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Coronavirus & Pregnancy: Hospitals Create New Delivery Room Policies To Slow Spread

Coronavirus & Pregnancy: Hospitals Create New Delivery Room Policies To Slow Spread

42 comments on “Coronavirus & Pregnancy: Hospitals Create New Delivery Room Policies To Slow Spread

  1. I due in 8 weeks and have no idea what to do. If something happens to me and a decision needs to be made, I need my husband there to make those decisions for me. I think it's really important to have an advocate with you.

  2. I’m due in 7 weeks and it’s extremely stressful. I’m also high risk so my doctors want me to come to the hospital for weekly appointments. I’m just not comfortable with any of it.

  3. I honestly think this should be up to the women having the babies. Take a vote and I’m sure it would go more towards wanting their spouses with them. Me being pregnant myself, I want my husband there Incase important and critical decisions need to be made for me or my baby and I’m not able to make them.

  4. Doctors are great when there is a problem. But when there is no problem… having a baby is not a problem unless you have a condition that needs to be watched. GET A MIDWIFE PEOPLE! You can have the baby at home or at a birthing center. FAR AWAY FROM COVID PATIENTS and germs. I had my son through a midwife and I'll never give birth in a hospital if I can help it. Women around the world have birth with a midwife and have better birth rates and less problems and less cesareans than the US. Midwives also do the visits and checkups and bloodwork and everything. No need to panic. Women have been giving birth since before we knew what we were doing.

  5. Not having your hubby there ,STOP being WEAK. Orman is nothing but a cheerleader nothing else🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. I get moms are worried and don't want to be alone, but this pandemic is bigger than any one of us. Keeping extra people around also keeps staff at risk for potential exposure. Peopel are not getting how prevalent this bug is.

    Also really people want to risk birth complications just for that emotional need? I get that it is important but at the end of the day, mom's and baby's LIVES are most important than emotional comfort. I think hospitals are also trying to accommodate with video somehow, at least they should.

  7. My husband wasn't in the room, but it was emergency c- secion! She is healthy, and 13 year old woman!!!!!! We have a lot of pictures!

  8. So what???!! Get over it! People are dying and youre whining about whos not in the delivery room!! Geesh. Such a baby having a baby!!! Good grief

  9. She is not even concerned that her baby might contract the virus and have seriously health effects. I hope the hospital does a phycological test on her, do pregnant women usually act so uneducated in this modern day? 🤔😲😲

  10. I’m due in 3 weeks & when I first learned of the news, I was so depressed. But honestly this is for the safety of every mom & baby. These are difficult times for everyone. So we should try to deal with it, we are strong, we got this. God Bless us all 🙏🏽💕

  11. Do you need to have husband and wife there otherwise the wife will be alone a lot because the nurse has just come in every once in a while to check

  12. Why do people on this tribal media are if the same people? Often the nose, the character and the arrogance are the first thing you notice. Can't we have normal people on our TV screens? Nothing these people say has value. They are cursed by GOD.

  13. As we all know hospital have separate sections to cater for different purposes. Patients of COVID-19 should and must be located away from the hospital building. If you do a research on how other countries are doing then you will know that COVID-19 patient are placed and treated elsewhere. And also they are categorized according to their severity! Please do that so that it will not affect other patients with other illness!!!

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  15. I’m due in 5 days with my second child. I’ve never been so nervous or worried about delivery before. This is a tough time to bring a new life into this world. My heart goes out to all expecting mothers, I wish you all a safe delivery.

  16. I have a coworker who will give birth in next two weeks and I worry about her everyday. Stay safe and strong world.💪💪💪❤️

  17. Does not increase mortality rate. Stupid doctors. Way before medicine was commercialized have a baby in a hospital wasn't even thought about.

  18. mortality rates are higher in hospitals. no need to scare moms on something theit body does naturally. mamas educate yourselfs and alwaaaayyyss have a witness/advocate in any hospital situation.

  19. Fear mongering about home births! Home births will sky rocket! 💗💗💗
    More risk of catching a deadly virus for you baby at the hospital.
    Studies have shown home births DO NOT have higher death rates.

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