set it at. The Harvester is also thermostat ready. So if you wish,
instead of doing it manual where you’re actually making the heat settings yourself,
you’re going to allow the thermostat to change the settings for you. The Harvester
is equipped with an airwash which allows you to keep the glass clean while you’re burning
the stove. The room air blower on the Harvester is 160 cfm’s. The Harvester is mobile home
and alcove approved.

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