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Clarke and Dawe – Running a Country is a Very Big Job

Clarke and Dawe – Running a Country is a Very Big Job

Malcolm Turnbull thanks for doing us Good to be with you Bryan. Good evening Malcolm Turnbull, is your popularity a concern
at the moment, do you think? Well Bryan, I’ve got used to it. I wouldn’t want to be too conceited but if
people a selfie and they’ve come perhaps very long distances. it’s the least you can do Prime Minister I might put that question another
way is you don’t mind. Is your lack of popularity a concern do you
think? My lack of popularity? Yes My lack of popularity? Yes, your support in the polls is lower than
when you got rid of Tony Abbott Bryan, let me make the point that that wasn’t
the only reason for the demise of the previous government. And let me make the point that government
is certainly not about popularity Bryan. It’s about governing And how’s that going? It’s going terribly well at the moment Can I ask you about Tony Abbott in particular…… (Phone rings) Just excuse me. I’ll just get rid of this. It’s George Brandis. Hello George. Yes. George where are you? I can hardly hear you. I’m doing an interview. With Bryan Dawe. No, I don’t think you CAN have him replaced. Where are you? What coconut shies? Look, I’ll call you back when I’ve finished
George. Sorry Bryan That was George Brandis? That was George Brandis, yes What are coconut shies? Coconut shies is just a game Bryan where you
just keep throwing stuff and try and knock people over Is he going well? Yes. He’s been knocked over twice he tells me Can I ask you about Tony Abbott? (Phone rings)
Just excuse me. I’ll have to take this. It’s Christopher Pyne. Christopher? What is it, quickly? When did that happen? Christopher can you deal with it? I’m actually terribly busy at the moment. I’ll call you back. Sorry Bryan What’s the problem? Joe Hockey’s babysitter rang Why? They’ve run out of pretzels. Christopher will fix it. He’s a fixer Can I ask you about Tony Abbott, as I said Bryan can I make the point that Tony Abbott
is a backbencher. (Phone rings) Just excuse me Bryan. Scott Morrison? What does he want? Scott? What is it quickly. How much overdrawn? No no no Scott, we’ve GOT a deficit. We’ve got the biggest deficit in the history
of the country Scott. I’ll have to ring you back. I’m a bit busy. I’ll talk to you soon. Sorry Bryan Scott Morrison? Yes We’ve got problem with the economy? Well, Bryan, you wanted to talk about Tony
Abbott. Let’s do that (Phone rings)
I’m happy to talk about Tony Abbott. I’ll turn this off in a minute. Just a minute. Hello? Tony? What do you want? You’re watching are you? Yes, I’m just going to talk about you now. You talk about me whenever it suits you Tony. I’m going to talk about you. Well you ring him of you want to Tony, that
is your call I’m not responsible for your behaviour. Sorry Prime Minister. Sorry. Where were we here? (Phone rings) Don’t answer that. Just don’t answer that Who’s that? Don’t answer it It’s Alan Jones, don’t
answer it. Why not? I don’t want to go dinner. I had a big lunch Does this happen all the time? Yes. It’s a big job. Running a country is a huge job (Phone rings)
Can you answer that? It’ll be Alan Jones. Just tell him I had a big lunch I’m not answering it. I think we’ll just leave it there Prime
Minister He’ll be around here in a minute. He’ll be in the bloody carpark Bryan

21 comments on “Clarke and Dawe – Running a Country is a Very Big Job

  1. When you think how ordinary media is in Australia today and especially so called "political commentators",  these 2 stand head and shoulders above everyone. These fellas are the only reason I'm not protesting in the streets to shut down Aunty. WTF ever happened to channel 2?

  2. 2:10, did Tony just try to dob Malcolm in to Mr Murdoch. Utterly scardalous as usual. Clark and Dawe is on a level of comedy I wish I could write like these two.

  3. "Brian, can I make the point…"

    John Clarke has always been a master of emulation and impersonation. Without changing his appearance he can perfectly portray just about anyone.

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