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Chris Hayes On The Status Of Crisis In The Middle East Post-Attack | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes On The Status Of Crisis In The Middle East Post-Attack | All In | MSNBC

55 comments on “Chris Hayes On The Status Of Crisis In The Middle East Post-Attack | All In | MSNBC

  1. Donnie needs to start reading contracts NOW. NATO is not obliged to support any member state that starts a war, only thse which are attacked. Since key members of NATO have been trying to keep he Iran nuclear going, they are hardly likely to help him win a war he started with Iran. Of course,, the man is may be able to sound out words, but he seems totally unable to understand what they mean.

  2. now he realises he needs friends… after he has burnt the bridges… he will continue to blunder… because he never has the need nor capacity to learn from history!

  3. Human-Toupee Hybrid must be REMOVED!!! —->

  4. Chris Hayes reading from MSNBCannibal Deep State script that is out of sync with REALITY …….. We caught you idiots

  5. I think they randomly shot a drone over there and accidentally killed Soleimani and trump and all his butt lickers are still in shock.

  6. Can you shed more light on Adam Davidson's tweets and articles about the deal that the Trump foundation had with Soleimani ?

  7. Yeah, umm, no US casualties. HMMMM? Curious. Maybe MSNBC is clueless and we were never in any real conflict at all. Maybe Trump is doing all the right things. Change is happening across the world as Globalist are no longer in charge.

  8. Something keeps rattling in my mind about the drone strike that killed the Iranian General. If an attack is imminent, how does killing the person planning it stop it? That only stops something in the planning phase. Once the attack is imminent, attacking the people who are actually doing the attack stops the attack. Killing the guy who plans it, only stops the attack while in the planning phase and that isn't an imminent attack. It would be like killing Osama Bin Laden while the 9/11 planes were already in the air.

  9. Forrest Trump wants NATO involved in the middle east.
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
    Does Trump not know the location of the middle east?

  10. Anyone who has half a brain knows that trump screwed things up to feed his own ego. Notice most of the GOP is still covering for trump even though he personally put our country at great risk, and probably much of the world too. He probably made his decision to take out the general when he was golfing, and proably just to puff himself up to someone. The GOP – especially McConnell, Jordan, Collins, Radclife, and Graham are so easy to buy off, and they sold our country out to be part of trump's good ol boy fan club.

  11. I would like to know how the all the Anchors from CNN, MSMBC, CBS, the New York Times, The Post, and the rest of the honest News papers, and News Channels going to help the good Americans to remove the corrupt trump, his family, the republicans, his lawyers and allies from the WH house? And stopped Putin from running our country. No matter how much they reported all trump’s crimes, corruption, and laundry money, etc., trump and his corrupt government still in the WH house destroying Americans’ constitution, democracy, economy, wellbeing, etc.. Everyday is the something in all the news about trump’s corruption and unfit for the WH house, along with his corrupt republicans and government. But no one comes with real solution. Please, do something! Not just bla, bla, blaaaaaa……!!!! America is going bankrupt and our good people is getting poor and poorest!!!! Help us please!!!! Our Companies their closing or going Bankcrupcy!!! Enough of talking and doing nothing!!! We still have a few good billionaires that can help to stop this corrupt fake president and his administration!!! Without you we the poor people of America can’t make it!! Safe our country, safe us!!!

  12. Can all be a distraction from something else.
    Please pay attention when the WH is bombarding us with news. Impeachment should go away silently until November, that is the goal here.

  13. If this guy would say something nice once about the President just once. Used car salesman,,,, I still did not get the warranty you promised…..

  14. We can't afford to let a IMPEACHED , unindicted criminal president to make these insane type of decisions! These decisions need to be made by a level headed man or woman! Trump is ill informed not to mention that he NEVER TAKES INFORMATION FROM OTHERS!! No president in history has been this egocentric as to not bring in others whose job it is to know about things that he doesn't and then make informed decisions!! That is a very, very dangerous situation indeed!!

  15. 45 is scared 😱because Soleimai’s daughter said she wants revenge on his family. 😱That’s why he’s heavily sedated😱

  16. The status of the Middle East! The Kurds have been abandoned by tRump & are being slaughtered. Syria is a hellhole, Russia's propping up Butcher Assad there. Saudi Wahhabistan Arabia & Iran have destroyed Yemen & are at each others throats. The Palestinians are being forever screwed. Israel has 100 -200 nukes. Iraq is destroyed & Iran calls the shots there. Now tRump & Pompeo look like they want War with Iran. What could go wrong?

  17. As a citizen of a NATO country… I'm not voting for any politician who supports our participation in Trumps attempt to distract from his impeachment.

  18. Trump lit a fuze that was going to ignite war with Iran, the only reason that tens of thousands of civilians and soldiers aren't dying right now is because the Iranians showed restraint and snuffed out the fuze! Get rid of Trump NOW! Before thousands die! Vote blue no matter who!

  19. NATO don't want part of the etnic, economic and geopolitical clusterf*ck that the US has been provoking and orchestrating in the Middle-East. NATO and its members got lied to and dragged along into that the same way US citizens did. NATO member countries are tired too, of losing their sons and daughters to this. The purpose of NATO was never intended to be an extension of the US sovereign military, for US domestic interest agendas, US Israeli Saudi and UAE blood-for-oil and regime change crusades. It's time to come to terms with the reality that these ways, of warfare, will only bring and accellerate more death and destruction perpetually, yet likely never achieve the micromanegement of other sovereign nations that the US and it's Middle-East oil allies have yearned for, for so long. Iran is a pretty solid example of that. There were 6 nuclear powers and unions signing the deal with Iran. None of them any more interested in Iran getting a nuclear weapon, than the US is. The other 5 stuck by the deal, as did Iran, kept up their inspections, Iran kept compliance for well over a year after the US left (despite even harder sanctions than before the deal) to show the US and the other parties that Iran was committed to making this work. That hopefully the US would cool down its hiassyfit whim and realize the deal was strong and worthy, and come back to renegotiate and resume. The other signatories stayed on, because they independently verified Iran's compliance, and knew this was the entry ticket to a more stable Middle-East, a positive path with no real other non-perpetual-warfare alternative.

    But the US with Mr. Trump at the helm, decided nope, couldn't let Iran have any nice things like national resources, peace, a safer society, democracy, self-mangement and -government in the 50s or the 80s, can't risk it now either. So instead of letting Iran's society and in turn national and private economy bloom, ultimately making them much more dependent on a decent relationship with the US govt and markets to keep their nice things that we ourselves take for granted – rather effectuate warfare and cripling sanctions where they can't even buy meds, vaccines and medical equipment. And seemingly all this, so Mr. Trump can fuel his family business through "protecting" Saudi oil prices. It sure ain't about non-proliferation of nuclear weapons – otherwise the US would have A) stuck by the deal that was working well to that effect – and B) not sold nuclear tech and plans to the Saudis at the same time as the US withdrew from the Iran deal. Repeatedly against the decisions of a Rep-majority (both chambers) Congress. So not even a matter of not-blocking a Saudi nuclear program – but actively promoting, effectively supporting, and directly participating in it. The Saudis. The same nation we know was behind 9/11. Our relationship with Iran has been difficult, much to our own credit. But when it comes to SA, those that were actually behind murdering thousands of Americans on US soil – those we'll practically shove nuclear arms capabilities into the hands of.

  20. Unfortunately, the best thing that can happen for the media is a war. Although Chris only tells the truth, no need to push the subject, if it doesn't need pushing. The news should be, there is a deescalation happening. "Phew"…. and just get back to the impeachment.

  21. Past presidents can do a briefing in 10-15 minutes, Trump takes 75 because he repeats , repeats, goes off the subject then repeats the same point in a different way.

  22. This is all payback for those European leaders making fun of the Donald. "You won't laugh when the bombs go off and the whole Middle-East is on fire."

  23. Wow! Really?! I am surprised and shocked! Get this!! Trump CANNOT fight a WAR. It takes a lot of brains, coordination and skill to fight a war and Trump and his bare bones team does not have it.

  24. Is killing 1 dirt bag worst than giving that dirt bag a billion dollars? Well you reap what you sow. I believe you guys over there are looking good for a Civil War instead a world war. Instead of supporting your President for taking out the trash you crucify him. Well obviously I'm seeing something different here.

  25. Ahh karmagedonn lol. If you lot want this to end just extradite trump to the world court for um let's just say a bit of sport lol

  26. Family and friends of 63 Canadians are certainly not breathing a sigh of relief they're standing outside in -20 weather at candlelight vigils.

  27. You can be absolutely sure of one thing … NATO will NOT touch this stinking corpse of a political assassination with a 10ft pole.

  28. Drumpf needs to resign before he starts a war and all our allies turn their backs on us. Drumpf is a joke, he's alienated all our allies, and has no clue how to conduct or negotiate foreign policy.

  29. The two serious looking guys in uniform standing behind POTUS45 remind me of Orderlies in a Mental Institution ready to pounce if an unstable inmate looks like they might get out of control.

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