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Country Club Shores on Longboat Key community spotlight in REALTALK™ #188

Country Club Shores on Longboat Key community spotlight in REALTALK™ #188

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™ with Sarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Good morning Roger.
Good morning, our first December REALTALK™ and it’s December weather.
It certainly is. You know, we’re back in Country Club Shores, we have talked about
this community in that past but it’s been some time and there’s just this
whole resurgence going on in this neighborhood. It is. I’ve actually lived
in Country Club Shores for many years. It’s a great, it’s a neighborhood with a
sense of community. It really is. That’s what I really liked about it. So I think in the early
days we have like maps and sales brochures of houses starting at, in the
20 thousands and the point lots were like fifty thousand, just these crazy
things. And then over the years, I think this really started out to be the place
where people would come and they would be here mostly full-time. Right. You know,
certainly six months but longer staying people came to Country Club Shores. And
what I think they liked about it, that sense of community. Most of the homes are
on deep-water canals. So that was of course popular. And back in the day, most of them
were filled with sailboats. Right. Which now we have to do everything fast, so we
don’t have sailboats anymore. Everything is a speed boat. But you could. You could. You
definitely could, that’s why we call it sailboat water, right. Right. And then the
proximity to the south end of the key, now to Publix, and all the shopping. So
great proximity right across the street is the beach access. Right. And what we’ve
seen over the years is these original ranch homes, typically they were
renovated. So you would, of course they were enjoyed during their
time and then if we went back 20 years when we would sell them, we would
typically see people coming in and renovating them. Right. Now we’re seeing people
coming in, much more in tearing them down. Absolutely. And they’re building these
beautiful houses like this listing that we’re in today. Yes, we’ve got a great new
listing on Yawl Lane and we’d be very anxious to show it to you, coming to
market in the next few days. Please be sure to give us a call at (941) 387-1840. for more information or visit us at Or if you just want to get warm and stop by, also an option. We can do
that too. Thanks so much for joining us on REALTALK™, see you next time.

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