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Classical Management Theory

Classical Management Theory

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  2. Took a course with you while at Brockport and im so glad ! Currently using your video in Grad School. Thanks for everything!

  3. Great, great! I've seen several videos on the topic and this one is really comprehensive and at the same time not even a long video.

  4. Nice explanation and the way you contextualized it was great. Made understanding the overall idea great and easy. Thank you

  5. very nice analysis of theories… other videos narrate but you understood it better. Do you have videos for neo classical approach and contemporary app?

  6. it is amazing! last week, my teacher gave me a question that "what are the main 'school' in management theory". can you tell me the answer of it?

  7. Scientific Management is evil and enslaves countless workers and ruins and controls their lives every day. It's disgusting and must be eliminated for a truly just society.

  8. Thank you sir, I'm grateful. Helpful for my exams in media management. Please could you send me the video proper

  9. Very helpful! I do see things clear now – thank you for high quality record (voice, the whole to the point presentation, english good to grasp for I am not a native speaker). I hope, I can find an explanation for contingency theory (Kieser, Child) on your channel.

  10. I think also Henri Gantt needed some mention as he redesigned Taylor's approach.. But a very incitefull video

  11. A very useful. I just wished I have had this video a couple of years ago when I was a 1st year student of Corporate Management.

  12. Good day sir, i was trying to figure out the difference between classical and traditional management theory. Could you differentiate it?

  13. Dr. Lyon, Thank you for these videos. They are a great supplement to my IOP studies in college. I appreciate your simplified explanations of theories and ideas that are often very difficult to understand.

  14. Interesting to see how Taylor and Fayol considered the remuneration of employees as part of their theories.

  15. Frederic Taylor's first job as a foreman of a machine shop. He applied his organizational skills to finding the most efficient way to cut metal and along the way invented High Speed Steel. You can read his research report that was originally published in 1906 as a kindle book. "On The Art Of Cutting Metals" by Frederic Taylor.


  17. I cant not believe it. I was struggling with all 3 key theorist and trying to put it all together and this video covered everything. Excellent work. Simple and straight to the point. Helped me prepare for exam.

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