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China, Russia, North Korea and Iran Form Anti-American Alliance

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran Form Anti-American Alliance

A New Threat to World Order Has Arisen
a new “Axis of Evil,”, has emerged on the world stage. China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, the World’s
most dangerous nations are working together to weaken the American-led world order. Will they succeed. I know the answer to that. It’s basically A New Threat to the Post
War World Order, that’s what it looks like. This recent alignment of rogue nations poses
a direct threat to all the strategic, trade, economic and cultural foundations that have
been in place, that have anchored the world’s stability and development since the end of
World War II. And consequently, the challenge before American
diplomatic and strategic institutions, as well as military planners, has now become
much more formidable. That’s largely because, unlike other nations
that may not share American or Western democratic values, morals and goals, these four nations
are aggressive and actively engaged in wars of expansion, or leveraging the threat of
war to do so. This sort of new fascist axis has become much
more evident in the aftermath of the U.S. drone strike that killed the terrorist General
Qassem Soleimani of Iran. In a move designed to counter enhanced U.S.
response in the region, Chinese defense authorities announced that both China and Russia would
be participating in upcoming naval military drills with the Iranian navy in the Indian
ocean and the Gulf of Oman. Now, this isn’t a particularly surprising
development, but it is nonetheless far reaching. U.S. defense authorities have been aware of
the emergence of Chinese-Russian collaboration for at least a couple of years, of course
they have, it’s mentioned in National Defense Summary of 2018. It says:
“The central challenge to U.S. prosperity and security is the reemergence of long-term,
strategic competition by what the National Security Strategy classifies as revisionist
powers. It is increasingly clear that China and Russia
want to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model—gaining veto authority
over other nations’ economic, diplomatic, and security decisions.” Let’s look now at China and Russia and how
they have Deepened their Military Ties China and Russia especially are becoming much
closer, like friends, engaging in highly coordinated military drills, harmonizing command structures
and even technology transfers. North Korea and Iran are also part of this
unfortunate and dangerous collaboration. And yet, there are rational reasons for doing
so. All four nations are regional or global competitors
with the United States. But each finds American military and economic
power standing between them and their expansionist plans. In fact, all of them are subjected to the
dollar-based international financial system controlled by Washington, D.C. and currently
under harsh U.S. economic sanctions. The American-dominated financial system and
technological and military supremacy has, to differing degrees, limited these nations’
ability to exercise greater regional or global power. Biting the Hand That Feeds, it’s that old
classic saying. You know, China in particular has benefitted
from the very American-led system that it wishes to overthrow, funny that isn’t it? It has seen its development skyrocket from
a poor nation to the second largest economy in the world and a leader in robotics, artificial
intelligence and the bio sciences among other areas. China’s rapid development came about because
precisely due to the United States granting China most favored nation status, allowing
it into the World Trade Organization and that was followed by the United States and Western
nations investing trillions in capital, factories and intellectual property to China over the
following four decades. Today, China is strategically exploiting its
status as a global economic power to militarize the South China Sea and threaten Hong Kong
and Taiwan, it‘s that simple. It is also intimidating its neighbors in an
attempt to cast doubt on the U.S. defense guarantees in the region. Those efforts include leveraging North Korea’s
nuclear missile capabilities. Lets take a look at North Korea
Both North Korea and Iran are aggressive rogue states with distinct and destabilizing interests. North Korea has been a client state of China’s
since 1950 with the outbreak of the Korean War, and is dependent upon China for food,
fuel and other staples. It acts in concert with China’s interests
to counter U.S. influence in the region. In its bid for greater regional and global
status, Pyongyang has used its nuclear missile capabilities, including test launching missiles
toward Japan, in support of China’s planned ascendancy in the region, and by extension,
its own as well. Threatening military action against South
Korea and America as well, is also a part of that effort. And where does Iran stand, well lets be clear. It sponsors terror and radical Islam. It’s basically the world’s most active
terrorist state. It has gained significant control over Iraq. With its proxy wars in Israel, Lebanon, Syria,
Gaza, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the rogue Islamic theocracy seeks regional and religious dominance
in the Middle East. That includes kicking the United States out
of the Middle East, wiping Israel off the map and eliminating Saudis’ control over
Arabia. Iran enjoys Russia as a strategic partner
and a supplier of arms and military defense systems. In this new “revisionist” alliance that
we are seeing, all but Iran have nuclear weapons and intercontinental delivery systems. Tehran, however, is certainly trying to join
that club, thwarted only by the Trump administration. But the similarities in behavior and objectives
goes well beyond the nuclear card. So what we are seeing ladies and gentlemen
is A Gathering of Fascists Yes, all four of these nations are fascist
police states, regardless of what they call themselves. Each has an appalling and depressingly long
record of mistreating their people for decades and are ruled by singular, dictatorial tyrants-for-life
with blood on their hands. The political leadership of each controls
the factors of production in order to support their aggressive foreign policies and maintain
control over the civilian population. Not only a gathering of Fascists but an Alliance
of Economic Failures Russia, North Korea and Iran, are all economic
failures. Russia and Iran rely on oil and natural gas
for a majority of their export income. All of them but China lack industrial diversification,
high-functioning domestic markets, transparent legal systems and currencies with any value. China and Russia have the most to lose. Beijing is seeing its dreams of economic domination
collapse under U.S. tariffs. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) legitimacy
is fading daily in the face of Hong Kong’s refusal to accept communist rule. And Russia’s hopes of controlling Western
Europe through its monopoly on natural gas sales are all but over. A recent deal signed by Israel, Cyprus and
Greece will provide more natural gas at less cost to Europe without the risk of being bullied
by Moscow. All four societies are also deteriorating
and they’re evil, and they seek to impose their dystopian visions upon the rest of the
world. This new development isn’t looking good
for the United States or the civilized nations. The historical record of powerful fascist
nations teaming up against the democracies of the world is not a pleasant one. (See Germany, Japan and Italy, circa 1939.) It would appear that this new decade promises
more challenges to the world and even less stability than the last.

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  1. Explore them to the light by Nine commentaries on communist party; How The Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World, and The ultimate goal of communism. On those series, all nature of evil elements are disclosed and destroyed. Read or listen to them with calm.

  2. "American led world order*?? I believe you got that backwards. This seems like twisted fear mongering. WWG1WGA TRUMP 2020

  3. Everyone MUST question the validity of these claims. Only one nation has 800 military bases all around the world. They want you to believe we are under "threat" from Iran, China, Korea etc… so they can justify the need for their many military weapons industry corperations. These corperations aren't worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually unless they are shedding blood! Bullets, guns, missiles & bombs are worthless unless the global tyrant has a victim to target. This silly girl just told you who the current targets are but believe me the only true evil comes from the greedy zionist regime behind the US military industrial complex. Don't support war! It'll be us who's next on their menu.

  4. My thoughts on this topic are that I fear a war will come at some point, oil will be a key component. With the pipeline from Israel to Cyprus, Greece, and Italy Europe will bave cheap oil, Russia can't benefit. There is also an arms race in the Middle East with Iran being hostile the Saudi's and Egyptians are building up. I believe the flash point is the Middle East, and even though China is building a navy Japan and Taiwan aren't the only focus, the South China Sea and India could be as well. Eyes are on the Middle East.

    Gina, stellar as usual, exceptional

  5. I have been screaming at the top of my lungs for decades about this very subject. We the people of the United States of America have had our prosperity and security diminished over the past forty years so that fat cats in board rooms and corrupt spineless politicians could boost their bottom line while nurturing a communist dictatorship that would just as soon cut our collective throats as look at us. We don't even make our own microchips anymore, we buy them from Communist China. We don't build our own computers, we buy them from Communist China. The Communist Chinese undercut our steel and copper markets. The Communist Chinese steal our intellectual property and spy on us. This has to stop.Thank God for President Trump, he fights every day to pull this nation back from the brink of destruction. No one gives him credit for all of his good work. MEGA.

  6. If there is one thing the Bible teaches, it is that God uses the enemies of a country to discipline it. Over and over again, it is the theme in the Old Testament, every time Israel turned from God, an enemy nation comes in and invades them and take them away captive and disperse them, only the poor (meek) remain in the land. And so, it is the meek that inherits the earth. The word of the Lord.

  7. Four enemies three years it's time to play ball. Who's gonna be the 1st to fall? North Korea my bet is you will see dragons and daisies.

  8. The real axis of evil is the US, Britain Saudi Arabia and Israel. Russia China North Korea and Iran are defending themselves against American agression. The US murdered a foreign leader in cold blood but THEY are rogue nation's?? Get real you filthy lying shills.

  9. While I'm no fan of the 'Axis' powers, and I definitely am on the American side, I'm not so biased that I don't recognise that they're using tactics they learned from the US.

  10. Hahaha, this video report DID NOT AGE WELL.

    Russia: Government restructuring to give power to three branches and to the people (less power to Putin)

    China: Phase 1 Trade Deal signed, trade imbalance disappearing, intellectual property being protected

    Iran: The protestors that we see are wanting to overthrow their leaders. They don't want war

    What happened to you Epoch? Was this video sitting a shelf collecting dust and got bored?

  11. Declassified, you’re 100% correct – it does not look good for the FREE WORLD, but, they are controllable!!! REMEMBER WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS: we use a bit to turn a horse; a small rudder to turn a huge ship. THEY ARE CONTROLLABLE!!!

  12. you can add the e u to that list soon rather than later, including Britain it seems??, with T Mays betrayal of the British Armed Forces by signing over control to the e u commission including our so called independent nuclear deterrent which is based on American ballistic missile technology which is not going to go down well with Washington when they realise that the e u will aim it at Washington at some point in the future, possibly?.
    on the 12th of dec 2019 we electect more fucking traitors to parliament? instead of draining the swamp, and Doris Johnson with a 80 seat majority is no Winston he is a Bilderberger muppet we are doomed it seems. I pray im wrong.

  13. WTF is this? "Don't boot us off youtube" propaganda? This "One World Government" mentality didn't come from the cultures you're pointing fingers at here – it came directly from DC – the ONLY government seeking to rule the world. While other alliances exist – they're not evil – but a prevention of US expanding its world domination agenda. Would Russia let Australia reclaim our own sovereignty back? Of course! Would America? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!! If Australians all voted "NO MORE US BASES", would US respect our wishes and rack off? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!! We'd have to enlist Russia and China to help us get rid of you!

  14. Problem is amost half the US would join these people…..communism/socialism/marxist….our enemies are in our borders

  15. America, Britain, Germany, Japan, France, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, Spain, Poland, South Korea, India, would smoke the evil nations with one large fart.

  16. I do not think we will see a true alliance out of those four nations. But they will use each other to distract and disrupt the international order for their own benefits.

  17. I predicted this allegiance in 2018, wrote about it in a post on Facebook then, after looking at the geopolitical map and speculating where a potential third world war would emanate. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)​ , U.S. Department of State​ , The United States Department of Justice​ , FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation​ , Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)​ , President Donald J. Trump​ should be following my posts!

  18. Sorry Gina, can't agree with you entirely on this one. If President Trump were to fully and respectfully engage with Putin, everything could change for the better. I don't trust China, NK or Iran. These countries are very dangerous indeed!

  19. I see🇨🇳doing something it has NEVER done.
    I see🇮🇷NOT doing what they've always done.
    I see🇷🇺going silent and going deep as they've always done.
    I see🇸🇸in a place that suits them. Well done.

    Tragically, I see other countries with the same amount of potential; being driven into the dust bin of history; while others can do no wrong when it comes to the economy. Yet, one thing has been culminating these past three years; that has caught the eyes and ears of the whole world;🇺🇸1st!!!

    Thank You Gina. Never a thumbs down for You. Even if you spoke Farzi and I didn't understand. Xie xie. Spasiba. Merci beaucoup. Danke schon.

    Remember The Titans, in the hills of Tennessee. Mahalo.

  20. We need to worry about the communist factions in Congress and DC Bureaucrats in this country. I think its Diane West, the Red Thread. You just interviewed her on American Thought Leaders-Epoch Times. Trojan horses like Obama.

  21. We MUST let them know if ANY of them attacks the USA or any of our allies with a nuclear weapon, we will assume they have ALL attacked and we'll immediately launch a full scale, nuclear attack on ALL of them. YES we will die….BUT we will ensure none of these 4 axis abominations have ANY living human beings left… or ANY livable lands.

  22. Russia, China, NK & Iran — VS — US, (UK 50+ commonwealth nations) Saudi , Israel🤷 — EU seems to hate Trump… but is part of the UN. — Wasn’t Turkey helping loot Syria oil? — Seems Iraq, Syria, is currently where the party is at. — Libya, Afgh, Egypt heads are done.
    South Africa probably more controlled by China infrastructures investors. Canada leaders currently openly dislike Trump. Mexico , Cuba, could be wild cards? Brazil was part of BRICS. And can’t forget India vs Pakistan beef. Japan VS China history.

  23. There is a common thread among all these alliances, they are all traitors; one look at history and we'll see how they have betrayed each other, the Soviet Union was supposed to be part of the Axis before WWII, but it was betrayed not only by the Japanese but also by Germany, to later making a secret alliance with Germany of mutual non-aggression, a pact that both countries were perfectly willing to brake and did, the Italian fared no better, they did betray Germany and paid a heavy price, Japan didn't do any better with Germany, they were supposed to get military aid but Germany never produced that aid. This new alliance has the same characteristics, oppressor countries that are failing, getting together to fight other countries while their own are failing, the very nature of their hold on power are what will make them betray each other. China will not hesitate to steal whatever they can from either country in this alliance. Socialism/Communism along with the Mohammedan ideology have the same goal, however, that goal includes one another, eventually, they will seek to destroy each other. I wonder what the average citizen in these countries think about this alliance, how it will impact their freedom and their well being?

  24. The USA acts just like the ISIS. Everything opposing Americanism is like an idea anything opposing Wahhadism must be destroyed.

  25. Iran is being used by the communist countries, what Iran fails to recognize is that Russia and China, is purging all Islamists from their countries

  26. Iran is being used for its jihadist behavior, or actually creating chaos while China and Russia position themselves all over the world, then Iran will be annihilated, by its no fake friends.

  27. I liked this video but, 90 ugly girls didn't!
    The U.S. needs to stop doing business with the country's that want to destroy us.

  28. does anyone find it funny, that Iran is partnering with China, a country that rounds up Muslim's and puts them in reeducation camps, just goes to show how much Iran really cares about Islam, how do you spell hypocrite

  29. All 4 of these countries are the "Devils own". WE must prepare for total war with all 4. Any attack on American forces ringing Iran will mean WAR on all fronts.

  30. Is it a coincidence that Trump and the Republicans have taken these same four nations to task for their having been spoiled by the Obama administration?

  31. Sounds like a last ditch effort by The Cabal to scare America into submission! Trump will call their bluff! It’s their fascist, World Order governments, and not the citizens, that are wanting this. The citizens of these nations, for the most part, want change to their countries, or want to defect to America. Kinda like how Pelosi tries to speak for Americans but only represents the views of her political party and not those the vast majority of Americans.


  33. Vietnam is America friend in need

  34. What of the Anglo-American/European Marxist Elites waging war on their own people for endless decades, selling their own people out for some Fairy Tale Dream? What of the lies of 911, the never ending proxy wars stirred up in the Middle East, and the endless corrupt profiteering of the elites? Instead of perpetual turmoil, we want borders, rule of law, punishment of the gio;tu war mongers and corrupt profiteers dismantling. We want re-industrialization, real jobs and an immediate restoration of our God-given Rights. Please, do not expect us to buy into yet another new round of Us versus Them that leaves our own tables empty and our homes unheated.

  35. Trump arranged for this association long ago. All of these leaders are covertly standing up against the Globalist. This is the fear-mongering step TO WHICH the left will greatly over-react with "Look what Trump has done to put the world on the brink of WWIII." Thus making world peace – at the hands of Trump – a coup de grace and final ACE card that destroys the Globalist, the Deep State and the Democratic Party. THere will be a great surprise party – with "We all want peace". This is just like Iran shooting those rockets and hurting no one. The religious leaders didn't like Soleimani beause HE was in control.

    THey are going to scare all of the countries into the world into asking ourselves whether we want WWIII or do we want World Peace. Few will want war and many will be Democrats.

  36. "aggressive foreign policies" "they start wars" "they are looking to expand" "the US has anchored the world's stability since WWII"… Please tell me this is satire lol She said this with a straight face. I'm impressed.

  37. She is an intellectual beauty that is good on the eyes AND ears…….really enjoy her videos and her perspective!!! From bubba in Alabamy… 🥴

  38. Sorry Gina, I voted down your video because you don't know what is real fascism. I understand that you are from New Zealand. The fascii representation is on the wall of US Congress. So Trump might be the head of a fascist state. But you are using the leftist dictionary. Killing political opponents was a speciality of Garibaldi's Red Shirts and a common practice in Italy until Mussolini terminated the Reds and the Mafia. He terminated also the Muslim rebellion of the Senoussi Brotherhood. Then he help Franco to get rid of the Reds murdering political opponents in Spain. Mussolini was a socialist bribed by the British MI6 to keep Italy in ww1. He used the Catholic doctrine of corporatism as a social ideology.

  39. International terrorism was invented by the Soviets. The Soviet Union back and financed liberation movements. The Soviet Union was fully responsible for the collapse of a Iran in the shoal being expelled from Iran. Russia has always plan to destroy the West they have been doing a very effective job all the immigrants coming from the middle East and ending up in Europe is nothing more than a strategic plan of Russia. The people of the middle East are not welcome in Russia and Russia is doing nothing to help.

  40. Great report you are still making points no one else mentions please do more videos for both channels. You are making a difference it's what it is all about

  41. They, Russia, China, Nkorea and Iran, all share the same common enemy; the USA, western civilization, and, Judeo-Christianity. We need to be stronger in military AND economy than all four put together. Period.

  42. Gina you may enjoy taking a look at utuber Jason Goodman 1 15 2020 with Charles Ortel. Down the robbet hole . It a look at Clinton's and ties to new Zealand .

  43. Stupid childish propaganda. Childish, but with potentially serious consequences if pursued too far. Wars are started on such lies. Those that start and propagate these lies and their stooges, as in the form of this dreadful channel, make the fateful assumption that they will win. Facts say the whole Western world will be reduced to rubble if the West continues on this path and raises it's provocations and belligerent ways.

  44. China took over The Solomons without a shot fired. Sad as the place cost us so much in blood and treasure during WWII. Also The Solomons was an ally to Taiwan. China is picking off their allies and isolating them.

  45. How much trust among China and Russia?…China needs natural resources…Russia has an abundance of natural resources…and China can walk there…… for thought.

  46. These nations are all neighbors of Russia. I for one am very skeptical of the "Russia is bad" narrative. They are no longer Communist but are returning to their Orthodox Christian roots. President Trump has repeatedly expressed the desire to work with Russia, and that would be a very good thing.

  47. Besides, Putin is just now proposing to add term limits for President to their constitution and shift more power to the parliament.

  48. I didn't give you a thumb down but you're wrong and I'm #QuiteRight
    This is a good presentation regarding Iran.

  49. I gotta call bullshit on this one. If iran was THAT much in cahoots with Russia, north korea, and china, THEY WOULD HAVE NUKES ALREADY !!! THINK ABOUT IT.. So there's that. And I think you ARE trying to spin this one. My opinion. Oh and the reason other countries do not like America is BECAUSE OF WHAT THE EVIL GLOBALIST CIA and FBI HAS DONE.

  50. The American led "World Order" has become just as corrupt and violent as anything the so called "Axis of Evil" is capable of. Or have you forgotten so quickly how murderous America has become in the name of so called "Freedom". How many hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by Murica in Iraq alone. And the lies used to start that war. America has become all that was so wrong with the USSR, China and Iran. So spare us your sanctimonious propaganda BS.

  51. Autocrats do NOT provide for a good life of the people in their charge….it NEVER works well for the masses….NEVER.

  52. You forgot saudi responsible for 911 ,sponsoring of isis , killing of jamal kashogi , and recently a saudi who killed 3 americans in florida naval base

  53. VLAD COMING TO HIS SENSES ?! Maybe, just maybe ! His apparent denegation of a longer term than 8 years, looks like a condamnation of his own terms. So many things in that affirmation that droved to the resigning of the government. Vlad is so cute in his reflexive efforts, that we have to accept tthat old russian comment that Vlad has to do less politics and more economics. Russians are looking for actions and Vlad delivered lately with agreements to China needs, Turky needs and, others.That's economics of pure delights, although very long to come. Russia embarked on releasing tensions and there's hope for russians more brilliant future, that's good, good, good ! Gerry

  54. ..if the USA wasn't paying off Canadian politicians, there would be pipelines to the East and West coasts of Canada to export Crude Oil, instead of all of it being shipped to the USA for $13 a barrel…we can't even get Crude to the eastern refinery…imagine a huge oil country like Canada importing millions worth of Saudi blood oil every month…f*** the USA, they're trying to screw all the competition by knocking over oil states…,if we weren't giving it away to them for dick-all, they'd be bombing us up here too…don't kid yourself. WHAT THE USA CANNOT BUY, IT WILL TRY TO STEAL.

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