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4 comments on “Corruption and Anticorruption: A talk by Professor Matthew Stephenson

  1. If you find yourself shoveling sand against the tide, then you've made a bad career decision. If, OTOH, you are tasked with engineering a seawall you consider its useful life. IRL, the key to combating corruption is convincing marginally corrupt actors that their actions are ethically or morally unjust.

  2. 35 minutes for him to admit he doesnt have an answer for the queston lol. This is the problem of universities, they are moc examples of life and idealistic, theoretical debates when the real world simply works certain ways given the incentives, structures, and people that have intergenerationaly benefited. Corruption is, unfortunately, as much heritage within societies as are the social and political heroes that are manifested because of it. Unfortunately, solving corruption is like asking a monkey not to eat a bannana – you can create a system of negative reinforcement, or incentives; or even place another monkey to manage the initial monkey, though ultimately the system will be yielded by a bannana craving monkey, as will be the one who oversees and manages the initial monkey. This is why corruption is never singular nor just one person, and so hard to undo it because its always a group of so called monkeys working together – including the very monkeys who could and should hold everyone accountable. Historically, only bannana-deprived monkeys, or, so called civil servants, whom are incentivized and rewarded with bannanas, have ever spoken up against bannana eating monkeys.

    Regardess, like proffessors who research racism, this proffessor will have a job, and purpose, for the rest of his life.

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